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1. Kurt Gerron Kurt Gerron Actor, The Blue Angel Kurt Gerron born in 1897 to Jewish parents in Germany, studied at first medicine, before he decided to become a stage actor in 1920. He came to the movies in 1926. On stage he starred in the original version of Bert Brecht's and Kurt Weill's "Dreigroschen Oper" as Tiger Brown, introducing the "Haifisch" song...
2. Irène Némirovsky Irène Némirovsky Writer, Suite française She was born in 1903 into a Ukrainian Jewish family, and emigrated to Paris as a young woman. She wrote nine books between 1929 and 1937, one of which was made into a movie ("David Golder", 1930). She became well-known in France, but did not become a French citizen. She converted to Catholicism in 1939...
3. Edith Frank Edith Frank Uncategorised
4. Bernard Natan Bernard Natan Producer, The Last Billionaire Bernard Natan was born Natan Tannenzaft in Romania. He emigrated to France and became involved in the film industry, and eventually was appointed head of Pathe-Cinema, a major film production company. Prior to being appointed to that position, however, it has been alleged to be one of the most prolific...
5. Robert Liebmann Robert Liebmann Writer, The Blue Angel Robert Lieibmann was German newspaper film and stage critic who became a successful screenwriter with such films as The Love Waltz (1930), Congress Dances (1931) and Blued Angel (1931). In the mid 1930s Liebmann was beckoned to Hollywood by actress Mady Christians to help jump start her flagging career...
6. Fritz Löhner-Beda Fritz Löhner-Beda Writer, The Student's Romance
7. Franz Engel Franz Engel Actor, Vagabonder i Wien
8. Herman van Pels Herman van Pels Uncategorised
9. Pavel Haas Pavel Haas Composer, Zivot je pes
10. Otto Wallburg Otto Wallburg Actor, Der Kongreß tanzt
11. Sophie de Vries-de Boer Sophie de Vries-de Boer Actress, Op hoop van zegen
12. Max Ehrlich Max Ehrlich Actor, Flitterwochen Max Ehrlich (1892-1944) was one of the most celebrated actors and directors on the German comedy and cabaret scene of the 1930s. But his brilliant career was brutally interrupted by the rise of Nazism and his resulting deportation in 1942 to Westerbork concentration camp in Holland. Amazingly, there behind the walls and barbed wire...
13. Dora Gerson Dora Gerson Actress, Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses
14. Hans Behrendt Hans Behrendt Writer, Alt Heidelberg
15. Ies Monnikendam Ies Monnikendam Actor, Pygmalion
16. Benö Karácsony Benö Karácsony Writer, Napos oldal
17. Jerzy Klimaszewski Jerzy Klimaszewski Actor, Huragan
18. Willy Rosen Willy Rosen Composer, Die zärtlichen Verwandten
19. Adolf Abter Adolf Abter Director, Der goldene Skorpion
20. Geza L. Weiss Geza L. Weiss Actor, Flitterwochen
21. László Horváth László Horváth Actor, Szeptember végén
22. Witold Zacharewicz Witold Zacharewicz Actor, Love or a Kingdom
23. Leopold Brodzinski Leopold Brodzinski Actor, Zlote lózko Gabby
24. Lina Salten Lina Salten Actress, Die kleine Midinette
25. Edith Stein Edith Stein Uncategorised
26. Hans Krása Hans Krása Soundtrack, Last Dance
27. Rudolf Hoess Rudolf Hoess Self, Nürnberg und seine Lehre
28. Georg Hermann Georg Hermann Writer, Rosenemil
29. Richard Fall Richard Fall Composer, Liliom
30. Rudolf Bamberger Rudolf Bamberger Director, Die steinernen Wunder von Naumburg
31. Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski Uncategorised
32. Edmond Roze Edmond Roze Actor, The Improvised Son
33. Bronislawa Koyallowicz Bronislawa Koyallowicz Actress, Powrót
34. Mieczyslaw Wegrzyn Mieczyslaw Wegrzyn Actor, Kobieta
35. Else Ury Else Ury Writer, Episode #1.6
36. Arno Nadel Arno Nadel Music Department, Hebrew Melody
37. Friedrich Rosenthal Friedrich Rosenthal Director, Genoveva
38. Wladyslaw Bugayski-Prus Wladyslaw Bugayski-Prus Writer, Zamarle echo
38 names.