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1. James Brown James Brown Soundtrack, Django Unchained
2. Whitman Mayo Whitman Mayo Actor, Boyz n the Hood Noted for portraying characters older than his actual age, Whitman Mayo was in his early 40s in the early 1970s when he first played the sexagenarian "Grady" on "Sandford & Son" -- a role that popularized the expression "Good Goobily Goop!" Nearly thirty years later his "Grady" role had just about caught up with him in terms of age and...
3. Michael Harvey Michael Harvey Actor, The Forgotten
4. Ted Manson Ted Manson Actor, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5. Hiram Keller Hiram Keller Actor, Satyricon
6. Deborah Duke Deborah Duke Actress, Sweet Home Alabama
7. Gregg Burge Gregg Burge Actor, A Chorus Line
8. Margaret Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Writer, Gone with the Wind
9. Fred Crane Fred Crane Actor, Gone with the Wind
10. Lou Walker Lou Walker Actor, Remember the Titans
11. Sajan Bhagat Sajan Bhagat Actor, Kids
12. Ben Orr Ben Orr Self, Live Aid Bassist and singer Ben Orr was born Benjamin Orzechowski on September 8, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio. His Russian and Czechoslovakian parents actively encouraged his musical endeavors. Ben grew up in Lakewood and Parma Heights, Ohio. He played bass, keyboards, and percussion instruments in his teen years...
13. William Diehl William Diehl Writer, Primal Fear William Diehl was born in 1924 in Jamaica, New York. At age 17, he lied about his age to enlist in the Army Air Corps, volunteering for the US Army Corps Aviation Cadet Program. After washing out of pilot school, he served as a ball turret gunner on a B-24 Liberator where he flew 24 missions over Germany during World War II...
14. Bob Hannah Bob Hannah Actor, Driving Miss Daisy
15. Ty Cobb Ty Cobb Self, Ty Cobb and Grantland Rice Talk Things Over
16. Jordan Williams Jordan Williams Actor, All My Children Originally a carpenter in Chicago, Jordan started on stage there and moved to Atlanta in 1979 and went into voice-overs. Soon he was appearing in fims, writing and moved to L.A. and New York for a while and appeared on numerous daytime dramas.
17. Harry Ellerbe Harry Ellerbe Actor, House of Usher
18. Chase Tatum Chase Tatum Actor, Who's Your Caddy?
19. Mary Nell Santacroce Mary Nell Santacroce Actress, Not Without My Daughter She was also the director and the motivating force behind DramaTech, the Georgia Tech drama society in the early 1960s. Due to Mary Nell's theatrical connections, the members of DramaTech were invited to be escorts for the celebrities at the re-release of "Gone with the Wind" at Lowe's Theater in Atlanta in 1961...
20. Carol Mitchell-leon Carol Mitchell-leon Actress, Diary of a Mad Black Woman
21. Chris Kelly Chris Kelly Self, The 56th Annual Grammy Awards
22. Chief Jay Strongbow Chief Jay Strongbow Self, Micki + Maude "Chief" Jay Strongbow was arguably the most famous, beloved Native American wrestler of all time, and a consistent box office draw. As both a main event and mid-card performer, Strongbow was one of the most reliable, professional wrestlers of his, or any, day. A man who truly loved the wrestling business...
23. Bobby Jones Bobby Jones Self, How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 10: 'Trouble Shots' Golfing legend Bobby Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 17, 1903. He began playing golf as a young child, and won his first tournament when he was nine years old. In 1916, at age 14, he made it to the third round of the US National Amateur tournament. Golf was not just a passion with him but almost an obsession...
24. Lewis Grizzard Lewis Grizzard Actor, Oh, Brother
25. Dick Fisk Dick Fisk Actor, Spokes
26. Shayne Kohout Shayne Kohout Actress, Life as We Know It
27. Thomas Merdis Thomas Merdis Actor, My Cousin Vinny
28. Marc Clement Marc Clement Actor, Mississippi Burning
29. Daniel Burnley Daniel Burnley Actor, Footloose
30. Steve Fox Steve Fox Actor, Flashpoint
31. Cotton Watts Cotton Watts Actress, Yes Sir, Mr. Bones
32. Consuela Lee Morehead Consuela Lee Morehead Soundtrack, School Daze
33. Gertrude McCoy Gertrude McCoy Actress, Children of the Night No. 1
34. Johnny Rahm Johnny Rahm Actor, All About Steve
35. Penny DeHaven Penny DeHaven Self, Episode #4.6
36. Andrew Gaines Andrew Gaines Self, Donna Summer: From Disco to Diva
37. Tom Wells Tom Wells Composer, Turkeys Away
38. Mary Ellen Gaines Mary Ellen Gaines Self, Donna Summer: From Disco to Diva
39. Clara Dunn Clara Dunn Actress, False Face
40. Lindsey Nelson Lindsey Nelson Self, 1985 Cotton Bowl
41. John Lawhorn John Lawhorn Actor, Madea's Family Reunion John Lawhorn may not be a familiar name, but a familiar face, particularly among Atlanta theatre patrons; he has appeared in Alliance Theatre productions of "To Kill a Mockingbird", and the August Wilson plays "Two Trains Running", "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", "The Piano Lesson", and "Jitney". In addition to numerous television credits...
42. Zimmie Shelton Zimmie Shelton Producer, Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads Residing in Atlanta, GA, USA, Mrs. Zimmie Shelton had the distinction of being a 1929 graduate of Spelman College, a retired schoolteacher, and the grandmother of noted filmmaker Spike Lee. In addition to financing Lee's college education at Morehouse College in Atlanta, she also played host to many of her grandson's friends that included another notable Morehouse alumnus...
43. Skip Caray Skip Caray Self, The NBA on TBS Skip Caray was a one of the Atlanta Braves baseball broadcast announcers. He was the son of the legendary Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and and former St Louis Cardinals broadcaster, Harry Caray. Skip Caray worked for the Atlanta Braves broadcasting crew from 1976 to through September 2007. Skip's son Chip...
44. Lester Maddox Lester Maddox Self, America Revisited
45. Donald S. Sanford Donald S. Sanford Writer, Midway
46. Alma Thorpe Alma Thorpe Self, Alma
47. Kermit Echols Kermit Echols Actor, Grizzly
48. Vernon Forrest Vernon Forrest Self, The Distance
49. Philip Nutman Philip Nutman Producer, The Girl Next Door
50. Reed Parham Reed Parham Actor, Diamond River
1-50 of 138 names.