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1. Jack Elam Jack Elam Actor, Once Upon a Time in the West Colorful American character actor equally adept at vicious killers or grizzled sidekicks. As a child he worked in the cotton fields. He attended Santa Monica Junior College in California and subsequently became an accountant and, at one time, manager of the Bel Air Hotel. Elam got his first movie job by trading his accounting services for a role...
2. Catherine E. Coulson Catherine E. Coulson Camera and Electrical Department, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Catherine E. Coulson began her professional association with director David Lynch when she worked as assistant director on Lynch's legendary feature debut Eraserhead. This is when the two began discussing the idea of a woman who carried a log around with her. Coulson spent much of her career...
3. Morgan Paull Morgan Paull Actor, Blade Runner
4. Robert Clouse Robert Clouse Director, Enter the Dragon A hard-working director throughout his long and varied career, Robert Clouse is known best for his two most successful films: Enter the Dragon and _Game of Death (1978_. Clouse was a director who worked mainly in the visuals of cinema, owing to the fact that he was completely deaf, he employed assistant directors who could verify that actors had delivered their lines correctly...
5. Joe Sawyer Joe Sawyer Actor, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Joe Sawyer's familiar mug appeared everywhere during the 1930s and 1940s, particularly as a stock player for Warner Bros. in its more standard college musicals, comedies and crime yarns. He could play both sides of the fence, street cops and mob gunmen, with equal ease. He was born Joseph Sauers in Guelph...
6. Marcia Van Dyke Marcia Van Dyke Actress, In the Good Old Summertime Marcia Van Dyke was born March 26, 1922 to Evelyn and Edward Van Dyke. Raised in Menlo Park, California, Marcia became an accomplished violinist, in fact, the first female violinist in the San Francisco Symphony. Van Dyke toured the US with the orchestra, and was on the cover of LIFE Magazine on Jan. 19, 1948. She went on to play with the New York Philharmonic and the New York Opera...
7. Jack Mann Jack Mann Actor, You Have to Run Fast
8. Harry Bartell Harry Bartell Actor, Voice in the Mirror
9. Jim Perry Jim Perry Self, It's Your Move Jim Perry is a former television game show host, singer and performer in the 1970s and 1980s. He has had success on both Canadian and American television. He started out as a singer in special services, working on Armed Forces Radio during the Korean war, and then replaced Eddie Fisher as the staff...
10. Colin McKean Colin McKean Miscellaneous Crew, A Mighty Wind
11. Sandy McCallum Sandy McCallum Actor, Death Race 2000
12. Gloria Greer Gloria Greer Actress, Moonlight and Monkey Business
13. Elizabeth McNeill Elizabeth McNeill Writer, 9½ Weeks
14. Dorothy B. Hughes Dorothy B. Hughes Writer, In a Lonely Place
15. S.S. Schweitzer S.S. Schweitzer Writer, Hornets' Nest
16. Skip Webster Skip Webster Miscellaneous Crew, Fantasy Island
17. Nate Smidt Nate Smidt Editorial Department, Shoot First: A Cop's Vengeance Nathaniel Burr Smidt was born in Connecticut on 28 August 1956 to parents Betty and Burr Smidt. He had three siblings, Jody, Amy, and Michael. In 1983, he married the mother of his four children, Nina, Lisa, Trevor Burr, and Maia. He worked successfully as an editor in film and television. He passed away in Medford, Oregon in 1998.
18. Robert H. Adleman Robert H. Adleman Writer, The Devil's Brigade
19. Rose Maddox Rose Maddox Actress, The Hi-Lo Country
20. Leonard W. Levy Leonard W. Levy Self, In Search of the Constitution
21. John Pupillo John Pupillo Actor, Idea Girl
22. Alfred Peet Alfred Peet Self, Black Rodeo
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