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1. Clark Howat Clark Howat Actor, Billy Jack
2. Jerry Summers Jerry Summers Actor, What's Up, Doc?
3. Adela Rogers St. Johns Adela Rogers St. Johns Writer, A Free Soul Adela Rogers St. Johns was born Nora Adela Rogers on May 20, 1894 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of legendary criminal defense attorney Earl Rogers, a brilliant barrister who drank himself to death at an early age. Lionel Barrymore won a Best Actor Oscar playing a mouthpiece based on her father in A Free Soul...
4. Cynthia Songé Cynthia Songé Actress, Superman: Brainiac Attacks
5. Neil Travis Neil Travis Editor, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Herbert Neil Travis was born on 12th October 1936 and studied Advertising and Theatre Arts at the University of California in his native Los Angeles. He began his career as an assistant editor at Paramount studios in his early twenties,becoming second editor on a series of television shows for Fox and in 1970 received his first credit as a film cutter for 'The Travelling Executioner'...
6. Rita Quigley Rita Quigley Actress, The Howards of Virginia
7. Mike Steele Mike Steele Actor, The Bat
7 names.