25 names.

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1. Claude Autant-Lara Claude Autant-Lara Director, Four Bags Full
2. Micheline Cheirel Micheline Cheirel Actress, Cornered
3. Georg Solti Georg Solti Soundtrack, Apocalypse Now Sir Georg Solti was a renowned orchestra and opera conductor, best known as the music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, who set a since-surpassed record by winning 31 Grammy Awards. He was born György Stern in Budapest, Hungary (his Germanic last named was changed under the country's post-World War One "Hungarianization" policy) into a Jewish family...
4. Micheline Rolla Micheline Rolla Actress, Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
5. Josette Andriot Josette Andriot Actress, Bandits en automobile - Épisode 1: La bande de l'auto grise
6. Bruce Marshall Bruce Marshall Writer, The Miracle of Father Malachia
7. Marcel Maupi Marcel Maupi Actor, The Baker's Wife
8. Hans Hartung Hans Hartung Self, Pablo Picasso Painter
9. Lucien Hubert Lucien Hubert Actor, Forbidden Games
10. Suzy Pierson Suzy Pierson Actress, La glace à trois faces
11. King Nicholas of Montenegro King Nicholas of Montenegro Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 49
12. Desmond Leslie Desmond Leslie Writer, Immediate Disaster
13. Bengt Forsberg Bengt Forsberg Actor, August Strindberg: Ett liv
14. John William John William Actor, Candide
15. Jean Vallée Jean Vallée Director, Les hommes sans nom
16. Mihályné Károlyi Mihályné Károlyi Writer, A vörös grófnö
17. Flemming greve af Rosenborg Flemming greve af Rosenborg Self, A Royal Family
18. Igor Markevitch Igor Markevitch Self, Nadia Boulanger: Mademoiselle
19. Witold Heretynski Witold Heretynski Actor, Chacun pour soi
20. Marcel Barnault Marcel Barnault Actor, The Battle of the Rails
21. John William John William Self, Le parapluie des vedettes
22. Grand Duke Nicholas Grand Duke Nicholas
23. Noël Darzal Noël Darzal Actor, La Grande Vadrouille
24. Louis Valentin Louis Valentin Writer, Ça
25. Emil Flavin Emil Flavin Producer, Peek-a-boo
25 names.