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1. Nicol Williamson Nicol Williamson Actor, Spawn Nicol Williamson was an enormously talented actor who was considered by some critics to be the finest actor of his generation in the late 1960s and the 1970s, rivaled only by Albert Finney, whom Williamson bested in the classics. Williamson's 1969 "Hamlet" at the Roundhouse Theatre was a sensation in London...
2. Chet Baker Chet Baker Soundtrack, The Sixth Sense He was born and raised in a musical household December 23, 1929 Yale, Oklahoma, U.S. He started his musical career singing in church. His career in brass instruments started with trombone which soon turned to trumpet as it proved too large. He received musical education at Glendale Junior High Scool but in 1946 he joined the army playing in the 298th Army Band at Berlin...
3. George Sluizer George Sluizer Director, Spoorloos
4. Adrian Brine Adrian Brine Actor, Vincent & Theo
5. Theo van Gogh Theo van Gogh Director, 06/05
6. Jeroen Willems Jeroen Willems Actor, Ocean's Twelve
7. Louis van Gasteren Louis van Gasteren Director, The House
8. Oswalt Kolle Oswalt Kolle Self, Oswalt Kolle: Sex für Deutschland
9. Hans van Tongeren Hans van Tongeren Actor, Spetters
10. Piet Römer Piet Römer Actor, Baantjer
11. Lex van Delden Lex van Delden Actor, Grijpstra & de Gier
12. Lex Goudsmit Lex Goudsmit Actor, Flip de tovenaarsleerling
13. Cox Habbema Cox Habbema Actress, Eolomea
14. Arend Hauer Arend Hauer Actor, De duivelsgrot
15. Johan van der Keuken Johan van der Keuken Director, The Eye Above the Well
16. Annie M.G. Schmidt Annie M.G. Schmidt Writer, Miss Minoes
17. Roef Ragas Roef Ragas Actor, Breaking the Waves Studied Dutch Modern Literature, Philosophy and Dramaturgy at the Amsterdam University [1990]. That same year he started to study at the Amsterdam Dramaschool, and finished it in 1994. From then on he has been working in both the theatre and film & television. After three years playing in one of Holland's most famous police-series "Grijpstra & de Gier"...
18. Willem Ekkel Willem Ekkel Actor, Babylon Twin brother of actor Daan Ekkel. Ekkel died after a two year battle with a Brain tumor. He had one daughter, Loeloe.
19. Ina van Faassen Ina van Faassen Actress, Liever verliefd
20. Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen Director, Cloaca
21. Wim Verstappen Wim Verstappen Director, Grijpstra & De Gier
22. Martin Brozius Martin Brozius Actor, Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, mijnheer?
23. Rijk de Gooyer Rijk de Gooyer Actor, In voor- en tegenspoed
24. Huib Broos Huib Broos Actor, The Lift
25. Rufus Collins Rufus Collins Actor, The Hunger
26. Herman Brood Herman Brood Soundtrack, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
27. André van den Heuvel André van den Heuvel Actor, Ieder zijn deel
28. Gerard Thoolen Gerard Thoolen Actor, De smaak van water
29. Sylvia de Leur Sylvia de Leur Actress, Vreemde praktijken
30. Marianne Boyer Marianne Boyer Actress, Spetters
31. Willem Oltmans Willem Oltmans Self, De 100% ab show
32. Kitty Janssen Kitty Janssen Actress, M'n dochter en ik
33. Siem Vroom Siem Vroom Actor, A Bridge Too Far
34. Jennifer Willems Jennifer Willems Actress, De film van ome Willem
35. Mary Dresselhuys Mary Dresselhuys Actress, Dorp aan de rivier
36. Frédérique Huydts Frédérique Huydts Actress, Goede tijden, slechte tijden
37. Will van Kralingen Will van Kralingen Actress, Belle van Zuylen - Madame de Charrière
38. Pimm Jal de la Parra Pimm Jal de la Parra Miscellaneous Crew, How to Survive a Broken Heart
39. Josine van Dalsum Josine van Dalsum Producer, Die Wache
40. Elisabeth Versluys Elisabeth Versluys Actress, Toen was geluk heel gewoon
41. Ronnie Bierman Ronnie Bierman Actress, Diary of a Hooker
42. Johan Valk Johan Valk Actor, Ciske - Ein Kind braucht Liebe
43. Wim Sonneveld Wim Sonneveld Actor, Op de Hollandse toer
44. Tom van Beek Tom van Beek Actor, A Bridge Too Far
45. Herbert Joeks Herbert Joeks Actor, Fanfare
46. Jerome Reehuis Jerome Reehuis Actor, De boezemvriend
47. Johan te Slaa Johan te Slaa Actor, A Bridge Too Far
48. Ruurd Fenenga Ruurd Fenenga Cinematographer, Bowspelement
49. Rob de Vries Rob de Vries Actor, Ciske de Rat
50. Youssef Idilbi Youssef Idilbi Actor, Westenwind
1-50 of 441 names.