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1. Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell Actress, The Birth of a Nation Josephine Crowell was a Canadian-born character actress. She appeared in vaudeville as early as 1879. On screen, she is best remembered for her dramatic portrayal of the mother in D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, her comedic performances in Harold Lloyd's Speedy and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's Wrong Again...
2. Elliott Dexter Elliott Dexter Actor, Don't Change Your Husband
3. Ralph Paul Ralph Paul Self, What's My Line?
4. Leslie King Leslie King Actor, The Horror
5. George Nash George Nash Actor, The Jungle
6. Harry McNaughton Harry McNaughton Actor, Old Bill's Christmas
7. Charles Wellesley Charles Wellesley Actor, The Lost World
8. Myra Brooks Myra Brooks Actress, Father Tom
9. Kent Raymond Kent Raymond Actor, The New School Teacher
10. Frederick Lewis Frederick Lewis Actor, The Moral Sinner
11. Hudson Liston Hudson Liston Actor, Leave It to Cissy
12. Eugene Sanger Eugene Sanger Director, The Gray of the Dawn Eugene Sanger was an actor, stage director and pioneer film producer. He was born around 1871 in New York to Rufus and Emma Sanger. His father had worked as a store clerk and later in the manufacturing of textiles. Once, when Sanger was a 16 year old Mutual District, messenger boy, he was called to...
13. Bob Williamson Bob Williamson Actor, Headin' Through
14. John MacSweeney John MacSweeney Actor, Wild Oats Lane
15. Charles Burbridge Charles Burbridge Actor, The Son of His Father
16. William Sloan William Sloan Actor, A Spicy Time
17. Ada St. Claire Ada St. Claire Actress, The Runaway
18. Robert Fisher Robert Fisher Actor, Man or Money?
19. Bennet Musson Bennet Musson Writer, The Uphill Path
20. Joe Bennett Joe Bennett Actor, Something to Sing About
21. Seth Miller Kent Seth Miller Kent Actor, The Cowboy and the Lady
22. Adella Barker Adella Barker Actress, Red, White and Blue Blood
23. Edwin Schabbehar Edwin Schabbehar Sound Department, Moon Over Harlem
24. John Aaron John Aaron Producer, Person to Person John Aaron was part of the production team that worked with Edward R. Murrow on "See It Now" for CBS in the 1950s, and he and his production partner, Jesse Zousmer, created and produced Murrow's "Person to Person" interview program, as well. Aaron was a native of New York, was educated at the University of Pennsylvania...
25. Joseph S. Chailee Joseph S. Chailee Actor, Thelma
26. Geoffrey Stein Geoffrey Stein Actor, An Affair of Three Nations
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