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1. Robert L. Manahan Robert L. Manahan Sound Department, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2. Roberta Pedon Roberta Pedon Actress, Delinquent School Girls Buxom, gorgeous, and shapely brunette knockout Roberta Pedon was born Rosma Laila Grantoviskis on May 2, 1954, in Ohio. The daughter of Jewish Latvian refugees, Pedon spoke fluent Portuguese and graduated from high school in 1972. She moved to San Francisco before eventually settling in Venice, California to pursue a modeling career...
3. June Whitley Taylor June Whitley Taylor Actress, Rescue from Gilligan's Island
4. William A. Poulsen William A. Poulsen Actor, Another Thin Man
5. Frances Feist Frances Feist Actress, Carnival of Souls
6. Freddy Morgan Freddy Morgan Self, The Spike Jones Show
7. George Walcott George Walcott Actor, Fury
8. Chic Sales Jr. Chic Sales Jr. Actor, Fly My Kite
9. Robert L. Lippert Robert L. Lippert Producer, The Last Man on Earth Robert L. Lippert, the son of a hardware store owner in Alameda, Califorinia, was born there shortly after the turn of this century. Having little interest in his father's business, young Lippert became enthralled with the new fascination of moving pictures. He began working odd jobs in the local movie house...
10. Ben Niems Ben Niems Actor, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
11. Steve Murphy Steve Murphy Actor, The Circus
12. Agnes Franey Agnes Franey Actress, The Singing Fool
13. Rafael Storm Rafael Storm Actor, When Ladies Meet
14. Vangie Beilby Vangie Beilby Actress, Fugitive Road
15. Victor Creatore Victor Creatore Actor, Point Blank
16. Stanley J. Sawley Stanley J. Sawley Set Decorator, Unconquered
17. Saul Landau Saul Landau Director, Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?
18. Madge Erwin Madge Erwin Actress, Around the World in Eighty Days
19. George Blanda George Blanda Self, The NFL on NBC
20. Gladys Fairbanks Gladys Fairbanks Actress, The Poor Little Rich Girl
21. Ethel Pepperell Ethel Pepperell Actress, Little Miss Grown-Up
22. Fred Frame Fred Frame Actor, The Crowd Roars
23. Harvey Fergusson Harvey Fergusson Writer, Hot Saturday
24. Eleanor Barry Eleanor Barry Actress, The Investment
25. Terri Teague Terri Teague Actress, The Cheerleaders
26. Dewey Drapeau Dewey Drapeau Actor, The Great Sioux Uprising
27. Dane Coolidge Dane Coolidge Writer, The Yaqui
28. F. Jo Mohrbach F. Jo Mohrbach Actress, Foul Play
29. Joseph A. Neville Joseph A. Neville Actor, Home in Indiana
30. Leif Henie Leif Henie Actor, Thin Ice
31. Ann Morgan Ann Morgan Costume Designer, Perfect Understanding Ann Morgan was born in Jacksonville NC on June 12, 1978. Her father is a trial lawyer and her mother a college mathematics instructor. She has an older brother who is a banker and an older sister who is a lawyer. She received her early training at the North Carolina School of the Arts and then attended...
32. Forrest Winant Forrest Winant Actor, The Brink
33. Dave Needle Dave Needle Thanks, From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!
34. Richard Towers Richard Towers Camera and Electrical Department, The Killing
35. Eugene Chan Eugene Chan Actor, Around the World in Eighty Days
36. Harold Camping Harold Camping Self, Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs The End of the World
37. Aubrey M. Kennedy Aubrey M. Kennedy Writer, Sky-Eye
38. George Volk George Volk Actor, Sales Slips
39. César Vanoni César Vanoni Actor, Sombras de gloria
40. Barbara Pierce Barbara Pierce Actress, Lizzies of the Field
41. Juanita Evers Juanita Evers Actress, The President's Lady
42. Kay Sherris Kay Sherris Actress, Broadway Bill
43. Margaret Armstrong Margaret Armstrong Actress, Annie Oakley Margaret Armstrong also was on Broadway in the 1920s. She Married Arthur Holzel who went by the stage name Arthur Vinton on Jan 2, 1917, but they were divorced on Jan 19, 1925. She had one daughter Evelyn. The divorce was supposedly because she and her husband could never get parts in the same town together, but Arthur had been living with another woman whom he subsequently married.
44. Maxine Brown Maxine Brown Actress, Cartoons on Tour
45. Bill Cohee Bill Cohee Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces
46. Della Peterson Della Peterson Actress, The Lucky Duck
47. Miriam Bode Rasmus Miriam Bode Rasmus Writer, Her Life's Story
48. Joseph Singleton Joseph Singleton Actor, Reggie Mixes In
49. William F. Dean William F. Dean Self, The Bob Hope Show
50. Ray French Ray French Actor, Alibi Ike
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