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1. John Ford John Ford Director, The Searchers John Ford came to Hollywood following one of his brothers, an actor. Asked what brought him to Hollywood, he replied "The train". He became one of the most respected directors in the business, in spite of being known for his westerns, which were not considered "serious" film. He won six Oscars, counting (he always did) the two that he won for his WWII documentary work...
2. Princess Diana Princess Diana Self, Diary of a Princess Princess Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer on July 1, 1961. Her parents were Edward John and Frances Spencer Viscount and Viscountess Althorp, later Earl and Countess Spencer. When she was 6 her parents split up and her mother got married to Peter Shand-Kydd. Diana lived with her father her two older sisters and her younger brother Charles...
3. Michael Sheard Michael Sheard Actor, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
4. Dennis O'Keefe Dennis O'Keefe Actor, The Leopard Man Tall, cheerful, outdoorsy leading man of Hollywood B movies, who started in show business as an infant, accompanying his vaudevillian parents, "Flanagan and Edwards, the Rollicking Twosome", on the stage. In his teens, Dennis started to write film scripts while attending college. He then tried to break into films as an extra...
5. David Frost David Frost Self, David Frost Interviews Richard Nixon
6. David Farrar David Farrar Actor, Black Narcissus London-born David Farrar dropped out of school at 14 and became a writer for the Morning Advertiser newspaper; but it wasn't long before he decided to change careers and become an actor. He started out on the stage in 1932, and five years later made his film debut. Appearing at first in low-budget thrillers...
7. Marguerite Chapman Marguerite Chapman Actress, The Seven Year Itch Marguerite Chapman, a small-town secretary and tomboy nicknamed "Slugger", became a model only after friends insisted "you oughta be in pictures", and she went on to act in more than 30 movies. Never a Hollywood wannabe, Chapman grew up in Chatham, New York, with four brothers. She started working as a typist and switchboard operator in White Plains...
8. Carmen Mathews Carmen Mathews Actress, Another World Carmen Mathews' film credits include BUtterfield 8, A Rage to Live, Sounder Daniel. She also appeared in several TV movies and is still seen in reruns as Col. Lillian Rayborn in an episode of the TV series M*A*S*H. She has teamed on the Broadway stage with such stars as Don Ameche...
9. Ken Campbell Ken Campbell Actor, A Fish Called Wanda
10. Patricia Owens Patricia Owens Actress, The Fly Patricia Owens was born in Golden, British Columbia, in 1925. When she was eight she moved to England. Here she embarked on a number of stage plays. Later she was spotted by a Twentieth-Century Fox executive who offered her a contract and in 1956 she went to Hollywood. There she met Sy Bartlett whom she married and later divorced in 1958...
11. Betty Carr Betty Carr Actress, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
12. Nick Long Jr. Nick Long Jr. Actor, Broadway Melody of 1936
13. Dodi Fayed Dodi Fayed Producer, Hook Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian born multimillionaire whose father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, owns the Harrods chain and a Ritz Hotel in Paris.
14. Billy 'Froggy' Laughlin Billy 'Froggy' Laughlin Actor, Don't Lie His mother enrolled him in a dramatic class to overcome his self-consciousness. His gravel voice was exploited by an MGM talent scout. After his test and positive public reaction he was signed to a term contract to Our Gang. His favorite sport was bicycling. After Our Gang was over, Froggy was riding...
15. Jack Manning Jack Manning Actor, The Owl and the Pussycat
16. Joe Lewis Joe Lewis Actor, Jaguar Lives! Blond, muscular, tall, handsome, and the greatest heavyweight point-fighter and kick-boxer of the 1960s and 70s, Joe Lewis coined the phrase,"American Kickboxing". He fought in the first kick-boxing heavyweight title fight in 1970. Had one of the greatest point-fighting careers in history. Lewis is one of only 5 men to defeat the legendary Chuck Norris...
17. Rick Vallin Rick Vallin Actor, Ghosts on the Loose Reliable "B" character actor Rick Vallin had the rangy physique, prominent cheekbones and swarthy look ideal for rugged films. In the 1940s and '50s he was seen almost everywhere -- in mysteries, musicals, oaters and, especially, the ever-popular edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers. Born in Russia in 1919...
18. Sally Rand Sally Rand Actress, Sunset Murder Case She's considered an American icon in the world of entertainment although most contemporaries have no idea who she is until her legendary risqué "fan dance" is brought up. Then they put two and two together. Burlesque star Sally Rand was born in the Ozark region (Missouri) in 1904, her father a corporal in the Spanish-American War and her mother a Pennsylvania Dutch Quaker...
19. Will Hare Will Hare Actor, Back to the Future Character actor Will Hare has been appearing on stage, screen and television since he was 17 up to his death at age 80. Becoming a veteran of stage for over a half of a century, Hare's film debut was Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man and his final theatrical appearance was "Me and Veronica" in 1992...
20. John David Bland John David Bland Actor, Tank Girl
21. Mick Lally Mick Lally Actor, The Secret of Kells
22. Rosel Zech Rosel Zech Actress, Veronika Voss
23. Joseph Mell Joseph Mell Actor, Magnificent Obsession
24. Max Bygraves Max Bygraves Self, Family Fortunes
25. Mary Merrall Mary Merrall Actress, Dead of Night
26. Mahavir Shah Mahavir Shah Actor, Yes Boss
27. Rocky Marciano Rocky Marciano Self, The Super Fight Rocky Marciano was the only undefeated boxing champion in any weight division (until Joe Calzaghe retired 46-0 in 2009). At the end of his career he was 49-0, with 43 of his victories coming by knockouts. Rocky made his boxing debut in 1947 at the age of 24 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, by knocking out Lee Epperson in the third round...
28. H.C. Potter H.C. Potter Director, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
29. Barlowe Borland Barlowe Borland Actor, The Hound of the Baskervilles
30. Lee Garmes Lee Garmes Cinematographer, Scarface One of the most innovative of pioneer cameramen, Lee Garmes started his career on the East Coast with the New York Motion Picture Company, but was soon persuaded by the director Thomas H. Ince to join him in Hollywood. Garmes quickly climbed his way up the ladder, from painter's assistant to prop boy (future director Henry Hathaway shared the same duties at 'Inceville')...
31. Pierre Blaise Pierre Blaise Actor, Lacombe, Lucien
32. Karen ffolkes Karen ffolkes Actress, Most Wanted
33. Lucille Fletcher Lucille Fletcher Writer, Sorry, Wrong Number
34. Charles Delaney Charles Delaney Actor, Knockout Kisses
35. William Aldrich William Aldrich Producer, Flight of the Phoenix
36. Charles Baudelaire Charles Baudelaire Writer, Messengers Charles Baudelaire was a 19th century French poet, translator, and literary/art critic. At his birth, Baudelaire's mother, Caroline Archimbaut-Dufays, was 28; his father Francois Baudelaire was 61. Charles' father instilled in him an appreciation for art, taking his young son to museums and galleries...
37. Joan Miller Joan Miller Actress, Criss Cross
38. Jimi Jamison Jimi Jamison Soundtrack, Spy Game
39. Bapu Bapu Director, Sri Rama Rajyam
40. Claire Luce Claire Luce Actress, Up the River
41. Carl Wayne Carl Wayne Actor, Episode #1.1980
42. Gayne Whitman Gayne Whitman Actor, Speaking of Animals and Their Families
43. Sam McFadin Sam McFadin Actor, American Graffiti
44. Barbara Avedon Barbara Avedon Writer, Cagney & Lacey
45. Jack Henderson Jack Henderson Actor, Visit from a Big Star
46. Siegfried Schürenberg Siegfried Schürenberg Actor, The Bridge
47. Stuart Latham Stuart Latham Producer, A Last Tilt at the Windmill
48. Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton Soundtrack, Malcolm X Jazz musician (drums, vibraphone) who at times led his own big band and guest-appeared in occasional films. He also performed frequently with the clarinetist-bandleader Benny Goodman.
49. Frank E. Warner Frank E. Warner Sound Department, Taxi Driver
50. Emilio Garibay Emilio Garibay Actor, Robinson Crusoe
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