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1. Nancy Dolman Nancy Dolman Actress, Martin Short: Concert for the North Americas
2. George Brenlin George Brenlin Actor, General Hospital
3. Eddie Byrne Eddie Byrne Actor, Star Wars
4. Buford Pusser Buford Pusser Thanks, Walking Tall Buford Pusser was elected sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, on a platform of cleaning up the county, which was justifiably regarded as the most corrupt, crime-ridden county in the state, if not the U.S. Several organized-crime rings, based mainly in Nashville, ran the criminal enterprises in McNairy County, including gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, narcotics, auto theft, etc...
5. Danny Lockin Danny Lockin Actor, Hello, Dolly! Danny Lockin was born in Hawaii in 1943, and was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an exceptional dancer who started dancing professionally at age eight. He appeared in the film Gypsy as Gerry. He appeared on Broadway in the 1964 revival of "West Side Story", and in other shows such as "The Sound of Music"...
6. Matty Ferrigno Matty Ferrigno Self, Pumping Iron
7. Haley Paige Haley Paige Actress, Fade to Black 2
8. Fred Crane Fred Crane Actor, Gone with the Wind
9. Stuart Heisler Stuart Heisler Director, The Star Director Stuart Heisler began his film-industry career as a prop man in 1913, joining Mack Sennett at Keystone the following year. He worked as an editor for Samuel Goldwyn at United Artists from 1924-25 and again from 1929-34 and at Paramount from 1935-36. He graduated to second-unit director with John Ford's The Hurricane...
10. Tudor Sherrard Tudor Sherrard Actor, Se7en
11. Vicki Bakken Vicki Bakken Actress, Reward
12. Yuriy Nikulin Yuriy Nikulin Actor, The Diamond Arm Yuri Nikulin was a Russian film actor, comedian, mime, and circus clown who was also Artistic Director of Moscow Circus and popular TV show host. He was born Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin on December 18, 1921, in the town of Demidov, Smolensk province, Central Russia. His father, Vladimir Andreevich Nikulin...
13. Kurt Neumann Kurt Neumann Director, The Fly
14. Wes Dawn Wes Dawn Make-Up Department, Die Hard
15. Nanni Loy Nanni Loy Director, The Four Days of Naples
16. Jean Hill Jean Hill Actress, Desperate Living
17. Danitra Vance Danitra Vance Actress, Little Man Tate
18. Nicholas Cortland Nicholas Cortland Actor, Search for Tomorrow
19. Wesley Willis Wesley Willis Soundtrack, Super Size Me Wesley Willis was a truly distinctive one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter who suffered from chronic paranoid schizophrenia. Willis was born on May 31, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. One in a family of ten children, Wesley's parents separated when he was young and he subsequently grew up in a series of foster homes being primarily raised by two older brothers who went with Wesley from home to home...
20. John Hayes John Hayes Director, Grave of the Vampire John Hayes was a writer, director, editor, producer and occasional actor who made a wide variety of offbeat and interesting low-budget independent pictures throughout the 1960s and 1970s. He was born in New York. He began his film career making short movies in the 1950s--his 1958 short "The Kiss" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film...
21. Connie Izay Connie Izay Actress, Guerilla My Dreams
22. Terri Messina Terri Messina Actress, Single Room Furnished Terri Jean Messina was a lovely and captivating brunette actress who popped up in a few movies and several TV shows during her regrettably brief acting career. Terri was born in 1946. She first began acting in episodic television in 1967. Messina gave an especially fine and engaging performance as Maria...
23. Joseph W. Girard Joseph W. Girard Actor, '49-'17
24. Christoph Schlingensief Christoph Schlingensief Director, Blackest Heart
25. Charles Eames Charles Eames Director, The Fabulous Fifties
26. Harold Dow Harold Dow Self, The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld
27. John Juliani John Juliani Actor, Under the Piano
28. Jerry Warren Jerry Warren Director, The Wild World of Batwoman With all due respect to the man himself, it is hard to think of any horror filmmaker who made movies that were as cheap or as ridiculed as Jerry Warren's. Whether making shoestring quickies like The Incredible Petrified World or Teenage Zombies, or mangling Mexican imports, Warren could be counted on through the late '50s and early '60s to deliver the lowest common denominator in horror...
29. Maxwell Shaw Maxwell Shaw Actor, The Oblong Box
30. Gino Colbert Gino Colbert Director, Night Walk: A Bedtime Story
31. Richard Garrick Richard Garrick Actor, A Streetcar Named Desire Performed on Broadway; active from 1907-47. Garrick made his stage debut in the moderately successful production of "The Boys of Company B" (in which Mack Sennett appeared in one of his 2 stage roles). He appeared in the original 1947 production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" (in the role of the "Strange Man")...
32. Marjorie White Marjorie White Actress, Sunnyside Up Canadian comedienne, a former vaudevillian, Majorie White appeared in a few films but died before making a real mark. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1904 (according to her birth certificate), she was the daughter of a railroad worker. She entered show business at the age of 4 as one of the Winnipeg Kiddies...
33. Dai Vernon Dai Vernon Actor, The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit: Part I
34. Glen Glenn Glen Glenn Sound Department, The Corpse Vanishes
35. Ed Geldart Ed Geldart Actor, Rushmore
36. Lomax Study Lomax Study Actor, A Little Princess
37. Beryl Cooke Beryl Cooke Actress, Here Comes Thursday: The Rise and Fall of Harris
38. Karl Bruck Karl Bruck Actor, The Young and the Restless
39. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Composer, Othello He graduated in violin and composition at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan (Italy), Lavagnino deserves a special place in film music for his contribution to documentaries. He gave reportages a new dimension; he did not elaborate folkloristic themes, neither he passively adapts the instruments...
40. Branislav-Ciga Milenkovic Branislav-Ciga Milenkovic Actor, I Even Met Happy Gypsies
41. Dannie Mac Grant Dannie Mac Grant Actor, Boxing Gloves
42. Katharine Snell Katharine Snell Actress, The Wizard of Oz She grew up in Los Angeles in the home of her father, an executive with the Sid Grauman organization, and her paternal grandmother, a retired hotelier. Upon her graduation from the Flintridge Academy in 1933, she was given a screen test at Paramount, and hired as a singer and dancer. She appeared in virtually every musical made at Paramount from 1933 to 1939...
43. Daniel Rabinovich Daniel Rabinovich Actor, Bromato de armonio
44. Dorothy Flood Dorothy Flood Actress, Resurrection
45. Wendy Mseleku Wendy Mseleku Actress, Sarafina!
46. Klaus Höhne Klaus Höhne Actor, The Damned
47. Luis Dávila Luis Dávila Actor, Zampo y yo
48. Bombolo Bombolo Actor, Delitto al ristorante cinese
49. Toby Sheldon Toby Sheldon Self, Untitled Bethenny Frankel Talk Show
50. Eddie Le Baron Eddie Le Baron Actor, An Innocent Affair
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