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1. James Gammon James Gammon Actor, The Iron Giant Rugged-looking James Gammon first broke into the entertainment industry not as an actor but as a TV cameraman. From there, his weatherbeaten features, somewhat menacing attitude and a tough-as-nails voice--the kind that used to be described in detective novels as "whiskey-soaked"--reminiscent of '40s...
2. Don Segall Don Segall Writer, Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights
3. Patrick Dewaere Patrick Dewaere Actor, Beau Pere Popular but troubled renegade French actor Patrick Dewaere was christened Jean-Marie Patrick Bourdeaux on January 26, 1947, at Saint-Brieuc in Britanny in the north-west region of France. The third of six children born to actress Mado Maurin (1915-2011), his mothere made acting a family affair. All of his siblings -- Jean-Pierre Maurin (1941-1996)...
4. William Asher William Asher Director, Bewitched
5. John Kennedy Jr. John Kennedy Jr. Self, Taking on the Kennedys John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. was born on November 25, 1960, in Washington, DC, to John Fitzgerald Kennedy (President-to-be John F. Kennedy) and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (Jacqueline Kennedy). Three weeks before his birth, his father was elected President of the United States, and the nation loved little John...
6. Martin Kenzie Martin Kenzie Camera and Electrical Department, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
7. Celia Cruz Celia Cruz Soundtrack, Amores Perros
8. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Self, The Kennedys: The Curse of Power
9. Stanley Blystone Stanley Blystone Actor, Modern Times
10. Jo Stafford Jo Stafford Soundtrack, The Master Born in Coalinga, in California's San Joaquin Valley, Jo Stafford got her start in music when her family moved to the Los Angeles area and her older sisters got jobs at a local radio station. Although Jo had, as a teenager, trained to be a classical opera singer, the Depression quickly dried up what little demand there was for opera singers...
11. Connie Van Connie Van Actress, The Far Country
12. Herbert von Karajan Herbert von Karajan Soundtrack, 2001: A Space Odyssey It is an unfortunate aspect of the present day that there are those who cannot necessarily see and appreciate pure greatness when it stares them in the face. The excuse usually given is that some people could not forgive, let alone understand, why he joined the Nazi Party. However, Karajan never was an active party member...
13. Harry Chapin Harry Chapin Soundtrack, Last Vegas A singer/songwriter and activist for many charitable causes, especially in the realm of ending world hunger, Harry Chapin never let the often lukewarm reviews of his music-making abilities phase him and as a result of his strong folksy persona, the fans he made stuck by him throughout his career and continue to this day...
14. Patsy Ruth Miller Patsy Ruth Miller Actress, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
15. Addison Randall Addison Randall Actor, Where the West Begins Romantic leading man and singing cowboy star whose career was far eclipsed by that of his brother Robert Livingston. He acted and sang on Broadway prior to entering films, then appeared in a number of non-Western films before signing with Monogram Pictures in 1937 as a singing cowboy. Unfortunately, despite his singing ability...
16. Luciano Giancarlo Luciano Giancarlo Actor, Medal of Honor: Airborne Luciano Giancarlo was raised in a large and tightly-knit extended family in Bologna, Italy where he was an avid soccer and volleyball player and a huge fan of American television. His love of the entertainment business ignited in him a strong desire to become an actor in America. It was a huge dream...
17. Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Soundtrack, The Blues Brothers
18. Jon Lord Jon Lord Soundtrack, Almost Famous
19. Milton R. Krasner Milton R. Krasner Cinematographer, All About Eve Milton Krasner entered the film industry as an assistant cameraman in 1917, and while working at the Vitagraph and Biograph studios in New York City was promoted to camera operator. Graduating to lighting cameraman in 1933, he was assigned mostly second features until the mid-'40s, when his excellence in black-and-white photography was finally recognized...
20. Carol Shields Carol Shields Writer, Swann Carol Shields studied at Hanover College, the University of Exeter in England, and the University of Ottawa, where she received an M.A. In 1957 she married Donald Hugh Shields, a professor of Civil Engineering, and moved to Canada. Carol Shields lived in Canada until her death in Victoria, BC, in July 2003...
21. Samson Raphaelson Samson Raphaelson Writer, Suspicion
22. Johnny Winter Johnny Winter Self, Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty
23. W.H. Parker W.H. Parker Miscellaneous Crew, Dragnet
24. Barbara Eiler Barbara Eiler Actress, The Night Before Christmas
25. Neda Spasojevic Neda Spasojevic Actress, Kad budem mrtav i beo
26. Alan Crosland Alan Crosland Director, The Jazz Singer Born in New York City on August 10, 1894 into an upper-middle class family, the Crosland family soon moved to East Orange, New Jersey where Alan was reared. His family's finances allowed for him to spend part of his elementary education in England, where he acquired a curious Anglo-American accent that he would affect for the rest of his life...
27. Dwight Weist Dwight Weist Miscellaneous Crew, Search for Tomorrow
28. Phedon Papamichael Phedon Papamichael Art Director, A Woman Under the Influence
29. Hector Gratton Hector Gratton Composer, Un homme et son péché
30. William Reynolds William Reynolds Editor, The Godfather New York-born William Reynolds was a self-effacing editor with a distinguished sixty-year career in the motion picture industry, noted for his unobtrusive, seamless work on movies of every genre, from romantic melodramas to gangster films. A graduate of Princeton University, he started in the business...
31. René Caron René Caron Actor, Le frère André
32. Leigh Brown Leigh Brown Actress, A Christmas Story
33. Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy Self, WCW Beach Blast
34. Elsie Wagstaff Elsie Wagstaff Actress, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
35. H.T. Tsiang H.T. Tsiang Actor, The Keys of the Kingdom
36. Audrey Peart Dickman Audrey Peart Dickman Producer, Saturday Night Live
37. Philip Caplan Philip Caplan Camera and Electrical Department, Pretty Woman
38. Paul B. Price Paul B. Price Actor, The Ritz
39. Heinrich Böll Heinrich Böll Writer, Das Brot der frühen Jahre A recurring theme in Heinrich Böll's novels is the German society during the decades following WWII. In his early novels, like 'Wo warst du Adam?' he writes about the meaningless of war, its sufferings and horrors. The moral decay of post-war Germany is the theme for the following novels, 'Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit' and 'Haus ohne Hüter'...
40. Howard Estabrook Howard Estabrook Writer, Cimarron Detroit-born Howard Estabrook entered show business as a stage actor in New York in 1904. He appeared in several films starting in 1914 and even directed a few in 1917. He left films for a career in the business world, but returned in 1921 in executive positions with various studios, then began producing films in 1924...
41. Mikhail Kononov Mikhail Kononov Actor, Andrei Rublev
42. Frank Alten Frank Alten Actor, Manhunt of Mystery Island
43. Gussy Holl Gussy Holl Actress, America to Europe in an Airship
44. Tomás Blanco Tomás Blanco Actor, For a Few Dollars More At 18 he enlisted in the Foreign Legion in Morocco remained prominent through 21. After graduating, contact the theater environment, debuting professionally in Madrid in 1933 with the company Josefina Diaz. Then working on new companies: Maria Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara, Tarsila Criado and Carmen Echevarria and others...
45. Alan Vega Alan Vega Soundtrack, The Place Beyond the Pines
46. Louise Stubbs Louise Stubbs Actress, Loving
47. Marguerite Harrison Marguerite Harrison Cinematographer, Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life
48. Ann Brody Ann Brody Actress, Why Girls Say No
49. Peter Baird Peter Baird Actor, Howard the Duck
50. William Welsh William Welsh Actor, The Shock
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