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1. Celeste Holm Celeste Holm Actress, All About Eve Celeste Holm was an only child, born into a home where her mother was a painter and her father worked in insurance. She would study acting at the University of Chicago and make her stage debut in 1936. Her Broadway debut came when she was 19. She appeared in many successful plays, including "The Women"...
2. Dana Hill Dana Hill Actress, National Lampoon's European Vacation Dana Hill was born Dana Lynne Goetz on May 6, 1964, in a suburb of Los Angeles, to parents Sandy Hill and Ted Goetz, a commercial director. Despite diabetes ending a promising future in athletics when she was just ten years old, Dana gamely threw herself into acting when still in her early teen years...
3. Bert Convy Bert Convy Self, Super Password
4. Kieron Moore Kieron Moore Actor, Arabesque With dark good looks and a brawny build, Irish actor Kieron Moore made a name for himself in post-war British films as both heroes and villains. Interestingly, he is better remembered for one of his more earnest failures, that of Count Vronsky opposite Vivien Leigh's Anna Karenina. Born Kieron O'Hanrahan...
5. Margaret Lockwood Margaret Lockwood Actress, The Lady Vanishes Karachi-born Margaret Lockwood, daughter of a British colonial railway clerk, was educated in London and studied to be an actress at the Italia Conti Drama School. Her first moment on stage came at the age of 12, when she played a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 1928. She had a bit part in the Drury Lane production of "Cavalcade" in 1932...
6. Bill Thompson Bill Thompson Actor, Peter Pan
7. Aubrey Morris Aubrey Morris Actor, A Clockwork Orange He was one of those delightful, typically British, actors with a penchant for playing eccentrics. Early in his career, Jeremy Brett once quaintly introduced Aubrey Morris to Noël Coward as "the finest small-part player in London". Born Aubrey Steinberg of Jewish-Ukrainian ancestry, he was one...
8. Florence Halop Florence Halop Actress, Meet Millie
9. Peter van Eyck Peter van Eyck Actor, The Wages of Fear With his whitish blond crew-cut, slow, menacing drawl and Germanic manner, Van Eyck was destined to be typecast as stereotypically scowling, arrogant Nazi officers. This was ironic, because being an avowed anti-fascist, he had left Germany in 1931 -- two years before Adolf Hitler came to power. The son of an aristocratic Prussian land owner...
10. David Brian David Brian Actor, Intruder in the Dust New Yorker who, after schooling at City College, found work as a doorman before entering show business with a song-and-dance routine in vaudeville and in night clubs. He did a wartime stint with the Coast Guard and returned to acting on the New York stage after the war. Persuaded by Joan Crawford to try his hand at film acting...
11. Benny Rubin Benny Rubin Actor, The Jack Benny Program
12. Googie Withers Googie Withers Actress, Within These Walls Googie Withers began her acting career at the age of 12. She was dancing in the chorus in a West End revue when she was spotted by a Warner Brothers casting director. She went to do a screen test for them at the Riverside Studios and was invited to become an extra. On her first day at the filming of The Girl in the Crowd she arrived on the set just after Michael Powell had just sacked the second lead...
13. George Cleveland George Cleveland Actor, Lassie Round-faced and twinkling, George Cleveland had a 58-year career of stage, vaudeville, motion picture, radio and television acting. His first film was Mystery Liner with Noah Beery and he went on to appear in 150 others. However, he is best remembered as Gramps on the original Lassie TV series.
14. Alfie Bass Alfie Bass Actor, Bootsie and Snudge
15. Eddie Foy Jr. Eddie Foy Jr. Actor, The Pajama Game With the passing of Irving Foy in 2003, another era in American show business comes to a close. Eddie Foy & the Seven Little Foys appeared on screen together only once, in 1915 in A Favorite Fool, while Eddie Sr., without his progeny, appeared on screen in Actors' Fund Field Day and Yankee Doodle in Berlin. In the screen biography The Seven Little Foys...
16. Peter Fernandez Peter Fernandez Actor, What's Eating Gilbert Grape From ages 7 to 11 was popular model for John Robert Powers Agency. Radio and Broadway actor until army draft. Radio shows included: "Mr. District Attorney", "Let's Pretend", "Gangbusters", "My Best Girls, " "Superman", "Suspense", many soap operas, and as George Bigelow on "The Aldrich Family" and as Jerry on "The Sea Hound." Discharged from US Army in 1946 as Tech...
17. Anton Chekhov Anton Chekhov Writer, Kis Uykusu Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in 1860, the third of six children to a family of a grocer, in Taganrog, Russia, a southern seaport and resort on the Azov Sea. His father, a 3rd-rank Member of the Merchant's Guild, was a religious fanatic and a tyrant who used his children as slaves. Young Chekhov was a part-time assistant in his father's business and also a singer in a church choir...
18. Morty Gunty Morty Gunty Actor, Broadway Danny Rose
19. Guy Wilkerson Guy Wilkerson Actor, The Haunted Palace
20. Jeff Upton Jeff Upton Camera and Electrical Department, Saving Silverman
21. Hugh Hurd Hugh Hurd Actor, Shadows
22. Cody Palance Cody Palance Actor, Young Guns
23. Fred Lerner Fred Lerner Stunts, Die Hard
24. Billy Marshall Stoneking Billy Marshall Stoneking Producer, Two
25. José Elías Moreno José Elías Moreno Actor, Santa Claus
26. Danny Weselis Danny Weselis Stunts, Scarface
27. Kip King Kip King Actor, A Night at the Roxbury
28. Helen Beverly Helen Beverly Actress, Black Magic
29. Barbara Randolph Barbara Randolph Actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
30. Philip Roth Philip Roth Actor, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Veteran character actor; born in KC, Mo., Roth served in the Army during WWII, then moved to NYC, where he began studying acting with Lee Strasberg; Roth was the first and only person to do a scene with Marilyn Monroe at the Actors' Studio; appeared in various stage roles before landing guest TV shots; his last appearance was in the independent film The League of Old Men (1998)_.
31. Jean-Louis Bouquet Jean-Louis Bouquet Writer, Monsieur Hector
32. Robert Wadlow Robert Wadlow Robert Pershing Wadlow was born on February 22, 1918 in Alton, Illinois. His height of 8' 11.1" qualifies him as the tallest person in history, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Robert was the first born of Addie and Harold Wadlow. He had two sisters, Helen and Betty, and two brothers, Eugene and Harold Jr....
33. Christine Chubbuck Christine Chubbuck
34. Dennis Wilson Dennis Wilson Composer, Marriage Lines
35. Clarence White Clarence White Self, Stamping Ground
36. Norman Stevans Norman Stevans Actor, American Gigolo
37. Ivano Staccioli Ivano Staccioli Actor, KZ9 - Lager di Sterminio
38. Syd Conabere Syd Conabere Actor, Sons and Daughters
39. Henry Kolker Henry Kolker Actor, Holiday Stalwart character actor Henry Kolker appeared on the Broadway stage from 1904, comedy being his forte early on. Later, as a leading man in romantic dramas, he partnered famous stars like Alla Nazimova. Moving on to films in 1914 as actor/director, he became noted in particular for directing Disraeli...
40. Tsilla Chelton Tsilla Chelton Actress, Tatie Danielle
41. Charles W. Sweeney Charles W. Sweeney Miscellaneous Crew, The Beginning or the End
42. Ted Berman Ted Berman Writer, The Fox and the Hound
43. Lawrence Tibbett Lawrence Tibbett Actor, The Rogue Song One of the great voices of the Metropolitan Opera, Lawrence Mervil Tibbet was born in Bakersfield, California, in 1896. Born at the end of the "wild west" era, he was only six when his father, who was a Kern County deputy sheriff, was killed by bandits. After training with, among others, Metropolitan Opera bass (and later film actor) Basil Ruysdael...
44. Ernest Bloch Ernest Bloch Soundtrack, Short Cuts
45. Federico De Laurentiis Federico De Laurentiis Producer, King Kong
46. Gabriel Paige Gabriel Paige Actor, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
47. Gerd Oelschlegel Gerd Oelschlegel Writer, Der Anwalt
48. Howard Rumsey Howard Rumsey Actor, Let's Get Lost
49. Paul Gallico Paul Gallico Writer, Poseidon Sports writer, screenwriter and novelist Paul Gallico was born in 1897 in New York City. His parents were immigrants (father from Italy, mother from Austria) who emigrated to the US in 1895. He was educated in the New York City public school system, and entered Columbia University in 1916, graduating...
50. Walter Lendrich Walter Lendrich Actor, Schatten und Schemen
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