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1. George Reeves George Reeves Actor, Adventures of Superman George Reeves was born George Keefer Brewer in Woolstock, Iowa, to Helen Roberta (Lescher) and Donald C. Brewer. He was of German, English, and Scottish descent. Reeves was raised in Pasadena, California, and educated at Pasadena Junior College. He was a skilled amateur boxer and musician. He interned as an actor at the famed Pasadena Playhouse...
2. Susan Tyrrell Susan Tyrrell Actress, Cry-Baby A bizarre, gloriously one-of-a-kind Hollywood gypsy and self-affirmed outcast, San Francisco-born actress Susan Tyrrell (born Susan Jillian Creamer) was a teenager when she made her stage debut in "Time Out for Ginger" in 1962. A product of the entertainment industry, her father was a top agent at one time with the William Morris firm...
3. Nicholas Ray Nicholas Ray Director, Rebel Without a Cause Nicholas Ray was born Raymond Nicholas Kienzle, Jr. in 1911, in small-town Galesville, Wisconsin, to Lena (Toppen) and Raymond Joseph Kienzle, a contractor and builder. He was of German and Norwegian descent. Ray's early experience with film came with some radio broadcasting in high school. He left the University of Chicago after a year...
4. Arthur Franz Arthur Franz Actor, The Caine Mutiny Arthur Sofield Franz was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to Dorothy and Gustave Franz, German immigrants. He was a reliable character actor in many '40s and '50s "B" pictures, often cast as a friendly small-town businessman or professional (as in The Doctor and the Girl) or the lead's sympathetic friend (as in 1953's Invaders from Mars)...
5. Reginald Denny Reginald Denny Actor, Rebecca Acting was in the blood for Reginald Denny. He came from an acting family, his father being stage actor/singer W.H. Denny, a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company. The younger Denny had made his stage debut at 6 years old, but his future was not yet set in that direction. His schooling continued through attendance at St...
6. Kim Milford Kim Milford Actor, Laserblast Richard Kim Milford was an actor-singer-songwriter-composer-dancer who first appeared in SummerStock Theatre in Chicago at age 10. At age 17 he was in the original staging of Hair (he played Woof and Claude). In 1970 he was awarded the Faith and Freedom Award by the Religious Heritage of America for his portrayal of the Prodigal Son in ABC Directories series "Round Trip"...
7. Sam Loeb Sam Loeb
8. Vernon Presley Vernon Presley Miscellaneous Crew, Elvis on Tour
9. Carlos Rivas Carlos Rivas Actor, The King and I
10. Ronald Neame Ronald Neame Director, The Poseidon Adventure A British filmmaker who, over the years, worked as assistant director, cinematographer, producer, writer and ultimately director, Ronald Neame was born on April 23, 1911. His father, Elwin Neame, was a film director and his mother, Ivy Close, was a film star. During the 1920s, he started working at famous Elstree Studios...
11. Claudia Bryar Claudia Bryar Actress, Psycho II
12. Ayhan Isik Ayhan Isik Actor, Aci hayat
13. Bob Nolan Bob Nolan Soundtrack, Close Encounters of the Third Kind American singer-songwriter who appeared in a number of low-budget Westerns, but was most renowned as the leader of the singing group, The Sons of the Pioneers. The son of an Army officer, Nolan attended the University of Arizona after his father retired to that state. He studied music and poetry in college...
14. E.M. Margolese E.M. Margolese Actor, Lies My Father Told Me
15. Carolyne Barry Carolyne Barry Actress, Blue Code
16. Adina Mandlová Adina Mandlová Actress, U pokladny stál...
17. Megan Leigh Megan Leigh Actress, To the Top: The Nicole Stanton Story Part Two
18. Mauritz Hugo Mauritz Hugo Actor, The Old Man and the Sea Maurtz Hugo was born on January 12 1909 in Gothenburg, Sweden to Augusta Detterberg and Ernst Robert Ekelöf, one of the city's first movie owners, as Axel Hugo Mauritz Ekelöf. He left home at age 15 to seek his fortune in the USA and found the way to California where PR jobs led to the start of his acting career.
19. Eileen Way Eileen Way Actress, The Vikings
20. Joe Di Reda Joe Di Reda Actor, General Hospital
21. Michael O'Herlihy Michael O'Herlihy Director, Hawaii Five-O Brother of Oscar nominated actor Dan O'Herlihy, Michael O'Herlihy was a major TV director in the US from the 1950s to the 1980s. His credits include Star Trek, Maverick, Gunsmoke, M*A*S*H, Hawaii Five-O, The A-Team and Miami Vice to name but a few. He worked for Disney in the late 1960s and his feature film debut was for them in 1966 with The Fighting Prince of Donegal...
22. Roberto Cañedo Roberto Cañedo Actor, Pueblerina Roberto Cañedo Ramírez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. His parents were Ignacio Cañedo Iñiguez and Carmen Ramírez Llamas. Has 8 more brothers: Ignacio, Celia, Juan de Dios, María Luisa, Cristina, Manuel, Oscar and Magdalena. In his youth, he worked as a waiter in a restaurant frequented by important people of the film environment...
23. Caylee Anthony Caylee Anthony
24. Ofelia Montesco Ofelia Montesco Actress, The Exterminating Angel Lovely, raven-haired Ofelia Montesco was a Peruvian national who became a Mexican movie star. She was born Ofelia Irene Grabowski Edery in northern Peru in 1936. In the late 1950s, she visited Mexico, where producer Gregorio Walerstein discovered her and thus launched her film career. She made her film...
25. Harry Cheshire Harry Cheshire Actor, Buffalo Bill, Jr.
26. Ruben Padilla Ruben Padilla Actor, The Alamo
27. Lawrence T. Wrentz Lawrence T. Wrentz Actor, The Silence of the Lambs
28. Marjie Lawrence Marjie Lawrence Actress, Hands of the Ripper
29. Miguel Pinero Miguel Pinero Actor, Short Eyes
30. Gus Schilling Gus Schilling Actor, Citizen Kane
31. Alex McAvoy Alex McAvoy Actor, Pink Floyd: The Wall
32. Patricia O'Rourke Patricia O'Rourke Actress, Jungle Book
33. June Knight June Knight Actress, Broadway Melody of 1936 A vivacious blonde from Los Angeles, California, June Knight made a name for herself on Broadway in "Hot Cha!", in which she co-starred with 'Lupe Valez', Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Bert Lahr and Eleanor Powell. When transferring into movies, the roles she was in proved forgettable to audiences. Even though she never made a single movie throughout 1941-49...
34. Wernher von Braun Wernher von Braun Self, The Search for Truth
35. John Westbrook John Westbrook Actor, The Lord of the Rings
36. Thomas E. Breen Thomas E. Breen Actor, The River
37. James Ottaway James Ottaway Actor, The Long Good Friday
38. Mel Allen Mel Allen Self, Born on the Fourth of July Sixty years ago, Allen started out as an announcer for the New York Yankees. In 1977, he started "This Week in Baseball", a show comprised of the past weeks baseball highlights.
39. Miriam Raymond Miriam Raymond Actress, Our Mutual Friend
40. Giuseppe Bertolucci Giuseppe Bertolucci Writer, Luna
41. Elmer Booth Elmer Booth Actor, The Musketeers of Pig Alley
42. Hal Block Hal Block Self, What's My Line?
43. Jack Wagner Jack Wagner Actor, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
44. Celia Fremlin Celia Fremlin Writer, Im Schatten der Angst
45. Roberto Font Roberto Font Actor, La Barrera
46. Kôji Tsuruta Kôji Tsuruta Actor, Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island
47. Ellaline Terriss Ellaline Terriss Actress, Land of Hope and Glory Ellaline Terriss was a leading musical comedy star in the late Victorian and Edwardian period. She was the daughter of one famous actor, William Terriss (born William Lewin in 1847; murdered by a disgruntled actor in 1897), and the wife of an even more famous and accomplished one, Sir Seymour Hicks, whom she was married to from 1893 until his death in 1949...
48. Thommie Walsh Thommie Walsh Actor, Jesus Christ Superstar
49. Jean Herman Jean Herman Writer, Barbarous Street
50. Felicia Montealegre Felicia Montealegre Actress, Studio One in Hollywood
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