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1. Robert Reed Robert Reed Actor, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
2. Louis Calhern Louis Calhern Actor, Notorious Tall, distinguished, aristocratic Louis Calhern seemed to be the poster boy for old-money, upper-crust urban society, but he was actually born Carl Vogt, to middle-class parents in New York City. His family moved to St. Louis when he was a child, and it was while playing football in high school there that he was spotted by a representative of a touring acting troupe and hired as an actor...
3. Phyllis Douglas Phyllis Douglas Actress, The Galileo Seven
4. Erich von Stroheim Erich von Stroheim Actor, Sunset Blvd. After spending some time working in his father's hat factory he emigrated to America around 1909. Working in various jobs he arrived in Hollywood in 1914 and got work in D.W. Griffiths' company as a bit player. America's entry into WW1 enabled him to play sadistic monocled German officers but these roles dried up when the war ended...
5. Lenny Montana Lenny Montana Actor, The Godfather Tall and solidly built, this Italian-American professional wrestler turned actor was born Lenny Passaforo in Brooklyn, New York, and is best remembered for his first on-screen role as the not too bright but ever loyal bodyguard Luca Brasi in The Godfather. Montana didn't get a lot of screen time before...
6. Steve Ihnat Steve Ihnat Actor, In Like Flint
7. H.R. Giger H.R. Giger Self, Jodorowsky's Dune
8. Perry Como Perry Como Soundtrack, Ocean's Eleven In a singing (and sometimes acting) career that spanned over six decades, the name Perry Como has come to mean that warm, smooth, easy-listening, general-audience, slow-flame romance that characterized popular music in the 1940s, '50s and '60s. It has also come to represent an overall good feeling. Telling of the success of the appeal of that good feeling early on in his career...
9. Lillian Roth Lillian Roth Actress, Animal Crackers Tragic songstress Lillian Roth (nee Lillian Rutstein), born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 13, 1910, was given her first name in honor of singer Lillian Russell. She was the daughter of daunting stage parents who groomed her and younger sister Anne for stardom at an early age. The girls did not disappoint...
10. Jenny Lee Arness Jenny Lee Arness Actress, Aunt Thede
11. Tor Johnson Tor Johnson Actor, Bride of the Monster Tor was a big guy, with a big heart. Tor Johnson was born October 19, 1903, in Sweden. Most of his adult life, he was a professional wrestler. Tor started appearing (uncredited, or bit parts) in movies as early as 1934. He was in 31 movies, usually as "Weightlifter" or "Strongman." Later, he got larger roles with character names...
12. L. Jeffrey Selznick L. Jeffrey Selznick Producer, The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind
13. Penny Santon Penny Santon Actress, Short Circuit
14. John Cliff John Cliff Actor, Drop to Drink
15. Ruth Foster Ruth Foster Actress, Christmas at Plum Creek
16. Cornell Borchers Cornell Borchers Actress, The Divided Heart Tall, blonde, turquoise-eyed Cornell Borchers was born of Lithuanian ancestry and studied medicine before turning towards a career in the performing arts. She attended drama classes from 1947 to 1948 and was discovered for films by the director Arthur Maria Rabenalt. She made a few German films before signing a seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox...
17. Charles Kemper Charles Kemper Actor, Scarlet Street
18. Prince Aly Khan Prince Aly Khan Self, Champagne Safari
19. Antonio Ozores Antonio Ozores Actor, Los caraduros
20. Richard Hylton Richard Hylton Actor, The Pride of St. Louis
21. Elisabeth Bergner Elisabeth Bergner Actress, Escape Me Never Elisabeth Bergner was the daughter of the merchant Emil Ettel and his wife Anna Rosa Wagner. She grew up in Vienna, and she made her theatre debut in Innsbruck in 1915. In 1916 she obtained a contract in Zürich, where she played Ophelia next to the famous Alexander Moissi, who fell in love with her. The next stage in her career was Vienna...
22. Tony Owen Tony Owen Producer, Finger of Guilt
23. Frances Marion Frances Marion Writer, Camille The most renowned female screenwriter of the 20th century, and one of the most respected scripters of any gender, Frances Marion was born in San Francisco. She modeled and acted and had some success as a commercial artist. She entered into journalism and served in Europe as a combat correspondent during World War I...
24. Monica Zetterlund Monica Zetterlund Actress, Att angöra en brygga
25. Ernest Mayhand Ernest Mayhand Actor, Petey Wheatstraw
26. Arthur Lubin Arthur Lubin Director, Phantom of the Opera A graduate of Carnegie Tech, Arthur Lubin entered films as an actor in the 1920s, and after appearing in many films turned to directing in 1934, mainly for Universal. His forte was light comedy, but he helmed many different types of pictures for the studio. Lubin was the director Universal entrusted with its new comedy team of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello; he didn't let the studio down...
27. Allan Manings Allan Manings Writer, One Day at a Time
28. John Compton John Compton Actor, Out of Town
29. Jack Lomas Jack Lomas Actor, April in Paris
30. Ernst Marischka Ernst Marischka Writer, Sissi
31. Robert Coogan Robert Coogan Actor, Skippy
32. Teddy Infuhr Teddy Infuhr Actor, The Bishop's Wife Missouri-born child actor Teddy Infuhr, youngest of four, moved with his family to Los Angeles when he was three and was initially prodded into acting by his mother. A young student at the Rainbow Studios, he was spotted by a talent agent and booked the very first film he went out on with The Tuttles of Tahiti at the age of 5...
33. John McKee John McKee Actor, Cape Fear
34. John Boyer John Boyer Actor, Turnabout Intruder
35. Ralph Peduto Ralph Peduto Actor, Mrs. Doubtfire
36. Natasha Lytess Natasha Lytess Actress, Once Upon a Honeymoon
37. Bedrich Smetana Bedrich Smetana Soundtrack, The Tree of Life A musical prodigy, Smetana was encouraged and trained by his father. His move to Prague in 1843 was disheartening when he was unable to generate interest in his abilities; however, he did form a friendship with Liszt, and dedicated several of his works to him. He opened a music school and performed privately for deposed Emperor Ferdinand...
38. James Gordon James Gordon Actor, The Last of the Mohicans One of the founders of the acting group known as "The Troupers," Gordon was a leading man for Julia Marlowe on Broadway, appearing in Shakespearean plays that toured the country a number of times.
39. Beverly Yates Beverly Yates Actress, Bye Bye Birdie
40. Max Brand Max Brand Writer, Destry Rides Again
41. Robert Russell Robert Russell Actor, The Conqueror Worm
42. Burton Zucker Burton Zucker Actor, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
43. Paul Osborn Paul Osborn Writer, East of Eden
44. Sheikh Mukhtar Sheikh Mukhtar Actor, Tel Malish Boot Polish
45. John Trent John Trent Actor, Mystery Plane Darkly handsome John Trent, an aviator-turned-actor-turned aviator, is best know for the "Tailspin Tommy" adventure movies back in the 1930s. While flying was a natural for him, acting was not and the actor eventually turned his back on his Hollywood career. Born LaVerne Browne on December 5, 1906...
46. Claudio Undari Claudio Undari Actor, Cut-Throats Nine
47. Ömer Kavur Ömer Kavur Director, Karsilasma
48. Charles F. Haas Charles F. Haas Director, Tarzan and the Trappers Harvard-educated Charles Haas entered films in 1935 as an extra at Universal. He was soon promoted to assistant director, then branched out into directing documentaries and industrial films. During WW II he made training films for the Army Signal Corps. After the war he went back to work for Universal...
49. Robert Henry Mizer Robert Henry Mizer Director, 1970 Hot Summer Special
50. Don Garner Don Garner Actor, His Brother's Keeper
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