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1. Peter Graves Peter Graves Actor, Airplane! Peter Graves was born Peter Duesler Arness on March 18, 1926 on Minneapolis, Minnesota. While growing up in Minnesota, he excelled at sports and music (as a saxophonist), and by age 16, he was a radio announcer at WMIN in Minneapolis. After two years in the United States Air Force, he studied drama at the University of Minnesota and then headed to Hollywood...
2. Susan Hayward Susan Hayward Actress, I Want to Live! The youngest of three children, Edythe Marrenner was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. Her father and mother, who were of Irish and Swedish descent respectively, endowed her with the milky complexion and ruby mane that would become her trademark. She grew up in poverty in the shadow of her older sister Florence who was her mother's favorite...
3. Gareth Hunt Gareth Hunt Actor, Fierce Creatures
4. Fred Zinnemann Fred Zinnemann Director, High Noon Initially grew up wanting to be a violinist, but while at the University of Vienna decided to study law. While doing so, he became increasingly interested in American film and decided that was what he wanted to do. He became involved in European filmaking for a short time before going to America to study film.
5. Ralph James Ralph James Actor, Pancho's Hideaway
6. Busby Berkeley Busby Berkeley Miscellaneous Crew, Gold Diggers of 1935 Busby Berkeley was one of the greatest choreographers of the US movie musical. He started his career in the US Army in 1918, as a lieutenant in the artillery conducting and directing parades. After the World War I cease-fire he was ordered to stage camp shows for the soldiers. Back in the US he became a stage actor and assistant director in smaller acting troupes...
7. Howard Ashman Howard Ashman Music Department, Aladdin A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Howard Ashman moved to New York City in 1974 and began writing plays while working as an editor in a publishing house. His work attracted attention and he became WPA Theatre's artist director in 1977. In 1982, Ashman collaborated with composer Alan Menken on the musical "Little Shop of Horrors"...
8. Val Lewton Val Lewton Producer, The Body Snatcher Born in Russia in 1904, Lewton moved with his mother and sister to Berlin in 1906, then to USA in 1909. He wrote for newspapers, magazines, novels, pornography, etc.- often using pseudonyms to disguise their origin (the name Val Lewton was one such pseudonym, used first for some novels in the 1930's...
9. Maurice Ronet Maurice Ronet Actor, Elevator to the Gallows
10. Kirk Alyn Kirk Alyn Actor, Superman Starting his show business career as a chorus boy on Broadway and an entertainer in vaudeville, Kirk Alyn played bit parts and minor supporting roles in several low-budget films before getting his big break playing the title role in the serial Superman. He wasn't able to sustain a film career after the serial ended, however, and after small parts in a few movies, retired to Arizona.
11. René Laloux René Laloux Director, Fantastic Planet
12. Altovise Davis Altovise Davis Self, Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper
13. Ivan Rassimov Ivan Rassimov Actor, Sacrifice! Ivan Rassimov and his younger sister, Rada, decided to pursue a career in acting. Ivan studied acting at the University at Trieste. After attending military service in Italy, he then settled in Rome to pursue his acting career. A series of small roles began his career, one of them being from the legendary director Mario Bava with Planet of Vampires...
14. Edith Atwater Edith Atwater Actress, True Grit A respected stage actress, brunette Edith Atwater was another of those performers who never quite managed to break into films. She was trained at the American Laboratory Theatre and began her acting career at the age of eighteen. She was on Broadway from 1931, her carefully coiffed patrician looks and mature manner rather suited to playing well-bred socialites...
15. Kyle McKenna Kyle McKenna Actor, Link 2 Link Kyle had a terribly sad childhood and had been estranged from his family for many years. When the Salt Lake City coroner's office finally tracked down his mother, she refused to claim his body. Friends took Kyle's remains and had them cremated. His ashes were strewn over some mountains where Kyle enjoyed hiking. (Straube)
16. Jenie Jackson Jenie Jackson Actress, Ride the High Country
17. Jean Poiret Jean Poiret Writer, The Birdcage
18. Benji Wilhoite Benji Wilhoite Actor, Glory
19. Dada Kondke Dada Kondke Director, Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein
20. Karl Marx Karl Marx Writer, American Torso Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1818, into a wealthy family in Tier, Germany. His father, Hershel Mordechai, was the son of a rabbi. Karl converted to Lutheran Christianity because Jews were not allowed to practice law. He graduated from the Trier Gymnasium, then studied law at the University of Bonn...
21. Alexander Granach Alexander Granach Actor, Nosferatu Alexander Granach was born in the region of Galizia, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire (today Ukraine). Given the name Jessaja Szajko Gronish, he was one of a dozen children of a poor Jewish family eking out a living, first in a farming village, later in a series of small towns and cities...
22. Lisle Wilson Lisle Wilson Actor, Sisters
23. Manuel Medel Manuel Medel Actor, The Sign of Death
24. Thomas Malory Thomas Malory Writer, Excalibur Born around 1414-1420 into an English gentry family, Sir Thomas Malory spent his first couple of decades in quiet obscurity, aside from campaigning at the Siege of Calais in 1436. By 1441 he had been knighted, and had developed a growing interest in politics. In 1445 he became MP for his county and over the next few years developed a startling talent for lawlessness...
25. Tony Benn Tony Benn Self, Sicko Tony Benn is the son, grandson and father of MPs, he retired from the House of Commons in May 2001, after fifty years in Parliament making him the longest serving Labour MP in the history of the party. His service in the House of Commons was not continuous: he lost his Bristol seat in 1983 and was re-elected for Chesterfield in 1984...
26. Frances Chan Frances Chan Actress, Black Magic Frances was the daughter of Mary Chan. At age 14, she was named Miss China city, (know known as Miss Chinatown, Los Angeles). When she was 18 she finally was credited in "Black Magic" and was on the verge of possible future in the movies. She had been on the cover of Look Magazine. She had been selected...
27. Eleanor Perry Eleanor Perry Writer, David and Lisa
28. Bob Burns Bob Burns Actor, Sagebrush Trail
29. Bob Maroff Bob Maroff Actor, Taxi Driver
30. Tommy Vine Tommy Vine Actor, Territory
31. Nicole Stéphane Nicole Stéphane Actress, The Terrible Children
32. Larry Reynolds Larry Reynolds Actor, Blown Away
33. Frédéric Graziani Frédéric Graziani Actor, A Prophet
34. Edward Abbey Edward Abbey Writer, Lonely Are the Brave
35. Millard Kaufman Millard Kaufman Writer, Bad Day at Black Rock
36. Ken Utsui Ken Utsui Actor, Evil Brain from Outer Space
37. Brad Crandall Brad Crandall Actor, Beyond and Back
38. Frances Zucco Frances Zucco Actress, Mr. Ears
39. Terence Edmond Terence Edmond Actor, Eskimo Nell
40. Pierre Schoendoerffer Pierre Schoendoerffer Writer, Le Crabe-Tambour
41. Jack Evans Jack Evans Actor, Rawhide Romance
42. Doc Pomus Doc Pomus Soundtrack, Snatch.
43. Nathan Roth Nathan Roth Actor, Witches' Brew
44. Albert S. D'Agostino Albert S. D'Agostino Art Director, Notorious New York-born Albert D'Agostino journeyed to Hollywood in the 1920s to seek work as an art director, and freelanced for many different studios as a set decorator and art department technician before he found his niche at RKO, where he stayed for the rest of his career. He was one of those responsible for the glossy but gritty look of RKO's productions...
45. Subas Herrero Subas Herrero Actor, The Real Life of Pacita M.
46. Lee Steele Lee Steele Actor, Marathon Man Steele, primarily a character actor, often played parts leaning towards older New York Jewish stereotypes. He was effective visually, even if at times he could be mistaken for "Grandpa" Al Lewis.
47. Alan Dinehart Alan Dinehart Writer, Mickey's Christmas Carol
48. Bonnie Bonnell Bonnie Bonnell Actress, Hollywood on Parade No. B-9
49. Bill Ackridge Bill Ackridge Actor, A View to a Kill
50. Alain Bashung Alain Bashung Soundtrack, Same Old Song
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