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1. Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Smith Miscellaneous Crew, The Anna Nicole Show
2. George Dolenz George Dolenz Actor, The Count of Monte Cristo George Dolenz was born in Italy in 1908 to a large family. He left Italy in the 1920s to start a new life and it seemed that he didn't want to look back on his old one. He arrived in Los Angeles in the 1940s and it was there that he somehow met up with Howard Hughes. Hughes signed him up as a leading man at RKO Pictures--which he owned--but...
3. Miles Mander Miles Mander Actor, Wuthering Heights This versatile artist, who had spent his 20's in New Zealand farming sheep, became novelist, playwright and film exhibitor on his return to Britain in 1918. Eventually he would observe success with The First Born, which he directed and acted in and which was based on his own novel and play. He is better remembered...
4. Robert Ridgely Robert Ridgely Actor, Philadelphia Superbly talented vocal artist and character actor supreme Robert Ridgely was born on December 24, 1931 in New Jersey. Ridgely started out as a cabaret entertainer. He began his television acting career in the early 60s with guest appearances on such TV shows as Surfside 6, Sea Hunt, and Maverick...
5. Philip Bruns Philip Bruns Actor, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
6. Johnny Duncan Johnny Duncan Actor, Batman and Robin Johnny Duncan at the time of writing is in his mid-80's and in good health, living with his wife Susan, and enjoying life not far from where his life began. He started out on a small farm near Kansas City in 1923. As a child growing up during the Great Depression, Johnny danced up a storm in local towns...
7. Harriet E. MacGibbon Harriet E. MacGibbon Actress, The Beverly Hillbillies Harriet MacGibbon had a long and distinguished stage career in New York before entering the movies and television. She studied a variety of crafts including voice, piano and harp. Unlike her stage roles, her roles on the big and little screens were usually that of of snooty society ladies, her best-known role probably being Mrs...
8. Marvin Miller Marvin Miller Actor, The Millionaire Beginning in radio in St. Louis, Miller used his rich baritone voice to forge a successful career in that medium as well as in movies, on television, on stage, and as a recording artist. He is probably best remembered for his role as Michael Anthony, the man who passed out a weekly check, on the TV series The Millionaire...
9. Allan Cuthbertson Allan Cuthbertson Actor, The Guns of Navarone Cuthbertson arrived in Britain in 1947, and appeared shortly thereafter as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet at the Boltons. In London's West End, he appeared as Laertes in Hamlet, Aimwell in The Beaux Stratagem, and Octavius Robinson in Man & Superman, among many other roles.
10. David Froman David Froman Actor, Matlock
11. Robert F. Hoy Robert F. Hoy Actor, The High Chaparral Robert F. Hoy was equally at home as a stuntman and as an actor. He appeared as Joe Butler on the acclaimed TV Western, The High Chaparral. He stunt-doubled for Charles Bronson, Tony Curtis, Robert Forrester, Ross Martin, Tyrone Power, David Jansen, Telly Savalas, Charles McGraw, Jay Silverheels and Abby Lane...
12. Alan Sharp Alan Sharp Writer, Rob Roy
13. Meredith Edwards Meredith Edwards Actor, A Run for Your Money
14. Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts Actress, Sideshow Beautiful, red headed, intelligent and witty, Tracy Roberts (Born Blanche Elanore Goldstone in Little Falls, New York), studied at the University of Michigan and Cornell University, then moved to New York. Immediately, Tracy landed a highly sought after role on Broadway in Clifford Odets' "Paradise Lost" (with Stella Adler playing her mother)...
15. Laurie Main Laurie Main Actor, Time After Time
16. Cyril Luckham Cyril Luckham Actor, A Man for All Seasons
17. Douglas Heyes Douglas Heyes Writer, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
18. Eva Dahlbeck Eva Dahlbeck Actress, Smiles of a Summer Night
19. Josif Tatic Josif Tatic Actor, Underground
20. Cliff Clark Cliff Clark Actor, The Grapes of Wrath
21. Baruch Lumet Baruch Lumet Actor, The Pawnbroker Leading actor of the Yiddish theatre.
22. Chris Brinker Chris Brinker Producer, The Boondock Saints
23. Vera Lewis Vera Lewis Actress, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages Born NY city. Stage actress. Entered films 1914. Appeared in 25+ silents, 60+ talkies. Appears in Birth of a Nation and Intolerance multi-line-biography
24. Sidney Hayers Sidney Hayers Director, Burn, Witch, Burn Sidney Hayers entered films in the early 1940s, working in the sound department, as a focus puller and in the cutting room before he began his directing career with Rebound in 1958. The journeyman director's roster of credits also includes episodic TV on both sides of the Atlantic, a multitude...
25. Del Shannon Del Shannon Soundtrack, Good Will Hunting Born Charles Westover in Coopersville, Michigan, on December 30, 1934, rocker Del Shannon claimed legendary country-western singer Hank Williams as an early influence, but his first record was unadulterated rock: the classic "Runaway" in 1961, highlighted by Shannon's falsetto and keyboardist Max Crook's wailing Musitron (an invention of his)...
26. Bob Duggan Bob Duggan Actor, Cruising
27. Helen Wood Helen Wood Actress, Charlie Chan at the Race Track
28. Marcel Perez Marcel Perez Actor, The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola
29. Drue Leyton Drue Leyton Actress, Charlie Chan in London
30. Akira Ifukube Akira Ifukube Composer, Gojira Akira Ifukube was born on May 31, 1914 in Hokkaido, Japan. He was the third son of a chief constable (his grandfather was a priest of Shin-to) and spent a majority of his childhood in areas with a mixed Japanese and Ainu population. Therefore, Ifukube was strongly influenced by their musical traditions and styles...
31. Andy Swan Andy Swan Writer, Matthew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentary Andy Swan had a courageous battle with cancer. He was loved much by family, friends, and co-workers. Little is published about Andy Swans life, but on co-worker's twitter pages they sent their condolences. He was loved much by his family, and friends. Actor Joe Mantegna worked with him, as did actor Matthew Gray Gubler. Andy Swan directed Matthew Gray Gubler's unauthorized documentary.
32. Norah Baring Norah Baring Actress, Murder!
33. Buddy Quaid Buddy Quaid Actor, Local Hero The late William R. (Buddy) Quaid," Buddy", was an actor and an electrician. He is remembered as a voluble and gregarious man who loved to sing and perform for his family. He was a Merchant Marine during World War II. He happened to bear an uncanny resemblance to the 1940's actor Dana Andrews.
34. Gigi Parrish Gigi Parrish Actress, Girl O' My Dreams
35. Emmanuel Laurent Emmanuel Laurent Producer, Deux de la Vague
36. Ivo Caprino Ivo Caprino Director, Flåklypa Grand Prix
37. Friedrich Perkonig Friedrich Perkonig Writer, Heimatland
38. H. Laxminarayan H. Laxminarayan Cinematographer, Suryavanshi
39. René Navarre René Navarre Actor, Fantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine
40. Yuli Kun Yuli Kun Cinematographer, The Sword and the Dragon
41. Tom Greenway Tom Greenway Actor, Impact
42. Ken Delo Ken Delo Self, The Lawrence Welk Show
43. Ken G. Hall Ken G. Hall Director, The Farmer Goes to Town
44. Chavito Marrero Chavito Marrero Actor, Maldeamores
45. Julius Schwartz Julius Schwartz Writer, Batman: Arkham City Mr. Schwartz is a pioneer in both the science fiction and comic book fields. He is credited with publishing the very first SF fanzine, "The Time Machine", in 1930. In 1934, he started the Solar Sales Service, a literary agency that represented such classic SF writers as 'Alfred Bester', Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch...
46. Michael Gilbert Michael Gilbert Writer, The Men from Room 13
47. Tim Davis Tim Davis Makeup Department, New Jack City
48. Tom Nawn Tom Nawn Actor, The General
49. Tony Hughes Tony Hughes Actor, Under Suspicion
50. Vasili Dolenko Vasili Dolenko Editor, Jariskatsis mama
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