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1. Edward Herrmann Edward Herrmann Actor, The Wolf of Wall Street
2. James Avery James Avery Actor, The Prince of Egypt Although best known as the uncle/patriarch and judge "Philip Banks" on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, James Avery is a classically trained actor and scholar. A native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, he joined the US Navy after graduating high school and served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. Upon leaving the military...
3. Ricky Nelson Ricky Nelson Actor, Rio Bravo Ricky Nelson was born on May 8, 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA as Eric Hilliard Nelson. He was an actor, known for The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952) and Rio Bravo (1959). He was married to Kristin Harmon. He died on December 31, 1985 in De Kalb, Texas, USA.
4. Woody Strode Woody Strode Actor, Once Upon a Time in the West An athlete turned actor, Strode was a top-notch decathlete and a football star at UCLA. He became part of Hollywood lore after meeting director John Ford and becoming a part of the Ford "family," appearing in four Ford motion pictures. Strode also played the powerful gladiator who does battle with Kirk Douglas in Spartacus."
5. Eileen Heckart Eileen Heckart Actress, One Life to Live Versatile, award-winning character actress Eileen Heckart, with the lean, horsey face and assured, fervent gait, was born Anna Eileen Stark on March 29, 1919, in Columbus, Ohio. An only child, she lived with her mother after her parents separated at age 2. Her childhood was an acutely unhappy one. Her mother...
6. Pete Duel Pete Duel Actor, Alias Smith and Jones Born on 24 February 1940 in Rochester, New York, Pete Duel moved to West Hollywood in 1963 following a tour with the National Road Company's "Take Her, She's Mine". After landing small guest spots on various TV series, Pete was cast in a recurring role alongside Sally Field on Gidget in 1965...
7. Raoul Walsh Raoul Walsh Director, White Heat Raoul Walsh's 52-year directorial career made him a Hollywood legend. Walsh was also an actor: He appeared in the first version of W. Somerset Maugham's "Rain" renamed Sadie Thompson opposite Gloria Swanson in the title role. He would have played the Cisco Kid in his own film In Old Arizona if an errant jackrabbit hadn't cost him his right eye by leaping through the windshield of his automobile...
8. Lloyd Haynes Lloyd Haynes Actor, General Hospital
9. Paula Raymond Paula Raymond Actress, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms American leading woman of films and television in the 1950s, whose career was hampered by injuries. Raised in San Francisco, she studied music, dance, and opera as a child. She made her film debut as a child by chance in 1937 during a visit to Los Angeles. She remained to attend Hollywood High School and to appear in local theatre productions...
10. Wesley Addy Wesley Addy Actor, Network Character actor Wesley Addy began his prolific career as a prime player on the classical stage before coming to occasional films and TV in the early 1950s. Known for his intelligent, white-collar demeanor and lean, icy, cultivated menace, the silver-haired performer, who was actually born in Omaha, Nebraska, was often mistaken as British...
11. Brad Sullivan Brad Sullivan Actor, The Untouchables
12. Paul Hubschmid Paul Hubschmid Actor, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms The son of an accountant, Paul Hubschmid was born, raised and schooled in Schoenenwerd, Switzerland. He trained for an acting career at the Max Reinhardt Seminar of Dramatic Art in Vienna and first appeared on stage at the Vienna Volkstheater in 1937. His motion picture debut took place the following year...
13. Ralph Wright Ralph Wright Writer, Maleficent
14. Matt Riley Matt Riley Actor, Devil's Trap
15. Billy Booth Billy Booth Actor, Honey's Money
16. Donald E. Westlake Donald E. Westlake Writer, Payback
17. Erica Boyer Erica Boyer Actress, Every Woman Has a Fantasy Lovely and slender brunette stunner Erica Boyer was born Amanda Margaret Gannt on December 22, 1956 in Andalusia, Alabama. Her father Joseph Breckenridge Gannt was a former attorney for the state of Alabama. Erica was raised in a strict household and was raped in her early teens by a boy she trusted...
18. Per Oscarsson Per Oscarsson Actor, Hunger
19. Nora Marlowe Nora Marlowe Actress, The Thomas Crown Affair
20. Sandy McPeak Sandy McPeak Actor, Patton
21. Sam Spiegel Sam Spiegel Producer, Lawrence of Arabia
22. Billie Dove Billie Dove Actress, The Black Pirate In her silent heyday, this ravishing and highly photogenic star, known for her voluptuous femininity on the silent screen, rivaled that of Mary Pickford, Marion Davies and Clara Bow in popularity. She retired after only a few years into the talking picture era, however, and is not as well-remembered in today's film circles as the aforementioned...
23. Bob Johnson Bob Johnson Actor, Niagara Fools
24. Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente Self, 1970 MLB All-Star Game Known for his hitting prowess on offense and his strong, accurate throwing arm on defense, Roberto Clemente carved out a Hall of Fame career over his 18 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, compiling a .317 lifetime batting average and collecting an even 3,000 hits. He was the National League's Most...
25. Esther Sutherland Esther Sutherland Actress, The Goodbye Girl
26. Bill Idelson Bill Idelson Writer, The Crawling Hand
27. Carol Thurston Carol Thurston Actress, The Story of Dr. Wassell
28. John Fortune John Fortune Actor, Match Point
29. Donald Douglas Donald Douglas Actor, Gilda
30. David Swift David Swift Writer, The Parent Trap
31. Mikhail Vartanov Mikhail Vartanov Cinematographer, Parajanov: The Last Spring Vartanov was blacklisted for his debut film, The Color of Land (1969), which starred two of his dissident friends, the cineaste Paradjanov and the modernist Minas, who would be imprisoned and assassinated in 1974 and 1975, respectively. 40 years later, that film was shown publicly for the first time at Busan Film Festival...
32. Howard C. Hickman Howard C. Hickman Actor, Gone with the Wind
33. Marshall McLuhan Marshall McLuhan Actor, Annie Hall
34. Peter Donen Peter Donen Visual Effects, L.A. Confidential
35. Norman Macowan Norman Macowan Actor, The City of the Dead
36. Dorrie Kavanaugh Dorrie Kavanaugh Actress, One Life to Live
37. Salvatore Baccaloni Salvatore Baccaloni Actor, Fanny
38. A. Edward Sutherland A. Edward Sutherland Director, The Flying Deuces British-born A. Edward ("Eddie") Sutherland started in vaudeville and acted in films from 1914 at Keystone (he was one of the original Keystone Kops). He became a director in 1925, first with Paramount (1925-31), then at United Artists (1931-32), again with Paramount (1933, 1935-37), then Universal (1940-41) and RKO (1942)...
39. Michael LeMoyne Kennedy Michael LeMoyne Kennedy Self, Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment
40. Gertrude Michael Gertrude Michael Actress, Cleopatra Gertrude Michael was born in Talledega, Alabama on June 1, 1911. After graduating from high school, she appeared on radio, as a musician and "Home Arts" advisor. She attended the University of Alabama and Converse College, Cincinnati. It was in Cincinnati, in 1929, that she made her stage debut in a stock company headed by Stuart Walker...
41. José Greco José Greco Self, The José Greco Flamenco Specials: Part One
42. Markku Peltola Markku Peltola Actor, The Man Without a Past
43. Ken Olfson Ken Olfson Actor, Spaceballs
44. Johnny Arthur Johnny Arthur Actor, My Stars American actor who specialized in timid or whiny characters. He appeared on the stage in England and in the USA, and performed in musical comedy. He began his film work in silents and often worked in the films of Hal Roach.
45. Woodrow W. Asai Woodrow W. Asai Actor, Zoolander
46. Michael Carr Michael Carr Actor, Legion of the Dead
47. Desmond Tester Desmond Tester Actor, Sabotage
48. Leo Fuchs Leo Fuchs Actor, Avalon Fuchs, the son of Yiddish actress Mame Springer, Fuchs started his career as a stage actor, often writing his own music and lyrics. Generally a comedian, Fuchs was charming and debonair in his characterizations.
49. Ned York Ned York Actor, Super Christian 2 Ned York studied acting, singing, theatre arts and film at LACC and CSU. He served a full Equity apprenticeship at the Valley Music Theater in Woodland Hills, California. He also studied at numerous workshops including those run by Lee Strasberg, Curt Conway and David Craig. He toured for one year with The Christian Drama League Of America...
50. Marin Sais Marin Sais Actress, The Pony Express Girl Marin Sais was descended from one of the earliest Spanish families of California (Marin County was named after one of her ancestors). She was possessed of a fine singing voice. and after graduation from school journeyed to New York to pursue an operatic career. However, not long after her arrival she apparently changed her mind about her career path...
1-50 of 347 names.