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1. Earl Hindman Earl Hindman Actor, Home Improvement
2. Andrei Tarkovsky Andrei Tarkovsky Writer, Solaris The most famous Soviet film-maker since Sergei M. Eisenstein, Andrei Tarkovsky (the son of noted poet Arseniy Tarkovsky) studied music and Arabic in Moscow before enrolling in the Soviet film school V.G.I.K. He shot to international attention with his first feature, Ivan's Childhood, which won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival...
3. Frank Thring Frank Thring Actor, Ben-Hur
4. Bill Erwin Bill Erwin Actor, The Land Before Time
5. Don Taylor Don Taylor Director, Damien: Omen II Born in Freeport, Pennsylvania, Don Taylor studied law, then speech and drama at Penn State University, where as a freshman he began taking part in college stage productions. Hitchhiking to Hollywood in 1942, the youthful Taylor screen-tested at Warner Brothers but was rejected because of his draft status...
6. Julie Allred Julie Allred Actress, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Born in Philadelphia to a Jewish family, she landed her one and only film role in the 1962 thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? after winning a contest. After appearing as the young Jane Hudson she never returned to the screen or any other form of acting thereafter due to the religious beliefs of her family. She...
7. William Boyett William Boyett Actor, Adam-12
8. Roy Engel Roy Engel Actor, Kingdom of the Spiders
9. Lita Grey Lita Grey Actress, Seasoned Greetings Lita Grey began working for Charles Chaplin at his Hollywood studio when she was 12, doing bit parts in a couple of movies of his. Three years later, at 15, she met Chaplin again, became pregnant by him and they were married in 1924, when she was 16 and he was 35. They had two sons before their three-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce...
10. Indus Arthur Indus Arthur Actress, General Hospital
11. Ralph Clanton Ralph Clanton Actor, Another World
12. Peter Savage Peter Savage Actor, Raging Bull
13. Bob Monkhouse Bob Monkhouse Writer, The Golden Shot One of British TV's most popular performers with a career that spanned over four decades, funny-man Bob Monkhouse started off as a radio broadcaster (1947) and stand-up comic. He earned success early on as a gag writer, partnering with Denis Goodwin. In 1953, the duo won their own TV show called Fast and Loose...
14. M.G. Ramachandran M.G. Ramachandran Actor, Kavalkaran M.G. Ramachandran (1917-1987), popularly known as MGR, dominated like no other, the films and politics of India's Tamil Nadu state. A charismatic actor and philanthropist, he commanded the idolatrous adulation of millions of Tamilians and became Tamil Nadu's chief minister. His achievements in 3 fields...
15. Stuart Holmes Stuart Holmes Actor, The Man Who Laughs Stuart Holmes, born Joseph Liebchen, was a silent screen leading man (from 1909) who starred in Fox's first feature film, Life's Shop Window, filmed on Staten Island for $4,500. Being of somewhat menacing demeanour, the cold-eyed, moustachioed Holmes quickly discovered his penchant for playing dastardly villains of French...
16. Angel Rain Angel Rain Self, E.A. 2
17. Wojciech Kilar Wojciech Kilar Composer, The Pianist
18. Dinsdale Landen Dinsdale Landen Actor, The Spies Dinsdale Landen was educated at King's School, Rochester and spent a time at the Florence Moore Drama School. This was followed by National Service with the RAF, during which time, he joined a drama group. Upon demobilisation, he joined Worthing rep. He has enjoyed an extensive career in the cinema...
19. Marion Keisker Marion Keisker Actress, Elvis: His Life and Times
20. Ivory Ocean Ivory Ocean Actor, General Hospital
21. Tom Pedi Tom Pedi Actor, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
22. Liddy Holloway Liddy Holloway Actress, Without a Paddle
23. Jinpachi Nezu Jinpachi Nezu Actor, Ran
24. Hugh Sinclair Hugh Sinclair Actor, The Saint Meets the Tiger
25. Sharon Turgoose Sharon Turgoose
26. Robert Patten Robert Patten Actor, Twelve O'Clock High
27. Leslie Dwyer Leslie Dwyer Actor, Hi-de-Hi!
28. Edward Peil Sr. Edward Peil Sr. Actor, Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl
29. I.M. Hobson I.M. Hobson Actor, Dracula
30. Phyllis Kennedy Phyllis Kennedy Actress, Stage Door Quick with a wisecrack or comically bemused look, character actress Phyllis Kennedy's slightly equine features greatly enhanced the drab, chatty Plain Jane types she played usually in humorous servitude to the leading lady. Born in Detroit, Michigan on June 16, 1914, she attended high school there and...
31. Katherine De Hetre Katherine De Hetre Actress, Being There
32. Thomas Barbour Thomas Barbour Actor, Arthur
33. Marie Kean Marie Kean Actress, Barry Lyndon Educated at Loreto College, North Great George's Street, Dublin. Joined Gaiety School of Acting in 1947, began acting professionally with the Radio Éireann Players in 1948, later joining the Abbey Theatre company. She soon became recognised as a character actress of exceptional force and talent. Received Jacob's Television Award in 1964 for her performance as Winnie in Beckett's Happy Days...
34. Robert Ellis Robert Ellis Writer, Charlie Chan's Secret
35. Catherine Bégin Catherine Bégin Actress, Martyrs
36. Paul Whiteman Paul Whiteman Soundtrack, The Color Purple Paul Whiteman began his musical career as a viola player for the San Francisco Symphony. He enlisted in the Navy during World War I, and his musical abilities resulted in the Navy putting him in charge of his own band. After the war he moved to New York in 1920, where he recorded his first hit, Whispering/The Japanese Sandman...
37. Paulo Rocha Paulo Rocha Director, A Ilha dos Amores
38. James B. Douglas James B. Douglas Actor, Men with Brooms
39. Vivienne Segal Vivienne Segal Actress, Viennese Nights The reigning musical diva of her time, opulent Broadway star/comedienne Vivienne Segal received surprisingly short shrift when it came to Hollywood offers (she made only five musical films during the 1930s) and is now probably less regarded today due to the snub. Prodded by a typical stage mother who took quick notice of her daughter's budding soprano voice...
40. Aileen Taylor Aileen Taylor Actress, Glory Enough for All
41. Salami Coker Salami Coker Actor, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
42. Hubert Deschamps Hubert Deschamps Actor, The Fire Within
43. Billie Allen Billie Allen Actress, The Edge of Night Billie Allen attended Hampton Institute, now Hampton University then came to New York to study dance and acting. "On the Town" was her first Broadway musical with many others to follow. She studied acting and directing with Lee Strasburg, Lloyd Richards and Howard Clerman. Some of her Broadway credits include: Raisin in the Sun...
44. Grete Mosheim Grete Mosheim Actress, Car of Dreams
45. Orville O. Dull Orville O. Dull Director, The Broncho Twister
46. Willy Birgel Willy Birgel Actor, Final Accord
47. Joseph Cornell Joseph Cornell Director, The Wonder Ring
48. Marie Menken Marie Menken Director, Go! Go! Go!
49. Jean Topart Jean Topart Actor, Fantastic Planet
50. Enrique Cuenca Enrique Cuenca Actor, ¡Ahí madre!
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