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1. Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones Actress, The Song of Bernadette One of the world's most underrated Academy Award-winning actresses, Jennifer Jones was born Phylis Lee Isley on 2 March 1919 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Flora Mae (Suber) and Phillip Ross Isley, who ran a travelling stage show. As a young aspiring actress, she met and fell for young aspiring actor Robert Walker and they soon married...
2. Dana Andrews Dana Andrews Actor, The Best Years of Our Lives American leading man of the 1940s and 1950s, Dana Andrews, was born Carver Dana Andrews on a farm by Collins, Covington County, Mississippi. He was the son of Annis (Speed) and Charles Forrest Andrews, a Baptist minister. He was one of thirteen children, including actor Steve Forrest. Andrews studied business administration at Sam Houston State Teachers College in Texas...
3. Thomas Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Actor, Gone with the Wind Certainly there have been many phrases coined about Thomas Mitchell as one of the most recognizable and exemplary character actors of Hollywood's golden years, but behind that elfish demeanor was a talent to fit many hats. He was a first-generation American of Irish immigrants who settled in New Jersey...
4. Janet Margolin Janet Margolin Actress, Annie Hall Pretty, demure-looking Janet Margolin was born in New York City in 1943 and educated at the New York High School of Performing Arts. The long-haired brunette was discovered for films by director Frank Perry as she was making great strides as a teen on Broadway. He saw her in the play "Daughter of Silence," for which she earned a Tony nomination...
5. Dan O'Bannon Dan O'Bannon Writer, Alien Dan O'Bannon was inspired at an early age by EC Comics like Tales from the Crypt and old horror films that he saw in St. Louis. He even wrote a few stories for Heavy Metal magazine (which also showed up in the film). O'Bannon got his start when he and John Carpenter collaborated on the cult sci-fi film Dark Star...
6. Alaina Reed-Hall Alaina Reed-Hall Actress, 227
7. James Hazeldine James Hazeldine Actor, London's Burning British actor James Hazeldine was a well-known face both on British Television and on Stage. Best known for his role as Mike "Bayleaf" Wilson in the ITV drama, London's Burning, many real-life firefighters thought Bayleaf was the character who closely and accurately portrayed your average real-life firefighter...
8. Frank Sully Frank Sully Actor, The Grapes of Wrath
9. Rex Allen Rex Allen Actor, Frontier Doctor Rex Allen started out as a singer in vaudeville, and sang on numerous radio shows before hooking up with a traveling rodeo show. He signed with Republic Pictures and became a popular singing cowboy, and was often paired with sidekick Slim Pickens. He starred in his own western TV series, Frontier Doctor and in the 1960s was the narrator on many nature documentaries for Walt Disney.
10. Gérard Blain Gérard Blain Actor, The American Friend
11. Grizelda Harvey Grizelda Harvey Actress, The Informer
12. Mary Ann Jackson Mary Ann Jackson Actress, Pups Is Pups Mary Ann Jackson was born on January 14, 1923. She was one of the earliest child stars of the twenties and thirties. Although she was better known as one of the child performers from the famed "Our Gang" comedies that are still popular today, Mary Ann began her film career at the age of four in 1927's "Smith's Pony." Although she didn't make any full length motion pictures during 1928...
13. Paul Greco Paul Greco Actor, The Last Temptation of Christ
14. Lexie Bigham Lexie Bigham Actor, Se7en
15. Roger Torrey Roger Torrey Actor, Iron Horse
16. Ed Devereaux Ed Devereaux Actor, Skippy Ed Devereaux was born in August 1925 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia as Edward Sidney Devereaux. He was an actor and writer, known for Skippy (1967), True Believers (1988) and The Wrong Arm of the Law (1963). He was married to Irene Champion and Julie Devereaux (nee ?). He died on December 17, 2003 in Hampstead, London, England.
17. Gordon Hunt Gordon Hunt Sound Department, The Smurfs
18. Jack Perrin Jack Perrin Actor, Jaws of Justice Jack Perrin was born in Three Rivers, MI, on July 25, 1896. His father, a real estate investor, had an eye on the burgeoning prospects in Los Angeles and moved his family there when Perrin was about four. Jack literally grew up witnessing the birth of the film industry, which exploded there in 1913...
19. Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-il Writer, The Juche Idea
20. Linda Wong Linda Wong Actress, Easy Alice San Francisco-born Linda Wong was the first Asian to become a star in the adult film industry. She broke into porn in the mid-'70s--one of her pre-porn jobs was as a staffer in the office of famed San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli--and her sultry, exotic and striking looks and full-throttle performances captivated audiences virtually from the beginning...
21. Jerry Hopper Jerry Hopper Director, Wagon Train
22. Colin Clark Colin Clark Director, Romantic Versus Classical Art
23. Alan Tilvern Alan Tilvern Actor, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
24. Kevin Brennan Kevin Brennan Actor, Get Carter
25. Nikos Papatakis Nikos Papatakis Writer, Thanos and Despina
26. Jacques Penot Jacques Penot Actor, Au nom de tous les miens Jacques Penot was born in Strasbourg, Haut-Rhin, France. He is 20 when Robert Hossein discovers it. Jacques Penot was then a photographer for the magazine "Voile et voiliers". Robert Hossein decided to make him his hero at the theater in "Les Hauts de Hurlevent". Very quickly the press and the world of spectacle are racing...
27. Kyôko Kishida Kyôko Kishida Actress, Woman in the Dunes
28. Lina Romay Lina Romay Actress, The Big Wheel Vivacious brunette singer and actress, Lina Romay, was born in New York in January 1919, the daughter of Mexican L.A. consulate attaché Porfirio A. Romay. In her teens, she was adept at swimming and diving. Moreover, she had an excellent voice and could sing equally well in English and in Spanish. Her showbusiness career took off...
29. Emma Style Emma Style Casting Director, Exam
30. Don Draper Don Draper Actor, Caddyshack II
31. Don Ellis Don Ellis Music Department, The French Connection
32. Eddie Acuff Eddie Acuff Actor, The Petrified Forest Eddie Acuff is one of those wonderful supporting actors who peopled the fascinating world of Hollywood's A, B or Z movies. In a career spanning eighteen years he appeared in an amazing almost 300 movies and one TV episode! His appearances could be invisible (when deleted), hardly visible (he portrayed an endless series of cabbies...
33. Frédéric de Pasquale Frédéric de Pasquale Actor, The French Connection
34. Hal Pereira Hal Pereira Art Director, Bonanza After graduating from the University of Illinois, Hal Pereira served his apprenticeship as a theatrical designer in his home town Chicago, between 1933 and 1940. In 1942, he moved to Hollywood and signed with Paramount as a unit art director under the tutelage of department head Hans Dreier. He took over Dreier's job of supervising art director upon the latter's retirement in 1950...
35. Luciano Salce Luciano Salce Director, Fantozzi
36. Grover Washington Jr. Grover Washington Jr. Soundtrack, Four Brothers One of my favorite jazz musicians, Grover Washington Jr. was one of the first to embrace the jazz-funk style. Born in Buffalo, New York, he was given his first saxophone lesson by his father. In the early 1960s he moved to Philadelphia. His most successful album was "Winelight". Released in June 1980...
37. Helen Wallace Helen Wallace Actress, Never Say Goodbye
38. Kwok Hung Chan Kwok Hung Chan Camera and Electrical Department, Rumble in the Bronx
39. Don Van Vliet Don Van Vliet Soundtrack, The Big Lebowski
40. James Landis James Landis Writer, The Sadist
41. William Kendis William Kendis Actor, The Twilight Zone
42. Han Hsiang Li Han Hsiang Li Director, Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai
43. Albert Cavens Albert Cavens Actor, Cyrano de Bergerac
44. Frederick Knott Frederick Knott Writer, Dial M for Murder
45. Trevor Duncan Trevor Duncan Soundtrack, Ed Wood
46. Alexander Gustavo Alexander Gustavo Actor, #Workout
47. Timmie Rogers Timmie Rogers Self, Sugar Hill Times
48. Irving Allen Irving Allen Producer, Cromwell Irving Allen started his film career in 1929 as an editor. He turned to directing in the 1940s, and two shorts he directed, Forty Boys and a Song and Climbing the Matterhorn, won Academy Awards. His feature film output, however, was not particularly successful, and in the 1950s he and producer Albert R. Broccoli formed Warwick Films in Great Britain to produce films there.
49. Daniel Inouye Daniel Inouye Self, Rayburn: Mr. Speaker
50. Carolyn Moody Carolyn Moody Actress, Emmerdale
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