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1. Don Ameche Don Ameche Actor, Cocoon Don Ameche was a versatile and popular American film actor in the 1930s and '40s, usually as the dapper, mustached leading man. He was also popular as a radio master of ceremonies during this time. As his film popularity waned in the 1950s, he continued working in theater and some TV. His film career...
2. Frances Bavier Frances Bavier Actress, The Andy Griffith Show Frances Bavier was born in New York City on December 14, 1902. Her first Broadway appearance was in April 1925 in "The Poor Nut", the start of a successful Broadway career. She traveled with the USO to entertain the U.S. troops in the Pacific during World War II. Her last appearance on Broadway was in the 1951 play, "Point of No Return" starring Henry Fonda. It ran for 356 performances...
3. Werner Klemperer Werner Klemperer Actor, Hogan's Heroes Werner Klemperer, everyone's favorite TV German Air Force colonel, was best known for his role as the bumbling Col. Wilhelm Klink on the comedy series Hogan's Heroes. Although he'll forever be known as the blustering but inept German commandant of Stalag 13, Klemperer was in fact a talented dramatic actor...
4. John Payne John Payne Actor, The Restless Gun Perhaps not so surprisingly, John Payne maintained that his favorite movie of all time was one of his own -- Miracle on 34th Street -- simply because it reflected his own strong and spiritual belief system. Today, of course, the film, which co-stars beautiful Maureen O'Hara, Oscar-winning Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle and little non-believing scene-stealer Natalie Wood...
5. Gian Maria Volontè Gian Maria Volontè Actor, For a Few Dollars More Born in Milan in 1933, he studies in Rome at the "National Dramatic Arts Academy" were reaches the degree in 1957. He starts working in teather and television, where he is soon noticed as one of the most promising actors of his generation. After a few short appearance in movies, he reaches notoriety with the character of Ramón Rojo in Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars...
6. Hank Worden Hank Worden Actor, The Searchers Raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. Educated at Stanford and the University of Nevada as an engineer. Washed out as an Army pilot. Toured the country in rodeos as a saddle bronc rider. Broke his neck in a horsefall in his 20s, but didn't know it until his 40s. Chosen along with Tex Ritter from a rodeo at Madison Square Garden in New York to appear in the Broadway play "Green Grow the Lilacs"...
7. Janet Munro Janet Munro Actress, The Day the Earth Caught Fire As Disney's lively lass Katie O'Gill she was the freshness of spring. She could inspire you to dance a jig through a field of flowers. Her entrancing green eyes and catchy spirit had that kind of life-affirming effect. Cute, spunky, almond-eyed British actress Janet Munro was deemed to be an actress...
8. Nicholas Smith Nicholas Smith Actor, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
9. Percy Herbert Percy Herbert Actor, The Bridge on the River Kwai The massive brooding face and nose of British actor Percy Herbert is familiar to movie goers and TV audiences alike. A seemingly unlikely stage discovery by no one less than the great Dame Sybil Thorndike of British theater, Herbert moved into movie roles by the early 1950s. Initially fitting in as a featured cockney character...
10. Will Louis Will Louis Director, One Too Many
11. Roy Orbison Roy Orbison Soundtrack, The Hateful Eight
12. J. Edward Bromberg J. Edward Bromberg Actor, The Mark of Zorro J. Edward Bromberg was a founding member of the legendary Group Theatre. His appearance being rather short and stocky, Bromberg from the start was known as a character actor who was very respected by his peers. He was primarily a stage actor but in the mid-thirties made his way into film where he further enhanced his reputation as a diverse character actor...
13. Patricia Mattick Patricia Mattick Actress, The Beguiled
14. Michael Zaslow Michael Zaslow Actor, One Life to Live
15. Toni Wayne Toni Wayne Thanks, The Making of 'The Quiet Man'
16. Timothy Patrick Murphy Timothy Patrick Murphy Actor, Search for Tomorrow
17. Holly Woodlawn Holly Woodlawn Actress, Trash
18. Mavis Pugh Mavis Pugh Actress, You Rang, M'Lord?
19. Kate Williamson Kate Williamson Actress, Disclosure
20. Rozelle Gayle Rozelle Gayle Actor, Honkytonk Man
21. Chun Hsiung Ko Chun Hsiung Ko Actor, Qi ji
22. Franco Pesce Franco Pesce Actor, The Little World of Don Camillo
23. James Dobson James Dobson Actor, Flying Leathernecks
24. Louis Waldon Louis Waldon Actor, Lenz
25. Sammy Fain Sammy Fain Soundtrack, Forrest Gump
26. Matt Sterling Matt Sterling Director, Inch by Inch
27. Rosemary Cooper Rosemary Cooper Actress, The Return of Boston Blackie
28. Marque Lynch Marque Lynch Self, The All New Mickey Mouse Club
29. Mann Curtis Mann Curtis Soundtrack, Click Songwriter ("I'm Gonna Live Till I Die", "Let It Be Me", "In a Sentimental Mood", "My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time", "The Jones Boy"), and author. He joined ASCAP in 1936, and his chief musical collaborators included Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart, Vic Mizzy, and Walter Kent. His other popular-song compositions include "Romance Runs in the Family"...
30. Gerard Cowhig Gerard Cowhig Actor, Easy Living
31. Rita Macedo Rita Macedo Actress, The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz Rita Macedo was the daughter of novelist Julia Guzmán. She began acting in the 1940s. Macedo was first married to writer 'Carlos Fuentes'; then to producer Luis de Llano and their children are actress/singer/producer Julissa, and TV producer Luis de Llano Macedo. She won the Best Actress Ariel for "Nosotros," an episode of the multi-part film _Tú...
32. Veerendra Veerendra Actor, Balbiro Bhabhi
33. Rajni Bala Rajni Bala Actress, Chaahat
34. Sebastián Yradier Sebastián Yradier Soundtrack, Das Boot
35. Dobie Gray Dobie Gray Soundtrack, Casino Dobie Gray was born on July 26, 1940, to a family of sharecroppers in Simonton, Texas (some sources cite Brookshire, Texas, as Gray's place of birth, but he claimed on his official website that he hails from Simonton. Moreover, his birth name has been variously cited as either Lawrence Victor Ainsworth or Laurence Darrow Brown)...
36. Giancarlo Badessi Giancarlo Badessi Actor, Caligula
37. Billy Franey Billy Franey Actor, The Star Packer William 'Billy' Franey was a leading comic character actor of dishevelled appearance and fuzzy moustache, usually in a suit a couple of sizes too big. His screen career began around 1913, with leads in the 'Joker' comedy series released by Universal. He was co-starred with Louise Fazenda (until her departure for Keystone in 1915) and...
38. Bina Rai Bina Rai Actress, Taj Mahal
39. Leadbelly Leadbelly Soundtrack, The Aviator
40. Anthony Trollope Anthony Trollope Writer, The Pallisers
41. Barbara Orbison Barbara Orbison Producer, Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night
42. Aleksandar Gavric Aleksandar Gavric Actor, Mars na Drinu
43. Günter Haase Günter Haase Cinematographer, Polizeirevier Davidswache
44. James Kilgannon James Kilgannon Actor, I Take This Woman
45. César Baldaccini César Baldaccini Actor, Mon beau-frère a tué ma soeur
46. Andy Dill Andy Dill Actor, Mens Room: Bakersfield Station
47. Alun Owen Alun Owen Writer, A Hard Day's Night
48. Makoto Satô Makoto Satô Actor, The Hidden Fortress This sly-faced actor joined Toho in 1956, and was shortly playing villains of one type or another, most famously in the nearly dialogue-free role of the elusive gangster in Ishiro Honda's Bijo to Ekitai Ningen (aka The H-Man, 1958). The following year, Toho promoted him to stardom in Kihachi Okamoto's surprise smash hit...
49. Richard Markowitz Richard Markowitz Composer, Murder, She Wrote
50. Dan Fosse Dan Fosse Actor, Olsenbanden for full musikk Celebrated Norwegian comedian with a special talent for dialects. On stage from 1938, when he became an actor at the Komedia Theater in his hometown Bergen. Later he was engaged at Chat Noir in Oslo,and made many touring around Norway with different company's, including Book-Jenssen, and later with The Norwegian Travelling Theater...
1-50 of 378 names.