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1. Bill Elliott Bill Elliott Actor, The Showdown Born Gordon Nance in 1904 on a farm in Pattonsburg, Missouri -- a small town about 60 miles northeast of Kansas City -- the future "Wild Bill Elliott" grew up around horses. His father was a commissioner at the Kansas City Stockyards. and at age 16 Elliott won a first-place ribbon in that city's annual "American Royal Horse and Livestock Show." After a move to California...
2. Tony Musante Tony Musante Actor, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Handsome, rugged, and talented Italian-American actor Tony Musante was born on June 30, 1936 in Bridgeport, Connecticut to an accountant father and a school teacher mother. He attended both Northwestern University and Oberlin College. Tony worked as a school teacher prior to beginning his acting career in Off-Broadway theater in 1960...
3. Rachel Roberts Rachel Roberts Actress, Picnic at Hanging Rock Beautiful, swift and tough-tongued British character actress Rachel Roberts gained notice for her roles on the English stage, before she hit it largely in films. Born in Wales and married to actor Rex Harrison in 1962, Roberts made her film debut in a key role in J. Lee Thompson's Young and Willing a drama film about the life of women in prison...
4. De'Angelo Wilson De'Angelo Wilson Actor, 8 Mile
5. Morton Lowry Morton Lowry Actor, How Green Was My Valley Born as Edward Morton Lowater in Lancashire England to parents Edward Morton Lowater (1888-1956) and Bithiah Holmes (1884-1968), he had one sister Kathleen. Morton Lowry began a career to pursue acting on the London Stage. He started his stage career using the name Edward Lowater and appeared in many Stage 'revues'...
6. Bengt Ekerot Bengt Ekerot Actor, The Seventh Seal
7. Jane Kean Jane Kean Actress, General Hospital Lovely, vivacious, honey-blonde entertainer Jane Kean enjoyed a lengthy career spanning over six decades encompassing vaudeville, radio, Broadway, nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms, TV variety and the occasional film. Born April 10, 1923, in Hartford, Connecticut, Jane's parents split up while she was fairly young and her mother...
8. Dan Tobin Dan Tobin Actor, Woman of the Year Dan Tobin's career in Hollywood as a small part supporting player spanned three decades, beginning in 1939. Adding to his slightly shifty appearance -- squinty eyes, high cheekbones and generally sporting a thin moustache -- was a fussy, bumptious manner, which made him ideal typecasting as supercilious...
9. Robert Coote Robert Coote Actor, Stairway to Heaven Robert Coote (1909-1982) was an English actor who had a thriving career for 50 years. He is best remembered for originating the role of Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady, Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe's musical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, for which he was nominated for a Tony Award as Best Featured Actor in a Musical in 1957...
10. Billy Bevan Billy Bevan Actor, Terror by Night Billy Bevan's show-business career began in his native Australia, with the Pollard theatrical organization. The company had two theater troupes, one which toured Asia and the other traveling to North America. Bevan wound up in the latter, performing in skits and plays all over Canada and Alaska then down into the continental US...
11. Philippe de Broca Philippe de Broca Director, On Guard
12. Tommy Dorsey Tommy Dorsey Soundtrack, Annie Hall A trombonist and bandleader, he appeared with his own orchestra in a few films of the 40's but is best remembered for his band's recordings - like "Marie" (sung by Jack Leonard) and "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
13. Ernie Adams Ernie Adams Actor, The Pride of the Yankees
14. Dehl Berti Dehl Berti Actor, Wolfen
15. John Sharp John Sharp Actor, Barry Lyndon
16. Martin Richards Martin Richards Producer, The Shining
17. Marcel L'Herbier Marcel L'Herbier Director, Sacrifice d'honneur
18. Renee Harmon Renee Harmon Actress, Night of Terror Buxom and attractive brunette Renee Harmon was born Renate Elisabeth Harmon on May 18, 1927. Renee married an American G.I. in Germany, where she had a background in ballet. Since her husband was a colonel in a surface-to-air missile program, she moved with him to West Texas and started a theatrical group amongst the officers' wives...
19. Edwin B. Willis Edwin B. Willis Set Decorator, The Wizard of Oz
20. Berniece Janssen Berniece Janssen Actress, The Fugitive
21. Michael Bentine Michael Bentine Actor, Potty Time
22. Davina Hardman Davina Hardman Actress, Fossil Fuckers
23. Grande Otelo Grande Otelo Actor, Fitzcarraldo Sebastião Bernardes de Souza Prata was born in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais state, but became a famous actor in Rio de Janeiro. At the National Opera, where he studied, got the nickname "The Little Otelo". Then, he decided to be called "Great Otelo" or in Portuguese, "Grande Otelo". He acted in theaters...
24. Ford Beebe Ford Beebe Writer, African Treasure
25. Zolya Talma Zolya Talma Actress, Guiding Light
26. Shôgo Shimada Shôgo Shimada Actor, Tora! Tora! Tora!
27. Iris Whitney Iris Whitney Actress, Hercules in New York
28. Cal Kuniholm Cal Kuniholm Actor, Dark Star
29. Antonio Raxel Antonio Raxel Actor, El gato con botas
30. Stan Stennett Stan Stennett Actor, Undertaking Betty
31. Marit Allen Marit Allen Costume Designer, Brokeback Mountain
32. Adrienne Dore Adrienne Dore Actress, Delicious and Refreshing
33. Flora Disney Flora Disney Uncategorised
34. Joby Blanshard Joby Blanshard Actor, Doomwatch
35. Relangi Venkatramaiah Relangi Venkatramaiah Actor, Mamaku Tagga Alludu
36. Aleksandr Antonov Aleksandr Antonov Actor, Battleship Potemkin
37. Steven Pollack Steven Pollack Miscellaneous Crew, An Officer and a Gentleman
38. Tewfik El Dekn Tewfik El Dekn Actor, The Tough
39. Johann Petursson Johann Petursson Actor, Prehistoric Women
40. Christian Fechner Christian Fechner Producer, Girl on the Bridge Christian Fechner was born on July 26, 1944 in Agen, South of France. After starting off as an illusionist, he then becomes a music producer with French singer Antoine. He transforms Antoine's musicians, Les Problèmes, into a band he will name "Les Charlots." Producer Christian Fechner managed to bring Louis de Funès back for a movie under unusual conditions...
41. John Rostill John Rostill Soundtrack, Primary Colors
42. Bodil Ipsen Bodil Ipsen Director, Cafe Paradise
43. Gordon Reid Gordon Reid Actor, The Others
44. Celso Ad. Castillo Celso Ad. Castillo Director, Burlesk Queen
45. Sergei Gerasimov Sergei Gerasimov Director, And Quiet Flows the Don Sergei Gerasimov was born in the village of Kundravy in Urals area of the Russian Empire, in 1906. He studied at the Leningrad College of Arts and graduated from the Actors Department of the Leningrad Institute for Stage Arts in 1928. He started his film career in 1924 as an actor, continued as an assistant director and joined the "FEKS" film group...
46. Joakim Marusic Joakim Marusic Director, Paviljon broj VI
47. Marcel Delgado Marcel Delgado Visual Effects, The Lost World Marcel Delgado was born in 1902 in Mexico. After moving to California he took an interest in Art and ultimately met his future friend and mentor Willis O' Brien. His first work was on 'The Lost World', vastly improving the techniques formerly used to make models appear as life-like creatures. Football bladders were used to mimic breathing and chocolate served as blood...
48. Mel Tolkin Mel Tolkin Writer, The Last of the Secret Agents?
49. Mary Hemingway Mary Hemingway Actress, The Old Man and the Sea
50. R.E. 'Tex' Madsen R.E. 'Tex' Madsen Actor, The Sideshow
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