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1. Jack Albertson Jack Albertson Actor, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory A former song-and-dance man and veteran of vaudeville, burlesque and Broadway, Jack Albertson is best known to audiences as "The Man" in the TV series Chico and the Man, for which he won an Emmy. In 1968 Albertson, the brother of actress Mabel Albertson, won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Subject Was Roses, a part which also won him the Tony award during its Broadway run.
2. Laurence Harvey Laurence Harvey Actor, The Manchurian Candidate Laurence Harvey was a British movie star who helped usher in the 1960s with his indelible portrait of a ruthless social climber, and became one of the decade's cultural icons for his appearances in socially themed motion pictures. Harvey was born Zvi Mosheh Skikne on October 1, 1928 in Joniskis, Lithuania...
3. Dinah Sheridan Dinah Sheridan Actress, Genevieve Dinah Sheridan was considered the quintessential English rose. With an alertness, elegance and quiet beauty second to none, she won the hearts of war-torn England during WWII. Born Dinah Nadyejda Mec in Hampstead in 1920, her Russian father and German mother were photographers to the Royal Family, by appointment to both the Queen and Queen Mother...
4. Eleanor Audley Eleanor Audley Actress, Cinderella
5. Charles Hallahan Charles Hallahan Actor, The Thing Beefy, Philadelphia-born Charles Hallahan was often cast as cops, both good and bad, mainly because the map of Ireland was written all over his face. A graduate of Rutgers University, he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University in his hometown. After spending some time in regional theater...
6. Flip Wilson Flip Wilson Writer, Flip
7. William 'Billy' Benedict William 'Billy' Benedict Actor, The Sting William Benedict was active in the drama department of his Tulsa, Oklahoma, high school and, at the height of the Depression (1934), decided to relocate to California. At first, he wanted to be a dancer, but when he discovered that dancers were a dime-a-dozen in Hollywood, he concentrated on acting...
8. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis Producer, Texas Judy Lewis was born and raised in Los Angeles, the love child of actors Loretta Young and Clark Gable. At the time of her birth, Gable was married, Young was unmarried. Young covered up the fact of her pregnancy, later announcing she had adopted the girl. Judy graduated from Marymount High School in 1953...
9. Joseph Sweeney Joseph Sweeney Actor, 12 Angry Men
10. Gérard Philipe Gérard Philipe Actor, Fan-Fan the Tulip In 1940 Gerard left school and his parents wanted him be a lawyer. But soon his mother noticed that he was only interested in acting, although his father was against the idea. After timely intervention from Mark Allégret, who decided he showed some promise, Gerard's debut was in Claude Dauphin's play "One plain girl"...
11. Neil Hope Neil Hope Actor, Degrassi High
12. Claudia McNeil Claudia McNeil Actress, A Raisin in the Sun
13. Joshua 'Li'iBoy' Shintani Joshua 'Li'iBoy' Shintani Actor, Shallow Hal
14. Bill Robinson Bill Robinson Actor, Stormy Weather According to one jazz dance source, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was the chief instigator for getting tap dance "up on its toes." Early forms of tap, including the familiar "buck and wing", contained a flat-footed style, while Robinson performed on the balls of his feet with a shuffle-tap style that allowed him more improvisation. It obviously got him noticed and it certainly made him a legend...
15. Moyna MacGill Moyna MacGill Actress, The Picture of Dorian Gray
16. Karel Reisz Karel Reisz Director, The French Lieutenant's Woman
17. Jean Brooks Jean Brooks Actress, The Seventh Victim Fluent in Spanish, Jean Brooks began professionally by singing with Enric Madriguera and Orchestra in New York. She had a small role in the New York City-filmed The Crime of Doctor Crespi and the second lead in a Broadway play, "Name Your Poison" (1938), with Lenore Ulric, all under her real name of Jeanne Kelly. She was...
18. Beth Rogan Beth Rogan Actress, Mysterious Island
19. Aleksandr Dovzhenko Aleksandr Dovzhenko Writer, Arsenal
20. Brad Trumbull Brad Trumbull Actor, The Longshot
21. Upton Sinclair Upton Sinclair Writer, There Will Be Blood
22. Rosemary Lane Rosemary Lane Actress, Hollywood Hotel Rosemary Lane of the singing Lane sisters (their actual birth name was Mullican) got her start as a vocalist with bandleader Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians. Her career was somewhat overshadowed by that of her more famous sister, Priscilla, who was also a member of that band and who would go on to bigger and better things...
23. Hank Mann Hank Mann Actor, Modern Times
24. Nick Drake Nick Drake Soundtrack, The Royal Tenenbaums Fabled singer/songwriter who only recorded three albums in his short lifetime. "Five Leaves Left" rightly brought him acclaim from the folk crowd, although the exquisite arrangements on follow-up "Bryter Layter" received surprisingly stilted attention upon release. Nick became disillusioned with the...
25. Clarence Kolb Clarence Kolb Actor, His Girl Friday Contrary to his familiar image, Clarence Kolb started out as one half of a vaudeville comedy act, Kolb and Dill. He made a few shorts in 1916 and a feature in 1917, but went back to vaudeville and the stage immediately thereafter, and did not return to films until the late 1930s. His stern, authoritarian looks and booming voice fit the irascible...
26. Bruce MacFarlane Bruce MacFarlane Actor, Gangster Story
27. Duncan McLeod Duncan McLeod Actor, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
28. Charles D. Brown Charles D. Brown Actor, The Big Sleep
29. Yukio Mishima Yukio Mishima Writer, The School of Flesh Yukio Mishima was born in Tokyo in 1925. He attended the University of Tokyo. His first work of fiction, a short story, was published when he was a first-year student. For the rest of his life he wrote - to enormous popular and critical acclaim - plays, poetry, essays, and novels. His first full-length novel...
30. Joanna Dunham Joanna Dunham Actress, The Greatest Story Ever Told
31. Bob Kelljan Bob Kelljan Director, Scream Blacula Scream Bob Kelljan was born as Robert Kelljchian on June 23, 1930 in Union City, New Jersey. Bob began his show business career as an actor: He not only appears in episodes of both "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits," but also pops up in small roles in the fun biker opus "Hells Angels on Wheels" and...
32. Kerry Casey Kerry Casey Actor, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
33. Ken Regan Ken Regan Camera and Electrical Department, The Silence of the Lambs
34. Rachel Attas Rachel Attas Actress, Impossible on Saturday
35. Ryôko Kinomiya Ryôko Kinomiya Actress, Speed Racer
36. George Best George Best Self, This Boy's Story
37. Kevin DuBrow Kevin DuBrow Soundtrack, The Wrestler
38. Frank M. Thomas Frank M. Thomas Actor, Bachelor Mother
39. Edmund Glover Edmund Glover Actor, The Ghost Ship
40. John Dair John Dair Actor, Batman
41. Art Lloyd Art Lloyd Cinematographer, The Flying Deuces
42. Dick Haynes Dick Haynes Actor, Support Your Local Sheriff!
43. Peter Murray-Hill Peter Murray-Hill Actor, The Ghost Train
44. Ibrahim Pendek Ibrahim Pendek Actor, The Spiral Road
45. Jean Grémillon Jean Grémillon Director, L'amour d'une femme
46. Aloísio Leite Garcia Aloísio Leite Garcia Producer, The Deceased
47. Ernest Rotchy Ernest Rotchy Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Snows of Kilimanjaro
48. Jacques François Jacques François Actor, The Day of the Jackal
49. David Bailey David Bailey Actor, Another World
50. Victor Colani Victor Colani Actor, Klebolin klebt alles
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