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1. John Neville John Neville Actor, The Fifth Element When he was in his early sixties, Terry Gilliam cast him in the title role of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Although the film was a financial failure, his starring role in this major production, as well as his fine performance, led to an explosion in his career. He has since had numerous roles in feature films and television...
2. Alan J. Pakula Alan J. Pakula Producer, The Pelican Brief
3. Reggie Nalder Reggie Nalder Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much With a mysterious past and a mouth marred by burns, Reggie Nalder has a unique, if under appreciated, place in the history of cinema. Born Alfred Reginald Natzick in Vienna, Austria, the year of his birth has been a matter of speculation. While his obituary in the New York Times claimed 1922, photographic evidence has revealed that it was significantly earlier; most sources now cite 1911...
4. Jeremy Slate Jeremy Slate Actor, One Life to Live Born by the Atlantic Ocean, Jeremy Slate also had a Pacific Ocean view when he lived in Malibu, California. In between oceans he has traveled the world. He attended a military academy, joined the US Navy at 16 and was barely 18 when his destroyer joined the invasion of Normandy on D-Day (June 6, 1944)...
5. Diane Disney Diane Disney Self, The Pixar Story
6. Dick Wilson Dick Wilson Actor, Escape Clause
7. Diane Varsi Diane Varsi Actress, Compulsion Actress remembered (and AA-nominated) for her screen-debut role as Allison MacKenzie, Lana Turner's daughter, in 'Peyton Place' (1957).
8. Stepin Fetchit Stepin Fetchit Actor, Bend of the River Stepin Fetchit remains one of the most controversial movie actors in American history. While he was undoubtedly one of the most talented physical comedians ever to do his shtick on the Big Screen, achieving the rare status of being a character actor/supporting player who actually achieved superstar status in the 1930s (becoming a millionaire to boot)...
9. Alessandro Momo Alessandro Momo Actor, Scent of a Woman Alessandro Momo was one of the promising young Italian actors. He began his acting career when he was very young, starring as a protagonist in the soap operas along with Giuvsa Fioravanti. He became famous for his sexual exploitation of the maid played by the Italian sex bomb, Laura Antonelli in Malizia directed by Salvatore Samperi...
10. Dedrick D. Gobert Dedrick D. Gobert Actor, Boyz n the Hood Black American supporting actor Dedrick D. Gobert's career was cut short when he was fatally shot during an argument at a drag race at a Southern California racetrack in late 1994. The 22-year-old made his film debut playing Dooky in John Singleton's _Boyz N the Hood (1991)_.
11. Helmut Griem Helmut Griem Actor, Cabaret
12. Franz Schubert Franz Schubert Soundtrack, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Schubert was musically educated at the "Hofkapelle" in Vienna where he sang as a boy but then had to quit in order to help his father at school. Four years later, he became an independent composer and was destined to live in poverty from then onwards. Having an introverted personality, Schubert played his songs mostly amongst a couple of friends who shared his romantic passion...
13. Francis L. Sullivan Francis L. Sullivan Actor, Great Expectations
14. Terry Melcher Terry Melcher Soundtrack, Lethal Weapon 2
15. Gillian Barge Gillian Barge Actress, Love Actually
16. Thomas H. Ince Thomas H. Ince Producer, The Coward Thomas H. Ince was born into a family of stage actors. He appeared on the stage at age six and then worked with a number of stock companies. He made his Broadway debut when he was 15. Vaudeville offered work for him, but the work was inconsistent, so he was a lifeguard, a promoter and part-time actor...
17. Wayne Heffley Wayne Heffley Actor, King Kong
18. John Michael Hayes John Michael Hayes Writer, Rear Window In a career that spanned more than forty years, beginning with radio, the movies, and then television, the name John Michael Hayes has become synonymous with quality. Having produced a body of work that resulted in two Academy Award nominations, three nominations for awards by the Writers' Guild of America...
19. Paul Sparer Paul Sparer Actor, Another World
20. Leonid Gayday Leonid Gayday Director, Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future Leonid Iovich Gaidai was born on January 30, 1923, in the town of Svobodny, Amur region of Siberia, USSR. He was the third child in the family of a railroad worker. His father, named Iov Isidorovich Gaidai, was exiled to Siberia from Poltava, Ukraine. His mother, named Maria Ivanovna Lubimova, came from the Russian city of Ryazan...
21. Erik Balling Erik Balling Director, Martha Erik Balling was one of the most beloved Danish filmmaker in the 20th century. Balling was a director, a producer and a writer. Erik Balling was mostly famous for creating such TV epics as "Matador" and "Huset På Christianshavn" and the film-series of "Olsen banden". Erik Balling was born the 19th of November 1925 in the Danish city of Nyborg...
22. Jacques Sandulescu Jacques Sandulescu Actor, Trading Places
23. Hans Heinrich von Twardowski Hans Heinrich von Twardowski Actor, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
24. Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Writer, Angel
25. Phyllis Haver Phyllis Haver Actress, Chicago
26. Bobby Russell Bobby Russell Soundtrack, The Grasshopper
27. Boris Strugatskiy Boris Strugatskiy Writer, Stalker
28. Lutfi Akad Lutfi Akad Director, Law of the Border
29. Frank Yaconelli Frank Yaconelli Actor, Dr. Cyclops Frank Yaconelli migrated to the States with his parents when he was one year old. The family initially settled in Boston. Frank was the oldest of 12 siblings and had to quit school after finishing the 6th grade. He and a younger brother became "street musicians" to help with the families expenses. When WW I broke out...
30. Virginia Dabney Virginia Dabney Actress, Daughter of Shanghai Born in Atlanta, Virginia Dabney studied dance at the Potter-Spiker school, and during her sophomore year at Washington Seminary she moved to Beverly Hills. After attending Westlake School for Girls, she began as a ballroom dancer in orchestral shows, before attracting the attention of scouts while playing in two musical comedies at the Mayan Theater in Los Angles...
31. Dorothy Revier Dorothy Revier Actress, The Iron Mask Silent screen vamp Dorothy Revier (nee Velegra) was born in San Francisco, California on April 18, 1904, the daughter of a musician. As a result, Dorothy found herself leaning towards a career in music, finding work as a chorine and nightclub dancer in her teens. She broke into films at age 17 with Life's Greatest Question...
32. Ruth Manning Ruth Manning Actress, Guilty Conscience
33. Marc Breaux Marc Breaux Miscellaneous Crew, The Sound of Music
34. Christina Onassis Christina Onassis Self, Reporters
35. John G. Heller John G. Heller Actor, Kelly's Heroes
36. Stuart Gilmore Stuart Gilmore Editor, The Andromeda Strain
37. Vincent Malle Vincent Malle Producer, Damage
38. Robert Bradford Robert Bradford Producer, Hold the Dream
39. Johnny Delgado Johnny Delgado Actor, Summer Heat
40. George Canseco George Canseco Composer, Pagputi ng uwak... Pag-itim ng tagak
41. Francis Girod Francis Girod Director, The Lady Banker
42. Margarete Haagen Margarete Haagen Actress, Ihr 106. Geburtstag
43. M.N. Nambiar M.N. Nambiar Actor, Winner
44. Veljko Mandic Veljko Mandic Actor, The Marathon Family
45. Arthur Haynes Arthur Haynes Self, Episode #13.15
46. Willy Schultes Willy Schultes Actor, Chetan, Indian Boy
47. Kikis Herrera Calles Kikis Herrera Calles Actress, Juego de mentiras
48. Mieke Verheyden Mieke Verheyden Actress, Left Luggage
49. Michael Hastings Michael Hastings Writer, Tom & Viv
50. Billy Dainty Billy Dainty Self, Episode #1.6
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