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1. James Coburn James Coburn Actor, Monsters, Inc. Lanky, charismatic and versatile actor with an amazing grin that put everyone at ease, James Coburn studied acting at UCLA, and then moved to New York to study under noted acting coach Stella Adler. After being noticed in several stage productions, Coburn appeared in a handful of minor westerns before being cast as the knife-throwing...
2. Harold J. Stone Harold J. Stone Actor, Spartacus Never a big name but always a reliable staple on TV crime shows during the 1960s and 1970s, Harold J. Stone usually was seen in a strong, unsympathetic vein -- an unyielding father or husband, corrupt businessman, menacing crime figure, etc. A sober-looking gent with a block jaw, Romanesque-styled nose and steely gray-black hair, he was also prone to playing ethnic types of varying origins...
3. Cab Calloway Cab Calloway Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Bandleader, songwriter ("Minnie the Moocher", "Are You Hep to That Jive?"), composer, singer, actor and author, educated at Crane College. While studying law, he sang with the band The Alabamians, and took over the group in 1928. He led The Missourians orchestra, then organized and led his own orchestra...
4. Michael Kamen Michael Kamen Composer, Lethal Weapon
5. Donald Meek Donald Meek Actor, Stagecoach On British and Australian stage before coming to the USA in 1912, he played more than 800 roles, starting with Sir Henry Irving at age 8. He first appeared in the US at Castle Square Theatre, Boston, in 1912, and made his New York debut in 1917 in "Going Up".
6. Gia Carangi Gia Carangi Uncategorised
7. Fritz Feld Fritz Feld Actor, Bringing Up Baby
8. Beatrice Colen Beatrice Colen Actress, High Anxiety
9. Johnny Haymer Johnny Haymer Actor, Annie Hall
10. Patricia Broderick Patricia Broderick Writer, Infinity
11. Peter Cartwright Peter Cartwright Actor, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
12. Norma Connolly Norma Connolly Actress, General Hospital
13. Malcolm McFee Malcolm McFee Actor, Oh! What a Lovely War Malcolm McFee, an English actor born in the mid-1940s, was best known for his role as "Peter Craven" in the hit TV series Please Sir! and The Fenn Street Gang. Inspired by the 1967 movie To Sir, with Love, Please Sir! - which debuted in 1968 - was itself the inspiration for the American series Welcome Back, Kotter...
14. Mauritz Stiller Mauritz Stiller Director, Gösta Berlings saga
15. Victor Francen Victor Francen Actor, La fin du jour
16. Joseph P. Kennedy Joseph P. Kennedy Miscellaneous Crew, Tarzan and the Golden Lion Patriarch of a famous political family, Kennedy had a brief Hollywood career: He was one of the first financiers to play a leading role in the movie industry. Although he grew up in modest East Boston, where his father was a barkeeper and politician, Kennedy was educated with the Establishment's children at Boston Latin School and Harvard...
17. Roger Barrett Roger Barrett Actor, Desperate Men
18. Carolyn Kearney Carolyn Kearney Actress, Ninety Years Without Slumbering Born in Detroit and raised in New Orleans, Carolyn Kearney began studying at the Pasadena Playhouse in the mid-1950s, and was soon acting in stage productions, opposite veterans Stuart Erwin, Edward Everett Horton, Gladys Cooper, Leo G. Carroll and Cecil Kellaway. In addition to many TV appearances...
19. Man Ray Man Ray Director, Emak-Bakia American painter and artist in various media who participated in a few films. He helped found the Dada movement and was the prime American participant in the Surrealist movement. An American expatriate to Paris in the 1920s, he was a member of the so-called "Lost Generation" of creative minds associated with that time and place...
20. Vivian Bonnell Vivian Bonnell Actress, Ghost
21. Will B. Able Will B. Able Actor, Miss America
22. Walter Wanger Walter Wanger Producer, Cleopatra A graduate of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, Walter Wanger was among the more literate and socially conscious American film producers of his time. At the peak of his career, his salary was exceeded only by that of Louis B. Mayer at MGM. Wanger had served in the air force on the Italian front during World War I...
23. Bill McLean Bill McLean Actor, House
24. Wolfgang Büttner Wolfgang Büttner Actor, The Longest Day
25. Arthur Q. Bryan Arthur Q. Bryan Actor, Samson and Delilah Arthur Q. Bryan was best known as the voice of Elmer Fudd in the Warner Brothers cartoons, but was also an accomplished radio actor, playing Doc Gamble on "Fibber McGee and Molly" for over 10 seasons beginning in 1943.
26. Reinhard Kolldehoff Reinhard Kolldehoff Actor, The Damned
27. Roy Kellino Roy Kellino Director, Charade
28. Jerry Jones Jerry Jones Actor, Dolemite
29. Don Dillaway Don Dillaway Actor, Pack Up Your Troubles
30. Marcel Proust Marcel Proust Writer, Marcel Proust's Time Regained Marcel Proust was a French intellectual, author and critic, best known for his seven-volume fiction 'In search of Lost Time'. He coined the term "involuntary memory", which became also known as "Proust effect" in modern psychology. He was born Valentin Louis Georges Eugéne Marcel Proust, on July 10...
31. Irlanda Mora Irlanda Mora Actress, La muerte tambien cabalga
32. Luigi Batzella Luigi Batzella Editor, Nuda per Satana
33. Niels Bohr Niels Bohr Self, En ny virkelighed
34. Gus McNaughton Gus McNaughton Actor, The 39 Steps
35. Harold Dickinson Harold Dickinson Actor, The Glenn Miller Story Founder of The Modernaires, composer, songwriter, producer and singer with the orchestras of Paul Whiteman, Fred Waring, Charlie Barnet, Glenn Miller and Bob Crosby, and also in films, night clubs, and on television. He was president of Compass Productions. Joining ASCAP in 1956, his chief musical collaborators included Alan Copeland...
36. Walt Hazzard Walt Hazzard Self, Sweet Charity
37. Forbes Murray Forbes Murray Actor, A Chump at Oxford
38. Paul Bowles Paul Bowles Writer, The Sheltering Sky Composer and author, educated at the University of Virginia, he studied with Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson, and received Guggenheim and Rockefeller grants. Paul Bowles joined ASCAP in 1945, and he researched folk music in Spain, North Africa, the Antilles, and South and Central America. He lived 52 years in Tangier...
39. Cy Coleman Cy Coleman Soundtrack, American Hustle Songwriter ("Witchcraft", "Big Spender", "Hey, Look Me Over"), composer and pianist, educated at the High School of Music and Art and the New York College of Music. He also studied with Rudolph Gruen (on scholarship) and Adele Marcus. He gave his first piano recitals at age six in Steinway Hall and Town Hall in New York...
40. Willard Mack Willard Mack Writer, The Dove
41. Jim Jones Jim Jones Uncategorised Jim Jones was born during the Great Depression, the only son of James Thurmond Jones and Lynette Jones (neé Putnam). His father was an alcoholic Klansman and he claimed his mother was part Cherokee Indian. He spent most of his formative years in conservative rural Indiana. His father struggled to earn a living as a mystic fortune teller...
42. Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Actor, Wife Number 13
43. Lee Jouglard Lee Jouglard Actor, Headpin Hints
44. Valerio Popesco Valerio Popesco Actor, The Famous Paparazzo
45. Zaldy Zshornack Zaldy Zshornack Actor, Krus na daan José Rizaldy Zshornack was born in Manila, December 30, 1940. He finished high school at the Manila Central University. He married actress/beauty queen "Shirley Gorospe" qv, who became his leading lady in many of his pictures. Zshornack first appeared in Sisa (1951), a film directed by Gerardo de Leon for Premiere Productions...
46. Emilio Aragón 'Miliki' Emilio Aragón 'Miliki' Actor, Episode dated 29 April 1991
47. Hilton Edwards Hilton Edwards Actor, Othello
48. Valerian Smith Valerian Smith Actor, The Toy
49. Spencer Garbett Spencer Garbett Actor, The Breeder
50. Edward Clark Edward Clark Actor, The Iron Hand Prolific actor, songwriter ("Heart of My Heart"), composer, author, director and producer. He came to the USA in 1891, and was a vaudeville comedian. He composed the Broadway stage score and libretto for "Little Miss Charity", and directed "You're in Love" and "Oh, What a Girl". He wrote the librettos for "Honey Girl" and "Paradise Alley"...
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