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1. Janis Wilson Janis Wilson Actress, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
2. Gladys Cooper Gladys Cooper Actress, My Fair Lady Gladys Cooper was the daughter of journalist William Frederick Cooper and his wife Mabel Barnett. As a child she was very striking and was used as a photographic model beginning at six years old. She wanted to become an actress and started on that road in 1905 after being discovered by Seymour Hicks to tour with his company in "Bluebell in Fairyland"...
3. Esther Rolle Esther Rolle Actress, Good Times Best known for the role of Florida Evans on the 1970s sitcoms "Maude" and "Good Times," African-American actress Esther Rolle proved to be as spirited and iron-willed off-camera as well. The gap-toothed actress with the gravelly voice was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, the 10th child of 18 born to Caribbean farming immigrants...
4. John Paxton John Paxton Actor, Spider-Man
5. Dick O'Neill Dick O'Neill Actor, The Jerk
6. Bill Baldwin Bill Baldwin Actor, Rocky
7. Todd Armstrong Todd Armstrong Actor, Jason and the Argonauts
8. Kelly Van Dyke Kelly Van Dyke Actress, My Mother the Car
9. Ruth Donnelly Ruth Donnelly Actress, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Feisty, ebullient character comedienne who, for three decades, enlivened Hollywood films with her drollery and quick-fire repartee. The daughter of a newspaper editor and music critic, Ruth made her stage debut in the chorus of the touring production 'The Quaker Girl' in 1913. Four years later, she had made it to Broadway...
10. Kay Johnson Kay Johnson Actress, Of Human Bondage The personification of class and cultivation on the movie screen, comely actress Kay Johnson forsook a prominent stage and film career in order to play wife to actor John Cromwell and mother to their two children. Still and all, the elegant actress, reminiscent in looks and style to that of Irene Dunne and Judith Anderson...
11. Cora Witherspoon Cora Witherspoon Actress, The Bank Dick A delightfully irksome, viper-tongued presence who usually played older than she was, actress Cora Witherspoon began her five-decade career in New York playing an elderly lady in the 1910 production of "The Concert". She was 20 years old at the time. Born in 1890, the brown-haired, Louisiana-born character...
12. Ruth Brown Ruth Brown Soundtrack, Seven Pounds
13. Syd Field Syd Field Writer, Spree
14. Naunton Wayne Naunton Wayne Actor, The Lady Vanishes Linked inextricably with actor Basil Radford, Welsh-born character actor Naunton Wayne, together with Radford, struck such a major chord with film audiences as an inept, uppercrust pair of cricket-obsessed British gents, that the two were invariably teamed up time and time again in a host of "veddy" popular film comedies. The perennial partners would prove equally popular on radio...
15. Clive Brook Clive Brook Actor, Shanghai Express Born in London, England to Charlotte Mary (opera singer) and George Alfred Brook. He was educated privately. Stage experience included: "Oliver Twist", "Voysey Inheritence", "If I were King", "Importance of Being Ernest", Fair and Warmer", "Over Sunday", "Clothes and the WOman", and many others. Screen experience with Graham-Cutts Company in London...
16. Lala Lloyd Lala Lloyd Actress, Fiend Without a Face
17. Helen Dickson Helen Dickson Actress, Mr. Wright Goes Wrong
18. Ramona Jones Ramona Jones Self, Hee Haw
19. John Napier John Napier Actor, Search for Tomorrow
20. Billy Lee Billy Lee Actor, The Biscuit Eater Billy Lee, whose real name was William Schlenaker, was born in Nelson, Indiana. As a toddler, young William lived a quiet life on his family's farm, but that all changed when he turned three years old. Billy and his parents moved to California around 1933. Billy's parents enrolled him, at age 3, in The Meglin School For Kiddies in Los Angeles...
21. John Bowers John Bowers Actor, The Ace of Hearts Began working in films from 1916, becoming a a star within five years of his debut. His frequent co-star was was Marguerite de la Motte, whom he later married. The advent of sound effectively ended his career. Shortly after attending a party, the distraught 50-year-old Bowers committed suicide by rowing into the Pacific Ocean and drowning himself...
22. Marion Holmes DeFore Marion Holmes DeFore Self, This Is Your Life
23. Sheilah Graham Sheilah Graham Self, Sheilah Graham in Hollywood
24. Lynn Fields Lynn Fields Actress, Angel in My Pocket
25. Katherine Kath Katherine Kath Actress, Moulin Rouge
26. Glenn Robards Glenn Robards Actor, Marathon Man
27. Viju Krem Viju Krem Actress, Bloodsucking Freaks
28. Regina Waldon Regina Waldon Actress, The Fog
29. Doris Lessing Doris Lessing Writer, Adore
30. Jack Finch Jack Finch Actor, The Two Little Bears
31. Jimmy Ruffin Jimmy Ruffin Soundtrack, Breakfast on Pluto
32. Ruth Gruber Ruth Gruber Self, Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber
33. Ralph Thorson Ralph Thorson Actor, The Hunter
34. Juan Bosch Juan Bosch Writer, The Killer Wore Gloves
35. Peter Gwynne Peter Gwynne Actor, Australia
36. Jimmy Ritz Jimmy Ritz Actor, The Gorilla
37. Victor Lucas Victor Lucas Actor, Under Capricorn
38. Hod David Schudson Hod David Schudson Composer, The Attic
39. Ennio De Concini Ennio De Concini Writer, Divorce Italian Style
40. Marek Perepeczko Marek Perepeczko Actor, Smrt stoparek One of the most famous Polish cinema and theater actors. He graduated from the National Theater School in Warsaw in 1965. During 1966-69 he worked at the Classical Theater in Warsaw, and during 1970-77 he worked as an artistic director at the Comedia Theater. In the 1980s, Perepeczko emigrated to Australia...
41. George Tracy George Tracy Actor, The Skydivers
42. Josine van Dalsum Josine van Dalsum Producer, Die Wache
43. Gert Günther Hoffmann Gert Günther Hoffmann Actor, Sonderdezernat K1 Gert Günther Hoffmann was born in Berlin-Lankwitz on February 21, 1929. After completing a commercial apprenticeship, he became interested in acting. He appeared in several stage plays before he started working as radio announcer for Berliner Rundfunk and as voice actor. One of his first voice works was dubbing Ben Johnson in Rio Grande...
44. Don Gibson Don Gibson Soundtrack, The Departed
45. Roma Woodnutt Roma Woodnutt Actress, The Newcomers
46. Irving Brecher Irving Brecher Writer, Meet Me in St. Louis
47. Magda El-Khatib Magda El-Khatib Actress, Silence... We're Rolling
48. Jack Elinson Jack Elinson Writer, 227
49. Evelyn Preer Evelyn Preer Actress, Within Our Gates Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, pioneering black actress Evelyn Preer was educated in Chicago, where she and her mother moved after the death of her father. She entered show business vis vaudeville and the "chitlin' circuit" of minstrel shows that served the country's strictly segregated black communities at the turn of the century...
50. Llew Gardner Llew Gardner Self, TV Eye
1-50 of 349 names.