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1. Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris Actor, A Bug's Life Born Jonathan Charasuchin in the Bronx to impoverished Russian-Jewish émigrés, Jonathan Harris worked as a box boy in a pharmacy at age 12 and later earned his pharmacy degree at Fordham University. However, the desire to act proved overwhelming and he forsook this promising trade for the theater, shaking off his thick Bronx accent and changing his surname to one easier to pronounce...
2. Ian Bannen Ian Bannen Actor, Waking Ned Devine Scottish character actor and occasional leading man who enlivened scores of fine films in Britain and America. His father was a lawyer in a small town in Lanarkshire. Bannen served in the army and attended Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire. His first acting role came in a 1947 Dublin production of "Armlet of Jade"...
3. Bob Kane Bob Kane Writer, The Dark Knight
4. Mary Martin Mary Martin Actress, Peter Pan Originally a dance instructor she came to Broadway during the Depression to begin her career as a professional actress. A daughter of Texas she had originally began work as a dance instructor until a local Evangelical adherent burned down her studio citing her work as being to sinful for human nature...
5. Sid Melton Sid Melton Actor, Lady Sings the Blues
6. John Lupton John Lupton Actor, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter Genial, fair-haired and boyishly handsome, lanky actor John Lupton's biggest claim to fame was as the co-star of the western TV series Broken Arrow. A reliable actor, if not particularly distinctive, he enjoyed a four-decade-long career on stage, film and TV. Born on August 22, 1928, in Highland Park...
7. Valerie French Valerie French Actress, All My Children Columbia Pictures starlet who later turned to the stage, appearing often both On and Off-Broadway during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, portraying a variety of English characters.
8. Lorissa McComas Lorissa McComas Actress, Lap Dancing
9. Carl Ballantine Carl Ballantine Actor, Susan's Plan Part of the motley crew commandeered by Ernest Borgnine on the popular 1960s TV series McHale's Navy, tall, gangly, beady-eyed, bulb-nosed comic actor Carl Ballantine was better known in other ports as the ultimate "magician". Billed as "The Amazing Ballantine," "The Great Ballantine" and "Ballantine: The World's Greatest Magician" during his long career...
10. Geoffrey Keen Geoffrey Keen Actor, The Spy Who Loved Me
11. John Orchard John Orchard Actor, Bedknobs and Broomsticks
12. William Lanteau William Lanteau Actor, On Golden Pond
13. Robert Williams Robert Williams Actor, Platinum Blonde It's fair to say that if 'Frank Capra (I)' hadn't cast Robert "Bobby" Williams in his 1931 film Platinum Blonde the actor would be entirely forgotten today. When the movie was made available on video in the 1980s the promotional copy on the video box emphasized the names most buffs would recognize: actresses Jean Harlow and Loretta Young...
14. Danièle Gaubert Danièle Gaubert Actress, Camille 2000 Born on August 9, 1943 in Nuars, Nièvre, France, Danièle Louise Régina Gaubert had a brief career as a teen model before being discovered by director Claude Autant-Lara, who chose her for the lead in his film Les régates de San Francisco. She then starred as a rebellious teenager in a French suburb in Wasteland...
15. Arturo de Córdova Arturo de Córdova Actor, El Entering the Mexican film industry in the 1930s, it didn't take Arturo de Córdova long to become a major star, specializing in action and adventure films. At the height of his popularity he was beckoned to Hollywood in an attempt to make him a "Latin lover" type in the mold of Ricardo Montalban, Fernando Lamas and Gilbert Roland...
16. Jean Eustache Jean Eustache Director, The Mother and the Whore
17. Byron Barr Byron Barr Actor, Double Indemnity
18. Brother Blue Brother Blue Actor, Knightriders Brother Blue is best known as an internationally reknowned storyteller. Trained as an actor at Yale and as a pastor at the Harvard Divinity School, Brother Blue has been telling stories since the late 1960's. He has told in prisons, on the streets, for the U.N. and more. Brother Blue's life work is storytelling...
19. Prem Nath Prem Nath Actor, Bobby
20. Flattus Maximus Flattus Maximus Self, GWAR: Live from Antarctica
21. Umberto Paolo Quintavalle Umberto Paolo Quintavalle Actor, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
22. Ward Wood Ward Wood Actor, Air Force
23. Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar Actor, Jagte Raho
24. Dino De Laurentiis Dino De Laurentiis Miscellaneous Crew, Die Hard: With a Vengeance
25. Allyson Ames Allyson Ames Actress, Incubus
26. Martha O'Driscoll Martha O'Driscoll Actress, The Lady Eve Another gorgeous "B" movie blonde who came and went uneventfully in the 40s, the beautiful Martha O'Driscoll started off modeling as a child. Her parents were nonprofessionals. Trained in singing and dancing, she was discovered by choreographer Hermes Pan in a local theater production in Phoenix...
27. Frederick Culley Frederick Culley Actor, The Four Feathers
28. Manmohan Krishna Manmohan Krishna Actor, Deewaar
29. Annie Oakley Annie Oakley Self, Actors' Fund Field Day
30. Marie Rudisill Marie Rudisill Self, Episode #10.210
31. Sidney Carroll Sidney Carroll Writer, The Hustler
32. Paul Mauriat Paul Mauriat Soundtrack, Goodfellas
33. Charles Brabin Charles Brabin Director, The Mask of Fu Manchu
34. Marc Allégret Marc Allégret Director, Plucking the Daisy
35. Nellie Burt Nellie Burt Actress, The Guests
36. Jack Davis Jack Davis Actor, Drawing Account
37. Mort Shuman Mort Shuman Soundtrack, Snatch.
38. Richard Wallace Richard Wallace Director, The Young in Heart Richard Wallace was born in Sacramento, California, in 1894. At 14 years of age he got a job as a theater projectionist, a job he held for four years. He later traveled to Los Angeles to get into the film industry, and wound up as an editor for such studios as Triangle and Robertson-Cole. His career was interrupted by service in the US Army Signal Corps during World War I...
39. Duncan Gibbins Duncan Gibbins Director, Eve of Destruction Duncan Gibbins died in the massive wildfires that plagued the Southern California region in 1993 because of hazardous and dry conditions. Mr. Gibbins at first got out safely, but he went back to the area where he was living because he was trying to rescue his cat, and perished. The cat was found days later, alive, but with the tips of its ears burned off and hiding in the bottom area of a shed.
40. Henri Matisse Henri Matisse Actor, Henri Matisse Henri Emile Benoit Matisse was born on December 31, 1869, in Le Cateau-Cambresis, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. His father, named Emile Hippolyte Matisse, was a merchant, whose family were weavers. His mother, named Anna Heloise Matisse (nee Gerard), was a daughter of a tanner; she made hats and painted china...
41. William Desmond William Desmond Actor, Around the World in Eighteen Days Raised in New York City, Dublin-born William Desmond began his show business career in vaudeville and on the stage. He had his own theatrical company by the time he made his film debut in Kilmeny. Starting out in dramatic parts, Desmond soon switched to westerns and action serials, and became a major western star...
42. Viveka Seldahl Viveka Seldahl Actress, A Song for Martin
43. Jerry Bock Jerry Bock Soundtrack, The Godfather: Part II
44. Alan Starkey Alan Starkey Actor, The Dresser
45. Florence Vidor Florence Vidor Actress, The Marriage Circle Quite renown in her day, movie fans witnessed the great photogenic beauty but not the Southern-bred tones of silent star Florence Vidor, for she abruptly left the silver screen after her first disastrous attempt at a talking picture. Born Florence Arto on July 23, 1895, she was the daughter of John F...
46. Lonnie Donegan Lonnie Donegan Soundtrack, We Need to Talk About Kevin
47. Milo Anderson Milo Anderson Costume Designer, The Adventures of Robin Hood
48. Redmond Phillips Redmond Phillips Actor, Tom Jones
49. Miguel Arenas Miguel Arenas Actor, Tizoc
50. Bruno Rubeo Bruno Rubeo Production Designer, Platoon
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