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1. Noah Beery Jr. Noah Beery Jr. Actor, Red River Familiar and well-liked character actor of very different persona than either his father, Noah Beery, or his uncle, Wallace Beery. He attended Harvard Military Academy but managed to make a number of appearances on film and on stage with his father before adulthood. At age 19, he began playing amiable second leads and occasional leading roles...
2. Adrienne Shelly Adrienne Shelly Actress, Waitress The late Adrienne Shelley was born in Queens, New York, to Sheldon Levine and Elaine Langbaum. After graduating Jericho High School, located in Jericho, New York, she went enrolled at Boston University, and majored in film production. After her junior year, she dropped out and moved to Manhattan where she made a name for herself in independent films...
3. Phil Silvers Phil Silvers Actor, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
4. James Broderick James Broderick Actor, Dog Day Afternoon
5. King Vidor King Vidor Director, War and Peace
6. Dixie Lee Dixie Lee Actress, Manhattan Love Song American singer and actress in occasional films.
7. Victor Sen Yung Victor Sen Yung Actor, The Letter Achieving both film and TV notice during his lengthy career, this diminutive Asian-American character was born Sen Yew Cheung on October 18, 1915 in San Francisco of humble Chinese émigrés. When his mother died during the flu epidemic of 1919, his father placed Victor and his sister in a children's shelter and returned to his homeland...
8. Oscar Beregi Jr. Oscar Beregi Jr. Actor, Young Frankenstein Heavyweight Hungarian-born character actor Oscar Beregi Jr.'s best performances were on the small screen, usually as Germanic or Russian heavies. His stock-in-trade villainy was of a cultured or psychological, rather than physical nature, urbane and intellectual, yet inevitably sinister. His father...
9. Amir Shervan Amir Shervan Director, Samurai Cop
10. Bettye Ackerman Bettye Ackerman Actress, Blueprint for Murder
11. Maurice Woods Maurice Woods Actor, Trading Places
12. Norman Krasna Norman Krasna Writer, White Christmas Humorist, playwright and screenwriter Norman Krasna went to great lengths planning for a career in law: he attended New York University, Columbia University and St. John's University law school, then abruptly changed his plans and started work as a copy boy at a New York newspaper. He had a brief stint as a drama critic for the Evening Graphic and wrote a column for the Exhibitor's Herald World...
13. Benita Hume Benita Hume Actress, Tarzan Escapes
14. Doro Merande Doro Merande Actress, The Man with the Golden Arm Plain, angular Doro Merande was one of those delightful character actresses you couldn't take your eyes off of, no matter how minuscule the part. She excelled at playing older than she was -- doting aunts, inveterate gossips, curt secretaries and small-minded townspeople -- all topped with an amusing warble in her voice and bristly eccentric edge...
15. Michael Piller Michael Piller Writer, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Michael went to school in New York before taking a creative writing course. The professor for this course told everyone, "There are enough bad writers out there. There needn't be anymore". Michael recalls that the professor would rip up his writing and he would be so broken-hearted. This professor eventually chased him into journalism...
16. Elvira Snow Elvira Snow Actress, Freaks Born in Georgia and exhibited in sideshows along with sister Jenny Lee Snow. They were billed as Pip and Flip, Pipo and Zipo or under similar such names. At one time they were managed by their brother, Cliff. They appeared at Coney Island in the late 20s and were still being exhibited as late as the early 40s.
17. Peter Childs Peter Childs Actor, O Lucky Man!
18. Wayne Static Wayne Static Soundtrack, Queen of the Damned
19. Skitch Henderson Skitch Henderson Self, Thrills of Music: Skitch Henderson and His Orchestra Composer, conductor, band leader, arranger, pianist, jazz expert and accompanist to Judy Garland on tour, Skitch Henderson was educated at Juilliard and the University of Califonia and was a student of Malcolm Frost, Roger Aubert, Albert Coates, Fritz Reiner, and Arnold Schönberg. He was a pianist in dance bands...
20. Ralf Harolde Ralf Harolde Actor, Murder, My Sweet
21. Joan McCracken Joan McCracken Actress, Good News
22. Chris Collins Chris Collins Producer, My Summer of Love
23. Minoru Chiaki Minoru Chiaki Actor, Seven Samurai Japanese character actor equally adept at comic or seriously unsavory roles. Chiaki graduated from the University of Chuo with degrees in economics and commerce, but almost immediately found that his interest lay more with the theatre. In 1937, he began to study with the Shin-Tsukiji Gekidan ("The New Tsukiji Theatre Troupe")...
24. George McCowan George McCowan Director, Frogs
25. Neil Nephew Neil Nephew Miscellaneous Crew, The Christmas Show
26. Vicky Lyon Vicky Lyon Actress, A Portrait of Seduction
27. Tiffany Sloan Tiffany Sloan Self, Playboy: Jenny McCarthy, the Playboy Years Gorgeously buxom and shapely blonde knockout Tiffany Marie Sloan was born on May 29, 1973 in Orange County, California. Tiffany was the Playmate of the Month in the October, 1992 issue of "Playboy." She holds the distinction of being one of a handful of Playmates to have her own video centerfold mass...
28. Allan Surtees Allan Surtees Actor, Eye of the Needle
29. Yma Sumac Yma Sumac Soundtrack, The Big Lebowski Known for her astonishing 4 1/2 octave vocal range, Yma Sumac (AKA Ima or Imma Sumack) is from Ichocán, Peru, a town high in the Andes. From an early age she performed in radio and movies and made recordings throughout South America. She came to the United States in the 1940s and performed with a small group of musicians and dancers...
30. Marianne Stewart Marianne Stewart Actress, The Facts of Life
31. Walter Payton Walter Payton Self, The Grand Knockout Tournament Walter Payton, nicknamed "Sweetness, " is the NFL's all-time leading rusher. His playing career lasted from 1975 to 1987. In those years, he amassed 16,026 rushing yards. He made a few appearances on television (as a guest star), but he was known as a profoundly personal man.
32. Mikhail Romm Mikhail Romm Director, Triumph Over Violence Mikhail Romm was born in 1901, into a Russian-Jewish family, in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, Russia. He served in the Red Army in 1918-21 as an Inspector of the Special Forces for Food Supplies. He was in charge of confiscations of bread and food from the wealthier farmers (kulaks) in Central Russia...
33. Mary Craven Mary Craven Actress, Straight Time
34. Lynne Gorman Lynne Gorman Actress, Videodrome
35. Charlie O'Donnell Charlie O'Donnell Self, Press Your Luck
36. George J. Folsey George J. Folsey Cinematographer, Meet Me in St. Louis Pioneer cinematographer George Folsey started out in 1914 as an errand boy with the Lasky Feature Play Company in New York. His introduction to camerawork came, when he was asked by cinematographer H. Lyman Broening to assist with post-production (tracking dissolve and fades for intercutting). By the time he was 21...
37. Sonny Bupp Sonny Bupp Actor, Citizen Kane Moyer Bupp was born in New York City, New York. Al Jolson was the hottest item on stage and Moyer's father nicknamed him "Sonny" after one of Jolson's songs. It was the height of the Great Depression and on the chance of a better job Sonny's parents loaded the children (all five of them) into the car and headed west...
38. Mae Madison Mae Madison Actress, The Big Stampede
39. Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie Self, Jiggs and Maggie in Society Dale Carnegie (originally Carnagey) was a pioneer in corporate training programs and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, public speaking and interpersonal skills. His best know book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," first published in 1936, remains popular ever since. He was born Dale Breckenridge Carnagey...
40. Bernard Erhard Bernard Erhard Actor, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
41. Frances Liberace Frances Liberace Self, Christmas Show
42. Käte Jaenicke Käte Jaenicke Actress, The Tin Drum
43. Albert Préjean Albert Préjean Actor, Under the Roofs of Paris
44. William Johnstone William Johnstone Actor, As the World Turns
45. Mac Dre Mac Dre Actor, Cutting Room!
46. Edna Frawley Edna Frawley Actress, Persistent Percival
47. Franca Scagnetti Franca Scagnetti Actress, Suspiria
48. William Styron William Styron Writer, Sophie's Choice
49. J.P. Miller J.P. Miller Writer, I Know My First Name Is Steven
50. Armando Arriola Armando Arriola Actor, Santa Claus
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