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1. James MacArthur James MacArthur Actor, Hawaii Five-O In a career spanning more than four decades, James MacArthur developed a body of work which is wonderfully dynamic in both scope and range. Portraying everything from crazed killer to stalwart defender of law and order, frustrated teenager to cynical senior supervisor, he has appeared in numerous films...
2. Morey Amsterdam Morey Amsterdam Self, The Hollywood Squares Born in Chicago, Morey Amsterdam started in vaudeville at the age of 14, as a straight man for his piano-playing brother. His father, a concert violinist who worked with the Chicago Opera and the San Francisco Symphony, wanted Morey to pursue a career in classical music but Morey had other plans. By the time he was 16...
3. Merry Anders Merry Anders Actress, How to Marry a Millionaire Merry Anders practically grew up in local bijous watching films and their accompanying stage shows with her movie-crazy mother and grandmother. The family relocated to Los Angeles in 1949 and, while attending John Burroughs Junior High School, Anders made the acquaintance of Rita La Roy, an old-time film actress who convinced her to take a modeling course...
4. Tina Aumont Tina Aumont Actress, Fellini's Casanova
5. Alice Brady Alice Brady Actress, My Man Godfrey Alice Brady was born in New York City on November 2, 1892. She was interested in the stage from childhood, as her father was famed Broadway producer William A. Brady. After a few stage productions, Alice was discovered by movie producers in New York, since this was the film capital at the time. Her first film was at the age of 22 when she starred in As Ye Sow...
6. Robert Ellenstein Robert Ellenstein Actor, North by Northwest The son of a Newark dentist, Robert Ellenstein grew up in that New Jersey city and saw his father go on to become its two-term mayor. He got his feet wet acting-wise prior to serving with the Air Corps during World War II; earning a Purple Heart during his service, he began acting, directing and teaching in Cleveland...
7. Lawrence Dobkin Lawrence Dobkin Actor, Patton
8. Gerard Kelly Gerard Kelly Actor, Ae Fond Kiss...
9. Sharon Holmes Sharon Holmes Editorial Department, The Challenge
10. Buck Adams Buck Adams Actor, No Motive
11. Beulah Archuletta Beulah Archuletta Actress, The Searchers
12. Geoffrey Unsworth Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematographer, 2001: A Space Odyssey Goeffrey Unsworth was one of the great cinematographers of the 20th Century, the winner of two Oscars, five BAFTA awards, and three awards from the British Society of Cinematographers for his work as a director of photography. Born in 1914 in Lancashire, England, Unsworth started in the industry in 1932 at Gaumont-British before joining Technicolor in 1937...
13. Constance Dowling Constance Dowling Actress, Gog
14. Mady Christians Mady Christians Actress, Letter from an Unknown Woman Mady Christians was born in Vienna, Austria. Destined to be in films in both Germany and the US, she started out as a stage actress but soon found new challenges in the world of cinema. Her first film was at the age of 24 when she appeared in Audrey. She remained in German films for the next 17years before coming to the US and starring in The Only Girl...
15. Lída Baarová Lída Baarová Actress, I Vitelloni
16. Mitchell Leisen Mitchell Leisen Director, Midnight Director noted for his romantic films.
17. Sylvia Fine Sylvia Fine Miscellaneous Crew, The Five Pennies
18. Dorothy Vernon Dorothy Vernon Actress, The Dentist Titian haired, full figured, voluptuous Dorothy Vernon had a career that spanned from the early days of moving pictures through the boxed screen known as television. Rather it was a comedy, a western, a musical or whatever was needed, Dorothy did it all. Her unforgettable glow and her almost heavenly serene appearance was the focal point of many western square dances...
19. Ted Hughes Ted Hughes Writer, The Iron Giant
20. Ian Marter Ian Marter Actor, Doctor Who Ian Marter left university in 1969 and joined the Bristol Old Vic as an acting stage manager. In 1973 he was cast as John Andrews in a "Doctor Who" adventure. Jon Pertwee left the series during the following year, and the producers considered casting an older actor in the part. This meant that any physical...
21. Maurice Costello Maurice Costello Actor, Fellow Voyagers
22. Leon Janney Leon Janney Actor, Another World
23. Porter Wagoner Porter Wagoner Self, The Porter Wagoner Show
24. Fred Kohler Fred Kohler Actor, Underworld Prolific "heavy" in American films of the silent and early talkie eras. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Kohler left home as a teenager, working various jobs while trying to establish a career in vaudeville. During this time, according to his son, actor Fred Kohler Jr., Kohler worked in a mine and lost part of his right hand in a dynamite accident...
25. Liam Redmond Liam Redmond Actor, Barry Lyndon Born in Limerick on July 27, 1913, versatile Irish actor Liam Redmond was one of four children (the others were Thomas, Mary and Eileen), born to Thomas, a master carpenter who also taught woodworking, and Eileen Redmond, a homemaker. He received his early education at the Christian Brothers junior and secondary schools in Dublin...
26. Joe Roberts Joe Roberts Actor, Our Hospitality
27. James Goldman James Goldman Writer, The Lion in Winter
28. Martin Brandt Martin Brandt Actor, Judgment at Nuremberg
29. Gilbert Emery Gilbert Emery Actor, A Farewell to Arms
30. Ljuba Tadic Ljuba Tadic Actor, Sutjeska
31. Kurt Gerron Kurt Gerron Actor, The Blue Angel Gerron fled to France (because he was jewish), then settled in Amsterdam in 1933. He was arrested by the SS in 1943 and was sent to Theresienstadt in 1944 to direct a staged documentary intended to persuade world public opinion that Jews were well treated in concentration camps. He made a film called "The Fuhrer Donates a City to the Jews" or in German "Der Fuhrer schenkt den Juden eine Stadt"...
32. Ted Scott Ted Scott Actor, Hawaii Five-O
33. Anthony Lee Anthony Lee Actor, Liar Liar
34. Michael Sharvell-Martin Michael Sharvell-Martin Actor, No Place Like Home
35. Scott Wells Scott Wells Actor, The Taking of Beverly Hills
36. Paul Jarrico Paul Jarrico Writer, Thousands Cheer Producer and screenwriter who, among many in his craft labeled in the late 1940's and early 1950's as 'subversive' by the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities, was blacklisted, Jarrico in the prime of his career. His name was left out of the credits of most American films that he wrote during the 50's and 60's...
37. Margaret Booth Margaret Booth Editor, Mutiny on the Bounty
38. Grigoriy Chukhray Grigoriy Chukhray Director, Ballad of a Soldier Studied at the Moscow Cinema Institute under Soviet film master Mikhail Romm. He found fame after his 1959 film "Ballad of a Soldier" which is considered one of the best Soviet war films and which has played all over the world.
39. Georges Poujouly Georges Poujouly Actor, Forbidden Games
40. Sandy Berke Jordan Sandy Berke Jordan Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Godfather: Part II
41. Cyndi Martino Cyndi Martino Actress, Cold Case Files
42. Heidi Von Beltz Heidi Von Beltz Stunts, Smokey and the Bandit II
43. Larry Lauria Larry Lauria Animation Department, Pete's Odyssey
44. Veola Vonn Veola Vonn Actress, Bars and Stripes
45. Bonnie Disick Bonnie Disick Self, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
46. Gil Melle Gil Melle Composer, The Andromeda Strain A recording artist, song writer, jazz musician and composer, Gil Melle launched his career in the sixties. He first displayed his talent for art work and was also a regular jazz performer in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1969, Gil Melle displayed his musical talent...
47. Mathias Reitz Mathias Reitz Actor, Columbo
48. Dick Baldwin Dick Baldwin Actor, Mr. Moto's Gamble
49. Marie Selland Marie Selland Actress, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
50. Shaun Michelle Shaun Michelle Actress, Roller Blade
1-50 of 355 names.