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1. Julie London Julie London Actress, Emergency! Julie London was born Julie Peck on September 26, 1926 in Santa Rosa, California. She was an actress and sultry singer who starred in a number of movies in the 1940s and 1950s before beginning a popular singing career, but is probably best remembered for her role as Nurse Dixie McCall on Emergency! in the 1970s...
2. Sylvia Kristel Sylvia Kristel Actress, Emmanuelle Sylvia Kristel was born on September 28, 1952 in Utrecht, Netherlands. She first came to international attention in the early 1970s with Emmanuelle for director Just Jaeckin. Then two more sequels followed in which she also starred. Included in her credits are a long list of European films including the film Julia...
3. Al Lettieri Al Lettieri Actor, The Godfather Menacing looking Italian American actor who developed into the quintessential on-screen hoodlum via several strong roles in key crime films of the early 1970s. Lettieri played the villain against some of Hollywood's biggest screen names including chasing Steve McQueen in The Getaway, intimidating Charles Bronson in Mr. Majestyk...
4. Jon-Erik Hexum Jon-Erik Hexum Actor, Voyagers! In the early 1980s, this ruggedly handsome young man of Norwegian parentage was seen as the "next big thing", and then suddenly he was dead from an accident via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Hexum was born and raised in Tenafly, New Jersey, where he was a musically gifted student at school playing both the horn & the violin in the school orchestra...
5. Gwen Verdon Gwen Verdon Actress, All My Children Gwen Verdon was born to the theater. Her mother, Gertrude, was a vaudevillian and dancer. Her father, Joseph, was an MGM studio electrician. She had to wear corrective boots as a child to straighten out her legs, which were misshapen by childhood illness. Nonetheless, she first appeared as a tapper on stage at age 6...
6. Lee Tracy Lee Tracy Actor, Dinner at Eight Rangy, red-headed and straightforward to the bone while possessing distinctively adenoidal vocal tones, this actor with a voracious appetite for high living was a fine cinematic representation of the racy and race-paced style of pre-Code Hollywood. Lee Tracy patented with peerless skill the lightning...
7. Paddi Edwards Paddi Edwards Actress, The Little Mermaid
8. Henry Travers Henry Travers Actor, It's a Wonderful Life British-born Henry Travers was a veteran of the English stage before emigrating to the U.S. in 1917. He gained more stage experience there on Broadway working with the Theatre Guild, and began his long film career with Reunion in Vienna. Travers' kindly, grandfatherly demeanor became familiar to filmgoers over the next 25 years...
9. Kam Fong Kam Fong Actor, Hawaii Five-O The Asian-American actor Kam Fong, best known for his co-starring role as Chin Ho in the original Hawaii Five-O TV series, was born Kam Tong Chun on May 27, 1918 in Honolulu, Hawaii. (The name Fong was the result of a teacher incorrectly teaching him how to write his name. The name stuck and he later took it as his legal name.) After graduating from high school...
10. David Lodge David Lodge Actor, The Return of the Pink Panther
11. John Hollis John Hollis Actor, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
12. Mary Carver Mary Carver Actress, Simon & Simon
13. Tsuru Aoki Tsuru Aoki Actress, The Dragon Painter
14. Todd Sopher Todd Sopher Transportation Department, 2 Guns
15. Lars Schmidt Lars Schmidt Producer, Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman's Life
16. Kathryn Loder Kathryn Loder Actress, Foxy Brown Though Kathryn Loder was known mostly for her brief but memorable film career playing slinky, over-the-top female heavies, she was foremost a well-regarded stage actress, garnering mostly leading roles that were light years away from the B-movie arch-types on display in The Big Doll House and Foxy Brown...
17. Felix Dexter Felix Dexter Actor, Room to Rent
18. Anthony Addabbo Anthony Addabbo Actor, All My Children Although born in Florida, Anthony Addabbo was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and attended Virginia Tech. His original plans were to become a tree surgeon in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He moved to New York when he was 21 to begin a modeling career. In 1987 he had his first role in a western, The Gunfighters...
19. Esma Cannon Esma Cannon Actress, The Rag Trade Legendary Australian character actress of the British screen, Miss Cannon was without doubt one of the best scene stealing actresses. Her pixie like looks and extraordinary facial expressions made her a true favourite of many a British movie. Without her appearances in many a 'Carry On..' film in the 1960s...
20. Constance Worth Constance Worth Actress, Dillinger Australian leading lady of 40s B films. Brought over by RKO they dropped her after her first two American features. She spent three years at Columbia then freelanced mostly in poverty row thrillers and westerns. She was briefly married to the actor George Brent.
21. Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison Producer, Frankenstein
22. Merula Salaman Merula Salaman Actress, Twelfth Night
23. Franco Fabrizi Franco Fabrizi Actor, I Vitelloni Mr. Fabrizi was Italian actor best known for his performance as the lady-killer among a group of small-town youths in Federico Fellini's 'I Vitelloni'. Starting as a stage and variety revue actor in 1947, he broke into film in 1952 with Francesco De Roberti's 'Carica Eroica'. His role as a tireless philanderer became characteristic of his on-screen and off- screen persona...
24. Lois Kibbee Lois Kibbee Actress, Caddyshack
25. Claudio Brook Claudio Brook Actor, Cronos
26. Sidney Salkow Sidney Salkow Director, The Last Man on Earth
27. Crane Wilbur Crane Wilbur Writer, The Bat Actor, screenwriter and director Crane Wilbur was born Erwin Crane Wilbur on November 17, 1886, in Athens, NY. The nephew of the great stage actor Tyrone Power Sr., Wilbur first took to the boards as an actor, making his Broadway debut billed as Erwin Crane Wilbur on June 3, 1903, in a trilogy of William Butler Yeats plays...
28. William A. Forester William A. Forester Actor, Basic Training
29. Ayllene Gibbons Ayllene Gibbons Actress, The Loved One
30. Maxine Semon Maxine Semon Actress, The Life of Riley
31. Robert Eyer Robert Eyer Actor, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
32. Ludovic Kennedy Ludovic Kennedy Self, Indelible Evidence
33. Inga Gill Inga Gill Actress, The Seventh Seal
34. Peter Gordeno Peter Gordeno Self, Language of Love
35. Dwain Esper Dwain Esper Producer, Sex Madness
36. Oscar Beregi Sr. Oscar Beregi Sr. Actor, Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse
37. Carl Harbord Carl Harbord Actor, Dressed to Kill
38. Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Makeup Department, Modern Times
39. Norman Corwin Norman Corwin Writer, Lust for Life Author, director, composer and producer, educated in public schools. He was a newspaperman for ten years, and then a writer, director and producer for CBS in New York. He served as chief of Special Projects for United Nations Radio, and was presented with a One World Award. Joining ASCAP in 1952, his chief collaborators included Deems Taylor, Bernard Rogers, Lyn Murray, and Maurice Goldman.
40. Iván Petrovich Iván Petrovich Actor, Elevator to the Gallows
41. Marjorie Battles Marjorie Battles Actress, Dominic's Dream
42. Gwen Kenyon Gwen Kenyon Actress, Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
43. Harry C. Bradley Harry C. Bradley Actor, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
44. Joanne Borgella Joanne Borgella Self, Mo'Nique's Fat Chance
45. Joel Marston Joel Marston Actor, General Hospital
46. Graham Haberfield Graham Haberfield Actor, Coronation Street
47. Jin Xie Jin Xie Director, Fu rong zhen
48. Conchita Montes Conchita Montes Actress, El baile She got in touch with director Edgar Neville to collaborate on the script for "Frente de Madrid." They started a longlife relationship which lasted until the director's death in 1967 and caused her debut as an actress in that film. Her greatest success on stage was "El baile (The Dance)", again with Neville, then made also into a film.
49. Jaime Salvador Jaime Salvador Writer, Susana
50. James Rawley James Rawley Actor, The Creature Walks Among Us
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