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1. Errol Flynn Errol Flynn Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood Errol Flynn was born to parents Theodore Flynn, a respected biologist, and Marrelle Young, an adventurous young woman and descendant of a midshipman of HMS Bounty fame. Young Flynn was a rambunctious child who could be counted on to find trouble. Errol managed to have himself thrown out of every school he was enrolled in...
2. Bing Crosby Bing Crosby Soundtrack, Holiday Inn Bing Crosby was the fourth of seven children of Tacoma, Washington, brewery bookkeeper Harry Lowe Crosby and Kate Harrigan Crosby. He studied law at Gonzaga University in Spokane but was more interested in playing the drums and singing with a local band. Bing and the band's piano player, Al Rinker...
3. Keenan Wynn Keenan Wynn Actor, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Character actor Keenan Wynn was born into a famous show-business family. One in particular is his father, Ed Wynn. Keenan was the one to help to push his father to also become a well-known character actor. They appeared together in Son of Flubber, The Absent-Minded Professor, The Great Man, The Patsy.
4. Paul Fix Paul Fix Actor, To Kill a Mockingbird Paul Fix, the well-known movie and TV character actor who played "Marshal Micah Torrance" on the TV series The Rifleman, was born Peter Paul Fix on March 13, 1901 in Dobbs Ferry, New York to brew-master Wilhelm Fix and his wife, the former Louise C. Walz. His mother and father were German immigrants who had left their Black Forest home and arrived in New York City in the 1870s...
5. Sigrid Valdis Sigrid Valdis Actress, Our Man Flint A native Californian of Swedish descent, Sigrid Valdis (the professional stage name of Patricia Olson) was raised in the Westwood/Brentwood suburbs of Los Angeles, and attended many exclusive private schools, including Marymount High School. Upon graduation she moved to Europe, then to New York City to continue the modeling career she had begun as a teenager...
6. Simon MacCorkindale Simon MacCorkindale Actor, Jaws 3-D Born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, the light-haired, aristocratically handsome Simon MacCorkindale's first career choice was to follow in his Air Force pilot father Peter's bootsteps by joining the Air Training Corps., but his deteriorating eyesight forced him to choose an alternative vocation. Taking drama classes following high school graduation...
7. Collin Wilcox Paxton Collin Wilcox Paxton Actress, To Kill a Mockingbird Actress Collin Wilcox extended her given name twice over the duration of her professional acting career -- billing herself as Collin Wilcox-Horne and Collin Wilcox Paxton, to be exact. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Highlands, North Carolina, and her interest in theater was sparked by her parents...
8. Michael Carmine Michael Carmine Actor, *batteries not included Michael Carmime, a born-and-bred New Yorker, graduated from the "Fame"-d High School of the Performing Arts at the age of sixteen and went on to study his craft at the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) in Valencia. He made his first appearance before the cameras as an extra in "Rollercoaster" and received his first speaking part on "Hill Street Blues" playing Ramos...
9. Lou Albano Lou Albano Actor, Wise Guys
10. Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein Soundtrack, Moonrise Kingdom Renowned composer ("West Side Story", "Candide", "On The Town"), conductor, arranger, pianist, educator, author, TV/radio host, educated at the Boston Latin School and Harvard University (BA) with Walter Piston. Edward Burlingame Hill and A. Tillman Merritt. He studied piano with Helen Coates, Heinrich Gebhard and Isabelle Vengerova...
11. Edith Evans Edith Evans Actress, The Nun's Story Edith Evans was the greatest actress on the English stage in the 20th century, treading the boards for over half-a-century. She made her professional stage debut in 1912 and excelled in both classic and modern roles in the West End of London and on Broadway, as well as the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon and the Old Vic...
12. Mary Morris Mary Morris Actress, The Thief of Bagdad Mary first appeared on stage aged just 10. She received her formal training at the royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and went on to a long and distinguished career in film, television and the theatre. She toured Britain with her own theatrical touring company.
13. Yvette Duguay Yvette Duguay Actress, Francis Covers the Big Town
14. Hy Averback Hy Averback Director, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!
15. Richard B. Shull Richard B. Shull Actor, Splash Veteran character actor Richard B. Shull was born on February 24, 1929 in Evanston, Illinois and raised in the Midwest. He attended the University of Iowa, then served with the U.S. Army in 1953. Finding work as a stage manager following his release, he finally made his Broadway debut in the Marx Brothers musical bio "Minnie's Boys" starring Shelley Winters on Broadway in 1970...
16. John Clive John Clive Actor, A Clockwork Orange Tall, versatile, brown-haired (now balding) supporting actor, John Clive has been in a number of famous movies throughout his career. His first film was Smashing Time, which was followed by a role in The Beatles' movie, Yellow Submarine, when he was called upon to dub John Lennon's voice. Appearing in the The Italian Job was also something of an achievement for this versatile actor...
17. Laura La Plante Laura La Plante Actress, The Cat and the Canary Laura La Plante was 15 years old when she entered films as a Christie Comedy Bathing Beauty. By 1921, she had played a number of roles including a Tom Mix Western called The Big Town Round-Up for Fox and The Old Swimmin' Hole for First National. Laura, now 17, next signed with Universal, where she appeared in shorts...
18. Freddy Fender Freddy Fender Soundtrack, Boyhood
19. Everett Brown Everett Brown Actor, Gone with the Wind
20. Herbert B. Leonard Herbert B. Leonard Writer, Route 66
21. Harold Robbins Harold Robbins Writer, Nevada Smith Harold Robbins summed up his career best in a 1971 ITV documentary: "I'm the world's best writer--there's nothing more to say". This phenomenally successful author--over 750,000,000 copies of his books were sold worldwide, and most were adapted successfully for the screen--started life as a foundling in a Roman Catholic orphanage before being shuttled between foster homes...
22. Virginia Fox Virginia Fox Actress, Neighbors
23. Sheila Keith Sheila Keith Actress, Cover Up
24. Natalie Core Natalie Core Actress, My Neighbor Totoro
25. Raymond Pellegrin Raymond Pellegrin Actor, Second Breath
26. Harry Fleer Harry Fleer Actor, The Obsolete Man
27. Ellis Dale Ellis Dale Actor, Pink Floyd The Wall
28. Thomas Fuchsberger Thomas Fuchsberger Self, Ein Leben wie im Flug
29. Spec O'Donnell Spec O'Donnell Actor, Call of the Cuckoo
30. Jean-François Adam Jean-François Adam Actor, Return to the Beloved
31. Erwin Rommel Erwin Rommel Self, Buzz Beurling: World War II Flying Ace Erwin Rommel, aka "The Desert Fox", was one of Adolf Hitler's most able generals during WWII. He joined the German army in 1910 and won awards for bravery in WW I. He was in the 7th Tank Division at the outbreak of WW II and headed the push to the English Channel. Promoted to the rank of lieutenant general...
32. Hank Rolike Hank Rolike Actor, Rocky
33. Martyn Sanderson Martyn Sanderson Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
34. Carol Hill Carol Hill Actress, Five Characters in Search of an Exit
35. Fritz Leiber Fritz Leiber Actor, The Story of Louis Pasteur Shakespearean stage actor; later a film player for three decades until his death.
36. Walter Newman Walter Newman Writer, The Man with the Golden Arm
37. Carla Del Poggio Carla Del Poggio Actress, Variety Lights At 15, while she was studying foreign languages and modern dance, she started attending the Italian school for performing arts, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome. The director Vittorio De Sica chose her for her debut role in "Maddalena, zero in condotta". At 19, she met her future husband...
38. Barbara Slater Barbara Slater Actress, Monsieur Verdoux
39. Dorothy Holmes-Gore Dorothy Holmes-Gore Actress, The Mirage
40. Jeanne d'Alcy Jeanne d'Alcy Actress, Bluebeard
41. Son Hooker Son Hooker Actor, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?
42. Buster Pearson Buster Pearson Self, We Are Family
43. Dale Fuller Dale Fuller Actress, Greed
44. Burt Balaban Burt Balaban Producer, Murder, Inc.
45. Ann Atmar Ann Atmar Actress, Incubus
46. Jacqueline Delubac Jacqueline Delubac Actress, The Pearls of the Crown
47. Beatrice Shaw Beatrice Shaw Actress, Episode #6.1
48. Sari Price Sari Price Actress, Eleanor and Franklin
49. Axel Düberg Axel Düberg Actor, Fanny and Alexander
50. Fred Engelberg Fred Engelberg Actor, Dinosaurus!
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