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1. Karl Swenson Karl Swenson Actor, The Sword in the Stone Of Swedish descent, burly, light-haired character actor Karl Swenson was born in Brooklyn and started his four-decade career on radio. Throughout the late 30s and 40s, his voice could be heard all over the airwaves, appearing in scores of daytime serials ("Lorenzo Jones") and mystery dramas ("Inner Sanctum Mysteries")...
2. Fernando Lamas Fernando Lamas Actor, The Violent Ones Handsome, dapper Argentine-born actor who came to Hollywood as a romantic lead in several colourful MGM extravaganzas and then succeeded in living up to his Latin Lover image in real life. Lamas studied drama at school in his native country and later enrolled in a law course at college. His strong leaning towards athletic pursuits prevailed and he abandoned his studies to take up horse riding...
3. Joan Hackett Joan Hackett Actress, Support Your Local Sheriff! Joan Hackett was never one of your conventional leading ladies. Directors sometimes found her difficult to work with. Yet, this strong-minded perfectionist had an unquenchable individuality that came through in her performances and she never hesitated being unglamorous whenever the role demanded. Born of an Italian mother and an Irish-American father in East Harlem on March 1 1934...
4. Emmaline Henry Emmaline Henry Actress, Rosemary's Baby
5. Nigel Bruce Nigel Bruce Actor, Rebecca Nigel was, from the beginning, typecast as bumbling English aristocrats, military types or drawing room society snobs and, within the narrow parameters of his range, he was very, very good at playing these parts. Nigel Bruce was born in Mexico, where his father, Sir William W. Bruce, worked as an engineer...
6. William Prince William Prince Actor, Another World William was a character actor whose popularity was due to hundreds of appearances in soap operas. Going from the stage to the screen, William had an undistinguished movie career in the 40's which ran out of steam after about four years. But in the 50's, he would find his calling on the small screen...
7. Irina Demick Irina Demick Actress, The Longest Day
8. Eduardo Ciannelli Eduardo Ciannelli Actor, Foreign Correspondent Eduardo Ciannelli was born on the beautiful island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, which is renowned for its thermal baths. His father, a physician, owned a health spa there and Eduardo briefly followed the same career path and studied medicine at the University of Naples, graduating as a fully qualified doctor...
9. Phyllis Calvert Phyllis Calvert Actress, Indiscreet Phyllis Hannah Bickle was born in Chelsea in 1915 and studied dancing at the Margaret Morris school of dance, until an injury forced her to give up dancing and turn instead to acting. Her 70 year film career began with a bit part in The Arcadians when she was just 12 years old. Along with over 40 movies...
10. Ken Sansom Ken Sansom Actor, The Sting
11. Maria Lang Maria Lang Writer, Ljuvlig är sommarnatten
12. Munshi Premchand Munshi Premchand Writer, The Chess Players He is one of the greatest Hindi writers. His stories gives the correct picture of village realities. He used his stories to great effect for social reforms. He married a child widow Shivarani Devi when widow marriages were considered as a sin in Indian society. He also wrote varios novels voicing for these social reforms...
13. Eileen Herlie Eileen Herlie Actress, Loving This vibrant Scottish character actress managed in her seven-decade career trek to not only brighten up the Broadway stage during the 1950s and 1960s in roles ranging from the man-searching milliner Irene Malloy to Hamlet's mother Queen Gertrude, but conquered the TV market too, delighting daytime audiences...
14. Frederick Brisson Frederick Brisson Producer, The Pajama Game
15. Edward Woods Edward Woods Actor, The Public Enemy
16. Susan Crane Susan Crane Actress, I Sing the Body Electric
17. Larry Semon Larry Semon Director, The Wizard of Oz Slapstick comedian known for his charming, white-painted face and clownish smile, mugged his way to being a very highly paid and popular actor. His career was marred by personal problems, and his fortune was lost to high spending. By the time he died, he'd already been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and was penniless. He was 39 years old.
18. Eric Lomax Eric Lomax Writer, The Railway Man
19. Virginia Lucille Jones Virginia Lucille Jones Self, One Moment Please
20. Theresa Harris Theresa Harris Actress, I Walked with a Zombie Theresa Harris appeared with more stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood than anyone else. She sang, she danced, appeared in films and TV. She graced the screen with her magnetic presence and most times stole scenes from the top stars of the day every chance she got and made a lot of dull movies worthwhile...
21. Robert M. Leeds Robert M. Leeds Director, 24 Hour Alert
22. William Rotsler William Rotsler Director, Agony of Love William Rotsler was a man of many talents applied to an odd assortment of fields. In addition to his film work, he was an artist, a sculptor, an author,and a photographer--often of nudes. Within the science fiction world he is best known for his many cartoons, which he would often provide for free to SF fanzines...
23. Charlie Tanimoto Charlie Tanimoto Actor, The Karate Kid, Part II
24. Gus Kahn Gus Kahn Soundtrack, Goodfellas
25. John St. Polis John St. Polis Actor, The Phantom of the Opera Making his screen debut in 1914, St. Polis was well established as a character during the 1920s. He made a successful transition to sound films in "Coquette" starring as Mary Pickford's father.
26. Frank Skinner Frank Skinner Composer, Harvey The author of the textbook "F.Skinner's Simplified Method for Modern Arranging" (published 1934) began his musical career as a pianist in vaudeville alongside his brother Carl. He then became a noted arranger for New York dance orchestras in the 1930's and was briefly active in the field of music publishing...
27. Gary Campbell Gary Campbell Actor, Ordeal on Locust Street
28. Spencer Gordon Bennet Spencer Gordon Bennet Director, Zorro's Black Whip
29. Francis D. Lyon Francis D. Lyon Director, The Great Locomotive Chase Although born in North Dakota, Francis D. Lyon's film career began in England as an editor on several prestigious J. Arthur Rank productions. Coming to Hollywood, he worked as an editor or supervising editor on numerous films, and won an Academy Award for editing Body and Soul. Turning to directing in 1955...
30. Armando Bo Armando Bo Actor, Fuego
31. Roger Creed Roger Creed Stunts, Batman Forever
32. Diana Churchill Diana Churchill Actress, Scott of the Antarctic
33. Beulah Hall Jones Beulah Hall Jones Actress, Drums Along the Mohawk
34. Al Davis Al Davis Self, Straight Outta L.A. Allen "Al" Davis, the man who is synonymous with the Oakland Raiders franchise of the National Football League and its earlier American Football League incarnation, was born on the Fourth of July, 1929 into a Jewish family in Brockton, Massachusetts. Raised in Brooklyn and educated at the borough's Erasmus High School, he played football at Syracuse University, but was cut from the varsity team...
35. Herbert Bötticher Herbert Bötticher Actor, Lina Braake
36. Helen Gilmore Helen Gilmore Actress, Bumping Into Broadway
37. Rosetta Calavetta Rosetta Calavetta Miscellaneous Crew, Story of a Love Affair
38. Harold Lipstein Harold Lipstein Cinematographer, Pal Joey
39. Felix Salten Felix Salten Writer, Bambi
40. Ryô Ikebe Ryô Ikebe Actor, Pale Flower
41. Grace Darmond Grace Darmond Actress, The Gulf Between Canadian-born Grace Darmond first caught the acting bug while appearing in a school play, and as luck would have it was spotted there by the owner of the Selig Film Co., who put her under contract. She appeared in her first film in 1913 at 16 years of age, and by her 20th birthday was a star at Vitagraph...
42. Gigi Reder Gigi Reder Actor, White Collar Blues
43. Bob Friend Bob Friend Actor, Mission: Impossible
44. Solomon Linda Solomon Linda Soundtrack, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
45. Marilou Diaz-Abaya Marilou Diaz-Abaya Director, José Rizal
46. Mikey Welsh Mikey Welsh Self, Weezer: Video Capture Device - Treasures from the Vault 1991-2002
47. Prescott Bush Prescott Bush Self, The Missile Race
48. Roger Williams Roger Williams Self, Episode dated 11 August 1969
49. Jean Giono Jean Giono Writer, The Horseman on the Roof
50. William Terry William Terry Actor, Strangers in the Night
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