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1. David R. Ellis David R. Ellis Stunts, Scarface Began as child actor in Kurt Russell-Disney Films in 1974. Made the switch to the Stunt world following a successful career as a junior pro surfer. Born, bred, and continues to reside in Malibu. Many, many stunts later, David made the promotion to Stunt Coordinator in 1978 on Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Coordinating...
2. Trevor Howard Trevor Howard Actor, Gandhi The son of an insurance underwriter, who represented Lloyd's of London in Ceylon, Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith was born in Margate, Kent. He spent his early childhood globetrotting with his mother, frequently left in the care of strangers. After attending private school, he subsequently trained at RADA (due to his mother's insistence)...
3. Ingrid Thulin Ingrid Thulin Actress, Wild Strawberries Ingrid trained as a ballet dancer and attended Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theatre. She came to fame thanks to Bergman's "Wild Strawberries". She acted in 9 Ingmar Bergman's films. Her fame allowed her to act in Luchino Visconti's "The Damned" in 1969. Ingrid Thulin lived in Rome since the 1960's. She came back to Sweden for her health treatment recently.
4. Avery Schreiber Avery Schreiber Actor, Robin Hood: Men in Tights His 1960s and 1970s partner on the comedy stage was Jack Burns, the slimmer, chatty, clean-cut, better-looking dunderhead. Avery Schreiber was the Oliver Hardy counterpart who bore the brunt of Burns' verbal drone. This rumpled, gap-toothed, hefty-sized master of the slow boil stood out among the crowd with his huge trademark walrus mustache...
5. Dorothy Wilson Dorothy Wilson Actress, The Age of Consent This quiet, dark-haired beauty began her brief 30s career promoted as the "secretary to the stars." Dorothy Wilson started life out in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 14, 1909, born to non-professionals. She herself demonstrated little interest in an acting career growing up. Following graduation she took various secretarial jobs in the Chicago area before moving to Los Angeles in 1930...
6. Huell Howser Huell Howser Self, Huell Howser Special Event
7. Tere Velázquez Tere Velázquez Actress, Young People Blonde younger sister of Lorena Velázquez, Teresa Velázquez made her first film in 1957. Often cast as a frivolous young woman, she worked steadily on screen and theater with Alejandro Jodorowsky through the 1970s, then retired from acting for a number of years. She made a comeback and was working on the stage and on TV when stricken with cancer in 1996...
8. Ray Dennis Steckler Ray Dennis Steckler Director, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?
9. Robert Barrat Robert Barrat Actor, Captain Blood Robert Barrat pursued a stage career on Broadway from 1918 to 1932. He did sample a scant three silent movies starting in 1915, but returned to stage work. Barrat had a distinguished enough visage but also a well knit physique that would foretell a busy career in films with many featured character roles which he turned to in 1932...
10. Sarah Selby Sarah Selby Actress, Caesar and Me
11. Run Run Shaw Run Run Shaw Producer, Blade Runner Run Run Shaw was born in Shanghai, China on October 4, 1907. He went into the filming industry with his brother, Runme Shaw, and established the Shaw Organization in 1926 and the Shaw Studios (formerly South Seas Film studio) in 1930. In 1967, Shaw established the famous Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) station in Hong Kong...
12. Naughtia Childs Naughtia Childs Actress, World's Luckiest Jock
13. Klaus Wennemann Klaus Wennemann Actor, Das Boot
14. Richard Hunt Richard Hunt Actor, The Muppet Movie Richard Hunt did not have a face known to many -- his voice was known more than anything else. He was a major stronghold behind Jim Henson's "Muppets". 'Scooter', 'Janice', 'Sweetums' and a few others, were some of the "Muppets" that Richard was a performer and puppeteer of. He helped pave the way for Jim Henson and his company from the 1970s through the early 90s...
15. Michel Auclair Michel Auclair Actor, The Day of the Jackal
16. Bob McFadden Bob McFadden Actor, The Year Without a Santa Claus Bob McFadden was born in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1923, and got his first break singing and doing impersonations in a weekly talent show while stationed in Puerto Rico with the Navy during World War II. After leaving the Navy, he worked in a Pittsburgh steel mill, and got into show business as an opening act at hotels and nightclubs for the McGuire Sisters...
17. Susanne Cramer Susanne Cramer Actress, Widower with 5 Daughters Susanne apparently had a tumultuous private life. She married actor Hermann Nehlson in 1956. Apparently that did not go well as she tried to commit suicide twice in 1957 and was soon divorced. In 1958 she married actor Helmuth Lohner and was divorced five months later. She married Helmut a second time which produced a child...
18. Jacqueline deWit Jacqueline deWit Actress, Time Enough at Last
19. Charles C. Wilson Charles C. Wilson Actor, It Happened One Night
20. John Baer John Baer Actor, Night of the Blood Beast
21. Jimmy O'Dea Jimmy O'Dea Actor, Darby O'Gill and the Little People
22. Andrew Marton Andrew Marton Director, King Solomon's Mines Budapest-born Endre Marton began in the film industry as an editor and assistant director with Vita and Sascha Films in Vienna. Following a brief sojourn in Hollywood with Ernst Lubitsch in 1923, he returned to Germany, having being signed as chief editor by the Tobis company. He made his directorial debut with an independently produced British mystery...
23. Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Uncategorised
24. Bimal Roy Bimal Roy Director, Madhumati
25. Vittorio Mezzogiorno Vittorio Mezzogiorno Actor, Scream of Stone
26. Madame Spivy Madame Spivy Actress, The Manchurian Candidate
27. Frank Corsentino Frank Corsentino Actor, Up Your Alley
28. Joan Elan Joan Elan Actress, Jane Eyre
29. Sarah Edwards Sarah Edwards Actress, It's a Wonderful Life
30. Mario Siletti Jr. Mario Siletti Jr. Actor, The Vulcan Affair
31. Jim Zulevic Jim Zulevic Actor, Matchstick Men
32. Charlotte Wynters Charlotte Wynters Actress, The Struggle After retiring from acting, Charlotte Wynters MacLane, divided her time between her home in LA and her cattle ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Madera County, which she continued to own until her death in 1991.
33. David Goodis David Goodis Writer, Dark Passage
34. Ted Tetzlaff Ted Tetzlaff Cinematographer, Notorious Ted Tetzlaff was born in 1903 in Los Angeles, the son of racecar driver and movie stuntman Teddy Tetzlaff, Sr. The elder Tetzlaff appeared in a number of silent star Wallace Reid's famous racing movies like The Roaring Road (1919), Double Speed (1920), Excuse My Dust (1920), Too Much Speed (1921) and Across the Continent (1922)...
35. Daniele Vargas Daniele Vargas Actor, The Rope and the Colt
36. Johan van der Keuken Johan van der Keuken Director, The Eye Above the Well
37. Blanca Sánchez Blanca Sánchez Actress, Contigo en la distancia
38. Ellen Janov Ellen Janov Actress, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit Ellen was born to Arthur Janov and Vivian Glickstein on 22 April 1953, in Los Angeles County, California. She attended Rexford High School in Beverly Hills in 1969, and probably graduated in 1970. She also was a singer, and was discovered by a Disney exec while singing in a club in Palm Springs. It was from that singing appearance...
39. Jack Durant Jack Durant Actor, Journey Into Fear
40. Benjamin H. Kline Benjamin H. Kline Cinematographer, Detour
41. Llewellyn Rees Llewellyn Rees Actor, A Fish Called Wanda
42. Marilyn Schreffler Marilyn Schreffler Actress, Fatal Attraction
43. Kay Hammond Kay Hammond Actress, The Trespasser
44. Monty Banks Monty Banks Actor, Chasing Choo Choos Monty Banks was a short, stocky, but somehow debonair Italian-born comic actor, later also writer and director. In the U.S. from 1914, he first appeared on stage in musical comedy and cabaret. By 1917, he worked as a dancer in New York's Dominguez Cafe. After this, he turned to films, acting and doing stunt work at Keystone...
45. Heinrich Harrer Heinrich Harrer Writer, Seven Years in Tibet
46. Michael Mills Michael Mills Producer, The Nodder
47. Fred Kohler Jr. Fred Kohler Jr. Actor, The Ten Commandments
48. Ramon Sison Ramon Sison Actor, My Favorite Year Born and raised in a small town in the Philippines, Ramon showed dancing and musical talents at an early age. His parents, Florentina and Salustiano Sison, conservative landowners with substantial landholdings, encouraged him to become a doctor but discouraged him from the uncertainties of pursuing a musical or showbiz career...
49. Richard Clarke Richard Clarke Actor, Meet Joe Black
50. Milan Srdoc Milan Srdoc Actor, Poseban tretman
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