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1. Hans Conried Hans Conried Actor, Peter Pan Hans Conried was born in Baltimore and raised both there and in New York City. He studied acting at Columbia University, and played many major classical roles onstage. After having been a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company, he was heard as Prof. Kropotkin on the radio show "My Friend Irma" and had various roles on the "Edgar Bergen - Charlie McCarthy Show"...
2. Sonny Bono Sonny Bono Soundtrack, The Great Gatsby Singer-entertainer who left show business and found himself in politics. He became mayor of Palm Springs, California and was eventually elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as Congressman from the State of California, a position he held until his death.
3. Carmen Zapata Carmen Zapata Actress, Sister Act In a career spanning six decades plus, the ever-vital and ever-versatile Carmen Zapata stands as one of the most respected and diversified Hispanic-American figures in the performing arts. The much-admired veteran actress has worn many hats over the years: teacher, producer, translator, lecturer and narrator...
4. Arthur Kennedy Arthur Kennedy Actor, Lawrence of Arabia Arthur Kennedy, one of the premier character actors in American film from the late 1940s through the early 1960s, achieved fame in the role of Biff in Elia Kazan's historic production of Arthur Miller's Pultizer-Prize winning play "Death of a Salesman." Although he was not selected to recreate the role on screen...
5. Nancy Parsons Nancy Parsons Actress, Porky's Nancy Parsons, was born in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, to Mary and Charles Parson. She had two siblings -- Mary Parsons and Theresa Macrae. When she was 17, her father remarried Genevieve Stack and moved with the three girls to South Pasadena, California. It was here that the acting bug first bit, when...
6. Harvey Lembeck Harvey Lembeck Actor, Stalag 17
7. Beverly Aadland Beverly Aadland Actress, Cuban Rebel Girls
8. Billy Bletcher Billy Bletcher Actor, Dry and Thirsty Diminutive-sized comedian, in Hollywood from 1920.
9. Sally Eilers Sally Eilers Actress, Bad Girl Sally Eilers enjoyed lunch with a classmate from drama school, Jane Peters (who would later become known as Carole Lombard), at the Sennett Studios refectory. There, she was spotted by Mack Sennett and instantly became one of his "discoveries". Having already appeared in several bit parts beginning with The Red Mill in 1927...
10. Tug McGraw Tug McGraw Self, Big Shots
11. Leila Bennett Leila Bennett Actress, Fury
12. Mark Roberts Mark Roberts Actor, General Hospital
13. Massimo Girotti Massimo Girotti Actor, Facing Windows Manly, chiseled, exceedingly handsome, very agile Massimo Girotti was an engineering student and polo/swimming star before entering films in 1939. He began auspiciously in serious leads, most notably Roberto Rossellini's Desire, Luchino Visconti's Ossessione and Vittorio De Sica's La porta del cielo...
14. Johnny Eck Johnny Eck Actor, Freaks Johnny Eck was born John Echkardt, twenty minutes after his twin brother Robert. The boys entered the sideshow circuit at the age of 12, where John was billed as "Johnny Eck, The Half-boy." Johnny went on to play a role in Tod Browning's Freaks before returning with his brother to Baltimore...
15. Hal Baylor Hal Baylor Actor, A Boy and His Dog
16. David Scott David Scott Actor, This Is Elvis
17. Robert Surtees Robert Surtees Cinematographer, The Graduate Robert L. Surtees began his working life as a portrait photographer and retoucher, before becoming camera assistant at Universal in 1927. He spent a lengthy apprenticeship (15 years) working under such experienced cinematographers as Hal Mohr, Joseph Ruttenberg and Gregg Toland. Between 1929 and 1930...
18. Dave Morick Dave Morick Actor, Earthquake
19. Douglas Shearer Douglas Shearer Sound Department, The Wizard of Oz Douglas Shearer came to MGM to visit his sister, Norma Shearer, and was hired as an assistant in the camera department. When MGM decided to make sound pictures, Douglas was appointed head of the sound department. In 1928, Douglas took the silent 'White Shadows in the South Seas' to a New Jersey recording studio where he added sound effects and music...
20. Sol Yurick Sol Yurick Writer, The Warriors
21. Tom Quinn Tom Quinn Actor, Super 8
22. Haradhan Bannerjee Haradhan Bannerjee Actor, The Coward
23. John Paxton John Paxton Writer, On the Beach
24. Bart La Rue Bart La Rue Actor, The City on the Edge of Forever Bart Larue was born in Abilene Texas. His mother was a stay at home mom and a housewife. His father an Attorney who became a Judge in Abilene. Bart returned to Abilene after some years as an actor who had minor roles in TV shows and commercials. His Mother had died and his father was ill and needed a caretaker...
25. Onslow Stevens Onslow Stevens Actor, Them! Son of character actor Houseley Stevenson, brother of designer Edward Stevenson and actor Houseley Stevenson Jr., Onslow Stevens was highly active from mid-1920s at the Pasadena Community Playhouse, where his entire family worked frequently as performers, directors and teachers. he scored a major success on Broadway in "Stage Door" in 1936...
26. Eugene Elman Eugene Elman Actor, Kindergarten Cop
27. Calvin Coolidge Calvin Coolidge Self, Visitin' 'round at Coolidge Corners Though three U.S. Presidents have died on the Fourth of July, John Calvin Coolidge was the first and only one to have been born on that date, in 1874. He is also the only President to have had the oath of office administered by his father, a justice of the peace, who swore him in when the Coolidges received word of President Warren G. Harding's death...
28. Jennifer Raine Jennifer Raine Actress, The Closed Cabinet
29. Dorothy Mackaye Dorothy Mackaye Writer, Ladies They Talk About
30. Sid Gould Sid Gould Actor, History of the World: Part I
31. Wyatt Cooper Wyatt Cooper Writer, The Glass House
32. Alma Muriel Alma Muriel Actress, Luna de sangre
33. Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill Actor, Dave Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr. (December 9, 1912 - January 5, 1994) was a Massachusetts politician who win the House seat vacated by John F. Kennedy when he ran for the Senate in 1952. An outspoken liberal Democrat, O'Neill became one of the most influential members of the House of Representatives, rising to become Speaker of the US House of Representatives in 1977...
34. Thomas Heathcote Thomas Heathcote Actor, A Man for All Seasons
35. C. Ramchandra C. Ramchandra Composer, Azaad
36. Gus Bivona Gus Bivona Music Department, An American in Paris Conductor, saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer, a member of the orchestras of Frank Dailey, Hudson-DeLange, Bunny Berigan, Benny Goodman, Teddy Powell, Les Brown, Bob Crosby and Jan Savitt. He led his own band briefly, then conducted the USNAF Band in World War II, then joined the staff of MGM. He joined ASCAP in 1959 and has made many records.
37. Sylvie Sylvie Actress, The Little World of Don Camillo
38. Charles Mingus Charles Mingus Soundtrack, The Wolf of Wall Street
39. Topsy Topsy Self, Electrocuting an Elephant
40. Ramesh Behl Ramesh Behl Producer, Kasme Vaade
41. T.S. Cook T.S. Cook Writer, The China Syndrome
42. Jean Murat Jean Murat Actor, Carnival in Flanders
43. Peter Maravich Peter Maravich Self, Scoring
44. Dwarka Divecha Dwarka Divecha Cinematographer, Sholay
45. Lillian Rich Lillian Rich Actress, On the Front Page English silent screen siren Lillian Rich was nineteen when she arrived in New York, courtesy of her Canadian husband Lionel Edward Nicholson. The couple had met while 'Leo' was on active duty as a fighter pilot with the Royal Naval Air Service during World War I. He came from a well-to-do middle class family...
46. Nell Craig Nell Craig Actress, The Trufflers
47. William H. Lynn William H. Lynn Actor, Harvey
48. Virginia Eiler Virginia Eiler Actress, Class Reunion
49. Helenka Adamowska Helenka Adamowska Actress, Grit
50. Mistinguett Mistinguett Actress, L'épouvante
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