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1. Pete Postlethwaite Pete Postlethwaite Actor, Inception An odd-looking but quite fascinating bloke with prominent, bony cheeks and almost a rawboned figure, the distinguished character actor Pete Postlethwaite was born Peter William Postlethwaite in 1946 and grew up in Lancashire, England amid middle-class surroundings. He went to college and while completing his studies developed an interest in theatre...
2. Anne Francis Anne Francis Actress, Forbidden Planet One tall, cool drink of water, the beautiful, curvaceous, mole-lipped Anne Francis got into show business quite early in life. She was born Ann Marvak on September 16, 1930 in Ossining, New York (which is near Sing Sing prison), the only child of Phillip Marvak, a businessman/salesman, and the former Edith Francis...
3. Alan Hale Jr. Alan Hale Jr. Actor, Hang 'Em High The son of the great character actor (and Errol Flynn sidekick) Alan Hale, Alan Hale Jr. (he dropped the Jr. after his father passed away) was literally born into the movies. Hale did his first movie as a baby and continued to act until his death. Unlike other child actors, Hale made a smooth transition in the movies and starred in several classics like Up Periscope...
4. Nancy Kelly Nancy Kelly Actress, The Bad Seed Brunette Nancy Kelly started in show business as a one-year-old model for James Montgomery Flagg. While receiving her education at the Bentley School for Girls, she also trained as an actress. From 1926, the precociously talented Nancy became one of the most prolific of Hollywood child actresses, with performances opposite established stars like Gloria Swanson and Jean Hersholt...
5. Dick Powell Dick Powell Actor, Murder, My Sweet In the 1930s , Dick Powell was the juvenile lead in the Warner backstage musicals opposite such rising stars as Ruby Keeler and Joan Blondell. After his career in musicals, he was cast in private-eye roles and became a producer and director for both TV and movies.
6. Patricia Smith Patricia Smith Actress, The Spirit of St. Louis
7. Lynn Cartwright Lynn Cartwright Actress, A League of Their Own Frequently appearing for or alongside her actor/writer husband of 50 years, noted stage, screen and TV heavy and writer Leo Gordon, actress Lynn Cartwright is probably best remembered for one of her early screen roles as the brusque, Brooklyn-accented switchboard operator in the cult horror The Wasp Woman...
8. Una Merkel Una Merkel Actress, The Parent Trap Una Merkel began her movie career as stand-in for Lillian Gish in the movie The Wind. After that, she performed on Broadway before she returned to movies for the D.W. Griffith film Abraham Lincoln. In her early years, before gaining a few pounds, she looked like Lillian Gish, but after Abraham Lincoln her comic potential was discovered...
9. Jack Carson Jack Carson Actor, Arsenic and Old Lace When Jack Carson arrived in Hollywood in 1937, he found work at RKO as an extra. His first major acting role came alongside Humphrey Bogart in the romantic comedy Stand-In. After a few years, he developed into a popular character actor who would be seen in a large number of comedies, musicals and a few westerns...
10. Tex Ritter Tex Ritter Soundtrack, High Noon Singing-cowboy star of "B" westerns during the 30's and 40's and later country-music recording star.
11. Steven Gilborn Steven Gilborn Actor, Doctor Dolittle
12. Emil Jannings Emil Jannings Actor, The Blue Angel His real name was Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz, and in the early 1900s, he was already working in the theater under Max Reinhardt's company. Important movies where he defined himself as a convincing actor were Madame DuBarry and Quo Vadis?, followed by The Last Laugh(aka The Last Laugh) in 1924 and Jealousy (aka Variety) in 1925...
13. Ned Wertimer Ned Wertimer Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
14. Virginia Field Virginia Field Actress, Waterloo Bridge London-born actress, daughter of the King's Counsel, St. John Field, educated in Paris and Vienna. Her mother, a cousin of famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee, chose the name "Virginia" as homage to Lee's beloved home state. Virginia also had an actress aunt, Auriol Lee, who paved the way for her debut on the stage...
15. Jett Travolta Jett Travolta Thanks, Old Dogs
16. Osa Massen Osa Massen Actress, Rocketship X-M Osa Massen (born Aase Iverson Madsen) was a newspaper photographer with an ambition to become a film editor. Prolific Danish film director 'Alice O'Fredericks' gave her a role in her film Kidnapped. After only two films in Denmark, she was given a screen test by 20th Century Fox and arrived in Hollywood in 1936...
17. Silvana Gallardo Silvana Gallardo Actress, Death Wish II
18. Ross Alexander Ross Alexander Actor, Captain Blood The tragically brief life of fresh-faced, boyishly handsome Ross Alexander, who seemed to have everything going for him, plays these days like a bad Hollywood movie. Alexander was a charming, highly engaging young actor whose pleasant voice and breezy personality aided greatly in his transition from Broadway teen player to young adult Warner Bros...
19. Jeffrey Disick Jeffrey Disick Self, The Kardashians Take NYC
20. Jo Ann Marlowe Jo Ann Marlowe Actress, Mildred Pierce Jo Ann Marlowe was born Jo Ann Mares in Schuyler, NE in 1936 to Edward and Theora Mares. Jo Ann was discovered on a family vacation in Hollywood at age 4 by a Warner Brothers director in a restaurant. The family relocated to California and Jo Ann took the stage name, Jo Ann Marlowe. Jo Ann acted for...
21. Richard D. Winters Richard D. Winters Self, Points
22. Dick Emery Dick Emery Actor, Yellow Submarine In the 1960s and 1970s, Dick Emery was one of the most successful comics on the box. He was voted BBC TV Personality of the Year, thanks to creations such as his toothy vicar, sex-starved spinster Hettie, crusty old Lampwick, outrageously camp Clarence, who coined the phrase: "Hallo honky tonks". Perhaps the most memorable of all was Mandy...
23. Peter Hobbs Peter Hobbs Actor, Sleeper
24. John Woodnutt John Woodnutt Actor, Dragonheart: A New Beginning
25. John Wojtowicz John Wojtowicz Self, The Dog
26. Shepard Menken Shepard Menken Actor, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
27. Barbara Pilavin Barbara Pilavin Actress, Constantine
28. Bibi Osterwald Bibi Osterwald Actress, As Good as It Gets
29. Jim Boyd Jim Boyd Actor, 130B
30. Sandy Sanders Sandy Sanders Actor, Phantom from Space
31. Frances E. Williams Frances E. Williams Actress, The Jerk
32. Teri Diver Teri Diver Actress, Anal Intruder 9: The Butt from Another Planet Tiny (under five feet), sexy, and attractive Irish redhead Teri Diver was born Bonnie Jean Clarke on September 6, 1971. Teri became an emancipated youth at age 13 and graduated from high school ahead of her class. Diver attended college early and majored in behavior modification. At age 18 she started stripping in order to pay her way through college...
33. Mona Carlson Mona Carlson Actress, The Fashion Show
34. Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian Writer, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
35. Philomina Philomina Actress, Godfather
36. Arthur Gould-Porter Arthur Gould-Porter Actor, Bedknobs and Broomsticks
37. Margot Stevenson Margot Stevenson Actress, Calling Philo Vance
38. Willard Maas Willard Maas Director, Narcissus
39. Kenneth Hawks Kenneth Hawks Director, Big Time
40. Anwar Hussain Anwar Hussain Actor, Guide
41. David Lynch David Lynch Self, Girls Town
42. Miguel M. Delgado Miguel M. Delgado Director, The Little Priest
43. Ginette Leclerc Ginette Leclerc Actress, Le Corbeau: The Raven
44. Lucienne Camille Lucienne Camille Actress, La mazurka del barone, della santa e del fico fiorone
45. Lynda Gibson Lynda Gibson Actress, The Castle
46. Miriam Seegar Miriam Seegar Actress, Seven Keys to Baldpate
47. Pato Guzman Pato Guzman Art Director, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
48. George MacDonald Fraser George MacDonald Fraser Writer, Octopussy
49. Harriet Parsons Harriet Parsons Producer, I Remember Mama
50. Robert C. Solomon Robert C. Solomon Actor, Waking Life
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