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1. James Dean James Dean Actor, Rebel Without a Cause James Dean was born in 1931 and raised on a farm by his aunt and uncle in Fairmount, Indiana. After grade school, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of acting. He received rave reviews for his work as the blackmailing Arab boy in the New York production of Gide's "The Immoralist", good enough to earn him a trip to Hollywood...
2. Robert Kardashian Robert Kardashian Self, The Trial of O.J. Simpson
3. Stephen J. Cannell Stephen J. Cannell Writer, 21 Jump Street Stephen J. Cannell was raised in Pasadena, California. His father ran an interior design firm. From an early age, Stephen suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia, which made it nearly impossible from him to do well in school, he either flunked or was held back many times. Even though one of the courses he had trouble with was English...
4. Simone Signoret Simone Signoret Actress, Diabolique The face of Simone Signoret on the Paris Metro movie posters in March 1982 looked even older than her 61 years. She was still a box office draw, but the film, L'étoile du Nord, would be her last theatrical release. She played the landlady. Signoret had a long film apprenticeship during World War II, mostly as an extra and occasionally getting to speak a single line...
5. Edgar Bergen Edgar Bergen Self, The Muppet Movie
6. Taylor Holmes Taylor Holmes Actor, Sleeping Beauty Taylor Holmes, the American stage and film actor, was born on May 16, 1878, in Newark, New Jersey. He made his Broadway debut in February 1900 in the controversial play "Sapho", which was closed down by the New York Police Department for immorality after 29 performances. In the April 1900 trial, the play was adjudged not obscene, and it reopened and ran for an additional 55 performances...
7. Sydney Walker Sydney Walker Actor, Guiding Light Sydney Walker, the stage and movie actor, was born on May 5, 1921 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Walker made his Broadway debut as the Archbishop of Canterbury in the famous 1960 production of Jean Anouilh's "Beckett," which starred Laurence Olivier and Anthony Quinn. He subsequently appeared in 22 Broadway productions from 1960 to 1973...
8. Edgar G. Ulmer Edgar G. Ulmer Director, The Black Cat
9. William Elliott William Elliott Actor, Coffy
10. Clete Roberts Clete Roberts Actor, The Jerk
11. Marius Goring Marius Goring Actor, The Red Shoes The son of Dr. Charles Buckman Goring M.D. and Kate Winifred (nee MacDonald). Marius Goring was educated at Perse School, Cambridge, England and at the Universities of Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Paris. He studied for the stage under Harcourt Williams at the Old Vic dramatic school, London. His first stage appearance was at Cambridge in 1925 in "Crossings"...
12. Chick Chandler Chick Chandler Actor, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Supporting actor, usually in light roles, for four decades in Hollywood.
13. Mary Lansing Mary Lansing Actress, Aunt Bee's Medicine Man
14. Stephen Pearlman Stephen Pearlman Actor, Pi
15. Gaspar Henaine Gaspar Henaine Actor, Capulina contra los vampiros One of the most popular comic actors of Mexican cinema and television, Gaspar Henaine (better known as "Capulina") was the son of a hotel owner. His father, Antonio Henaine -born in Lebanon to Lebanese parents- wanted him to follow in the hotel business. Nevertheless, Gaspar went to pursue an artistic career...
16. Michael Chekhov Michael Chekhov Actor, Spellbound Michael Chekhov was a Russian actor in the Moscow Art Theatre who emigrated to America and made a career in Hollywood, earning himself an Oscar nomination. He was born Mikhail Aleksandrovich Chekhov in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1891. His mother, Natalya Golden, was Jewish, and his father, Aleksandr Chekhov...
17. Turhan Bey Turhan Bey Actor, The Amazing Mr. X Popular leading man in 1940's Hollywood who, with his suave demeanor, exotically handsome looks and well-modulated voice, was first called upon to portray mysterious or villainous characters. Soon he would be teamed with other "exotics" (e.g. Maria Montez and Sabu) in a series of escapist adventures...
18. Jack Gargan Jack Gargan Actor, The Case of the Restless Redhead
19. Bud Jamison Bud Jamison Actor, Three Little Beers
20. Fred Stromsoe Fred Stromsoe Actor, The Love Bug
21. Shankar Nag Shankar Nag Actor, Ondanondu Kaladalli
22. Geoffrey Burridge Geoffrey Burridge Actor, An American Werewolf in London
23. Luis Barboo Luis Barboo Actor, Conan the Barbarian
24. Mary Munday Mary Munday Actress, Norma Rae
25. George Temple George Temple Actor, Ali Baba Goes to Town George Francis Temple was born in Fairview, Pennsylvania, in May 1888, to Francis Temple, a doctor, and Cynthia Yaeger Temple. Dr. Temple was devoted to his patients, but long hours and house calls in inclement weather soon took their toll, and he died of pneumonia in June 1896, when he was only 39...
26. Floyd Crosby Floyd Crosby Cinematographer, High Noon Floyd Delafield Crosby was born in 1899 to Fredrick Van Schoonhoven Crosby (1860-1920) and Julia Floyd Delafield (1874-1952). Floyd had one sibling, Katherine Van Rensselaer (Gregory). Floyd married Aliph Van Cortland Whitehead in 1940 and they had two children, Floyd Delafield Crosby (Ethan) in 1936 and David Crosby in 1940...
27. Ralph Cosham Ralph Cosham Actor, Starman
28. Paul Dehn Paul Dehn Writer, Goldfinger Paul Dehn's show-business career began in 1936 as a movie reviewer for several London newspapers. He later wrote plays, operettas and musicals for the stage. Dehn's first screenplay, for Seven Days to Noon, garnered him an Oscar. He later wrote everything from James Bond films to entries in the "Planet of the Apes" series, and also was a lyricist for several film musicals.
29. Robert 'Buzz' Henry Robert 'Buzz' Henry Actor, In Like Flint
30. Iemasa Kayumi Iemasa Kayumi Actor, Ghost in the Shell
31. Jack Reynolds Jack Reynolds Production Manager, Prison
32. John Hawkesworth John Hawkesworth Writer, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
33. Iggie Wolfington Iggie Wolfington Actor, All My Children
34. George Kirby George Kirby Self, Amos 'n' Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy
35. Ben Dova Ben Dova Actor, Marathon Man
36. Lina Basquette Lina Basquette Actress, The Godless Girl Journalist Adela Rogers St. Johns once dubbed Lina Basquette "The Screen Tragedy Girl." In retrospect, Lina's private life bore a similar description. While six of her eight marriages ended up "I Don'ts" (she was widowed twice), she would also have to contend with a flurry of legal confrontations, stormy affairs and suicide attempts...
37. Peter Gent Peter Gent Writer, North Dallas Forty
38. Gia McGinley Gia McGinley Actress, Empathy Passed tragically from this life during childbirth along with her precious infant son Samson James Romanelli on September 30, 2011. She is the cherished wife of Charlie Romanelli, loving mother of Nathaniel Scott Romanelli and Charles Thompson Romanelli, devoted daughter of Madeline (Mazzola) McGinley and the late James McGinley and darling sister of Scott James McGinley...
39. Jack Reynolds Jack Reynolds Actor, Abracadabra
40. Wheeler Dryden Wheeler Dryden Actor, Limelight
41. Byron Palmer Byron Palmer Actor, Man in the Attic Darkly handsome and extremely personable, actor/singer Byron Palmer's heyday was in the late 1940s and 1950s where his resonant speaking and singing voice became his primary moneymaker. The Los Angeles native was born on June 21, 1920, the second of four children of Etheleyn and Judge Harlan G. Palmer. His father was publisher of the then-Hollywood Citizen News...
42. Sabine Thalbach Sabine Thalbach Actress, Man of Straw
43. Ance Dzambazova Ance Dzambazova Actress, Makedonija moze
44. Patrick Aherne Patrick Aherne Actor, The Court Jester
45. Alfred Bester Alfred Bester Writer, Mr. Lucifer
46. Friedrich Feher Friedrich Feher Actor, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
47. Perc Westmore Perc Westmore Make-Up Department, Casablanca The son of an English wigmaker, he began his Hollywood career in 1921. Few actors had photogenically perfect features. Makeup often obliterated the best facial bone structure. Westmore developed cosmetics that would look the same under diverse lighting conditions and with different types of film.
48. P. Jay Sidney P. Jay Sidney Actor, As the World Turns
49. Mary Ford Mary Ford Soundtrack, Silver Linings Playbook
50. Frank Satenstein Frank Satenstein Director, The Ken Murray Show
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