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1. Gloria Talbott Gloria Talbott Actress, All That Heaven Allows Gloria Talbott was born in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, a city co-founded by her grandfather. Growing up in the shadows of the Hollywood studios, her interests inevitably turned to acting, with the result that she participated in school plays and landed small parts in films such as "Maytime" (1937)...
2. Ann Doran Ann Doran Actress, Rebel Without a Cause Ann Doran appeared in over 500 motion pictures and 1000 television shows, by one count. Starting at the age of four, she appeared in hundreds of silent films under assumed names so her father's family wouldn't find out. Rarely a featured player (although Charles Starrett's Rio Grande is a notable exception), she provided many a wonderful performance in support of the leads.
3. Elizabeth Allen Elizabeth Allen Actress, Donovan's Reef
4. Patricia Hayes Patricia Hayes Actress, A Fish Called Wanda
5. Lori Alexia Lori Alexia Actress, Lex Steele XXX 5 Lori Alexia was born Lora Ann Evans on March 2, 1980 in Barbados. Alexia moved to Hawaii when she was seven and lived in Hawaii until she was twelve. The short (just under 5'2"), but buxom and shapely beauty started out in the adult entertainment industry as a dancer at gentleman's clubs and soon thereafter began touring the United States...
6. Rex Ingram Rex Ingram Actor, The Thief of Bagdad A Corsicana native, Rex (Clifford) Ingram was the son of Mack and Mamie Ingram. He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in medicine before launching a brilliant acting career which spanned 50 years. Ingram made his screen debut during the silent era in Tarzan of the Apes . He won widespread acclaim for his portrayal of De Lawd in The Green Pastures ...
7. Dolores Hope Dolores Hope Self, Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas Memories
8. Amidou Amidou Actor, Ronin Little known by the general public, Moroccan-born Amidou can nevertheless boast an onstage and on screen career spanning almost five decades. Appearing in French films most of the time, he also worked in Morocco, in Tunisia and in American action movies like William Friedkin's 'The Sorcerer' and 'Rules of Engagement'...
9. Rich Mullins Rich Mullins Soundtrack, Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of Rich Mullins Popular Christian music artist known both for his own recordings of songs such as "Awesome God" and for his work as a songwriter for other Christian artists, including Amy Grant. The Christian music community mourned his loss when, at the age of 41, he was killed in a car crash in Illinois.
10. Audrey Long Audrey Long Actress, Desperate Leading lady in Hollywood low-budgeters of the 40s and early 50s.
11. Skeeter Davis Skeeter Davis Soundtrack, Girl, Interrupted Skeeter Davis was one of the first female vocalists to become a top level star in the country music field. Born Mary Frances Penick on December 30, 1931, Davis began performing in her native Kentucky as part of a duet with high school friend Betty Jack Davis in 1949. The teenagers, dubbed The Davis Sisters...
12. Pauline Frederick Pauline Frederick Actress, Thank You, Mr. Moto Pauline Frederick was born Pauline Beatrice Libby in Boston, Massachusetts on August 12, 1883. She was fascinated with show business from an early age and throughout her childhood, she was bred for a career in music. It has been said she had a terrific soprano voice, but Pauline also dabbled a bit in acting...
13. Bernard Behrens Bernard Behrens Actor, The Changeling
14. Frederick Combs Frederick Combs Actor, The Boys in the Band
15. Hermes Pan Hermes Pan Miscellaneous Crew, My Fair Lady Academy Award-winning dance director responsible for choreographing several dozen of Hollywood's most truly memorable musicals, including every one of the nine Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers 1930s gems - not to mention Fred and Ginger's screen swan song, The Barkleys of Broadway. He also choreographed some...
16. Bud Townsend Bud Townsend Director, The Beach Girls
17. Bill LeCornec Bill LeCornec Actor, Clarabell's Big Surprise
18. Jack May Jack May Actor, The Man Who Would Be King
19. Priya Tendulkar Priya Tendulkar Actress, Ankur
20. John Merton John Merton Actor, The Ten Commandments
21. Stephen Kolzak Stephen Kolzak Casting Department, Altered States
22. Red Foley Red Foley Soundtrack, The Polar Express Red Foley made his professional debut as a singer in Chicago. He was later discovered by a talent scout at Kentucky's Georgetown College. His mother and father operated a little store at the crossroads in Blue Lick, Kentucky. His father took an old guitar as part payment on an account and gave it to Red...
23. Gram Parsons Gram Parsons Soundtrack, Jerry Maguire
24. Ed Cobb Ed Cobb Soundtrack, American Horror Story Musician, songwriter and record producer Ed Cobb was born in 1938. Cobb was a member of the pop group, The Four Preps, from 1956 to 1966. Ed either wrote or co-wrote a bunch of songs for an eclectic array of artists; said songs include "Dirty Water" and "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" for The Standells...
25. Víctor Israel Víctor Israel Actor, Horror Express Victor Israel was one of the most prolific and ubiquitous, yet anonymous, often overlooked and hence underrated character actors in Spanish film history. Born on June 13th in 1929 in Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain, Israel attended the Escuela de actores de la Ciudad Condal. He began acting in films in the early 1960s...
26. Domonic Muir Domonic Muir Writer, Critters
27. June Preisser June Preisser Actress, Strike Up the Band Best known at MGM for giving young Judy Garland competition over the attentions of Mickey Rooney in a couple of their famous let's-put-on-a-show musical films, this dimpled blonde cream puff was first and foremost an acrobatic dancer and contortionist. June Preisser was born in New Orleans in 1920...
28. Philip Sayer Philip Sayer Actor, Xtro
29. Eve March Eve March Actress, Adam's Rib
30. John Dunning John Dunning Producer, Buffalo '66
31. Jun Ichikawa Jun Ichikawa Director, Tony Takitani
32. Alberto Closas Alberto Closas Actor, Death of a Cyclist During the spanish civil war he goes with his family to Buenos Aires. There he studies in the Escuela de Arte Dramatico of Margarita Xirgu. He debuts in cinema in 1946 in Argentina and in 1955 he comes back to Spain and still working in cinema and theater. He is the owner of the Marquina theater in Madrid.
33. Anita Lhoest Anita Lhoest Actress, Captive Girl Anita Lhoest was a 1940s' swimming champion from California, who, like many other athletes, got a one-time shot at the movies. Although she won the role of Daisy Mae for a projected film on Lil Abner (beating out Marilyn Monroe), the film was never made, and her only claim to cinematic fame was the Jungle Jim film Captive Girl.Nevertheless...
34. Irving Ravetch Irving Ravetch Writer, Hud
35. Edvard Persson Edvard Persson Actor, Scanian Guerilla Edvard Persson began his career with small parts at the Folkets Hus theater in Malmö. At the age of 18 he joined a traveling theater company, Opera Comique. Soon enough he was given the leading roles in operas and operettas. The company traveled around Sweden with plays such as Värmlänningarna or The Merry Widow...
36. Avi Sagild Avi Sagild Actress, Quiet Days in Clichy
37. Eddie Rosson Eddie Rosson Actor, The Homecoming
38. Earl Kress Earl Kress Writer, The Fox and the Hound
39. Vivian Duncan Vivian Duncan Self, Great Ladies in Theatre Tribute Composer, songwriter ("Rememb'ring") and entertainer, one of The Duncan Sisters. She played Eva in the Broadway musical "Topsy and Eva", for which she and her sister Rosetta wrote songs. With her sister, she also appeared in "Doing Our Bit", "She's a Good Fellow", and "Tip Top", and also in vaudeville...
40. Cosette Lee Cosette Lee Actress, Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile
41. Guntram Brattia Guntram Brattia Actor, The Days Between
42. Milton Holmes Milton Holmes Writer, Mr. Lucky
43. Donna Smythe Donna Smythe Actress, Toodle-Fucking-Oo
44. Christine Hewett Christine Hewett Actress, Star Wars A tall, fair-haired model since the late sixties, Christine Hewitt appeared in the cantina sequence of Star Wars together with another "Space Girl", Angela Staines. Although the casting call asked for blonde girls, both of them were fitted with black beehive style wigs for the occasion. Even though she was on screen for less than 5 seconds in the finished film...
45. Bobby Gilbert Bobby Gilbert Actor, Madonna with Knapsack and Flute A vaudeville actor, Gilbert played on the stages at Pantages, Paramount Publix and Fanchon and Marco. He was one of the first performers to play the South Pacific on USO tours during WWII.
46. Virginia Welles Virginia Welles Actress, To Each His Own
47. Hiroshi Yamauchi Hiroshi Yamauchi Producer, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
48. Italo Calvino Italo Calvino Writer, Boccaccio '70
49. Frank Villard Frank Villard Actor, Apocalypse Now
50. Robert Lawrence Robert Lawrence Editor, Spartacus
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