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1. Brett Somers Brett Somers Self, Match Game 73
2. Frances Bay Frances Bay Actress, Happy Gilmore Cute, tiny, and prolific little old lady character actress Frances Bay worked constantly in both films and TV shows alike after making her debut at the age of 59 in life with a small part in the comedy Foul Play in 1978. She frequently portrayed eccentric elderly women and good-hearted grandmothers in all kinds of pictures and television programs...
3. John Hoyt John Hoyt Actor, Gimme a Break!
4. Virginia Gregg Virginia Gregg Actress, Operation Petticoat
5. Moana Pozzi Moana Pozzi Actress, Diva Futura - L'avventura dell'amore Italian adult-film star Moana Pozzi was born on April 27, 1961, in Genova, Italy. In 1981 she began her film career, appearing in small uncredited parts in films and on television. Five years later she appeared in the Federico Fellini film Ginger and Fred. It was on the set of this film that she met Ilona Staller...
6. Timothy Bateson Timothy Bateson Actor, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Prolific British character actor, adept at eccentric or whimsical impersonations, particularly of Dickensian characters. The son of law society president Sir Dingwall Bateson, he won a scholarship to Wadham College, where he trained for acting with the Oxford University Dramatic Society. Straight out of college...
7. Corinne Camacho Corinne Camacho Actress, Days of Our Lives
8. Sidney Luft Sidney Luft Producer, A Star Is Born
9. Mark Stevens Mark Stevens Actor, The Snake Pit Mark Stevens, a second-tier star during the 1940s and 1950s, was born Richard William Stevens in Cleveland, OH, in 1916 (the dates in reference books vary between 1915-20). Of Scottish and English heritage, the freckle-faced boy with the reddish hair had a father who was an American flyer. His parents divorced while he was young and Mark was sent to England...
10. Harold Bennett Harold Bennett Actor, Are You Being Served?
11. Harry Holcombe Harry Holcombe Actor, The Fortune Cookie
12. Pablo Santos Pablo Santos Actor, Party Animalz
13. Henry Wills Henry Wills Actor, The High Chaparral Veteran stuntman and stunt coordinator Henry Wills was born on a cattle ranch in Arizona in 1921. After graduating high school he headed to Hollywood, and was soon working as an extra, mainly in westerns. He picked up some extra money doing stunt work, and soon began to concentrate on that field. He gained a reputation as one of the best horsemen in the business...
14. Frederick De Cordova Frederick De Cordova Producer, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Educated at Northwestern University, Frederick De Cordova began his show business career on the stage, and came to Hollywood in the mid-'40s as a dialogue director. He graduated to director in 1945. He spent much of his career at Universal Pictures, where he turned out medium-budget westerns, comedies and musicals...
15. Harry Tyler Harry Tyler Actor, The Grapes of Wrath
16. David Zdunich David Zdunich Actor, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
17. Sara Haden Sara Haden Actress, The Shop Around the Corner
18. Troy Kennedy-Martin Troy Kennedy-Martin Writer, The Italian Job
19. Daniel Levins Daniel Levins Actor, Grease
20. Johnny Ramone Johnny Ramone Soundtrack, The Royal Tenenbaums Johnny Ramone was born John William Cummings in Queens, New York. He went to be the guitar player for the Ramones, alongside Jeffrey Hyman and Douglas Colvin (later Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone). They also hired Thomas Erdelyi (later Tommy Ramone) as drummer. Tommy disbanded in 1978 and asked Marc Steven Bell (later Marky Ramone) if he would like to become the drum player...
21. Pierre Mondy Pierre Mondy Actor, Les Cordier, juge et flic
22. Norma Eberhardt Norma Eberhardt Actress, The Return of Dracula The beautiful Norma Eberhardt was born in Oakhurst, New Jersey. Norma developed a love for movies early. She was at a Easter Parade event with her mother when a well-known photographer stopped her and gave her his business card. When she turned seventeen, she got on a train and went straight to New York to find the photographer...
23. Jennifer Gan Jennifer Gan Actress, Women in Cages
24. Josephine Griffin Josephine Griffin Actress, The Man Who Never Was
25. Thomas Wolfe Thomas Wolfe Writer, Look Homeward, Angel
26. Guy Green Guy Green Director, A Patch of Blue Guy Green, the Academy Award-winning cinematographer and director who was a co-founder of the British Society of Cinematographers, was born in Frome, Somerset, England, on Guy Fawke's Day (November 5th), 1913. A devoted cinema enthusiast as a child, Green said he spent so much time watching the silent movies on the big screen...
27. Richard Wright Richard Wright Soundtrack, Doctor Strange Richard William Wright was born on 28th July, 1943, in Hatch End, London. His parents, Bridie and Cedric Wright had two other children, Selina and Guinevere. He quickly developed an interest in jazz and classical piano. Studying architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic in London, he met and formed a band with Roger Waters on bass...
28. Larry Douglas Larry Douglas Actor, Girls Are for Loving
29. LeRoy Prinz LeRoy Prinz Miscellaneous Crew, The Ten Commandments Le Roy Prinz started his career after running away from a boarding school. He came to France prior to WWI, where he earned his money dancing in night clubs. After the outbreak of war he became pilot. He was shot down 15 times, after that he fought in Nicaragua, until US forces came. Then he decided he'd pressed his luck...
30. Lila Leeds Lila Leeds Actress, Wild Weed
31. Charles McDaniel Charles McDaniel Actor, The Goonies
32. Oliver Wallace Oliver Wallace Composer, Peter Pan
33. Tommy Leonetti Tommy Leonetti Music Department, Massacre at Central High
34. Bill Bradbury Bill Bradbury Actor, The Mountain Lion
35. Tom Dillon Tom Dillon Actor, Night Tide
36. James Mitchell James Mitchell Writer, When the Boat Comes In
37. Tomas Pontén Tomas Pontén Actor, The Bomber
38. Leon Hirszman Leon Hirszman Director, Eles Não Usam Black-Tie One of the most important Brazilian directors of all time, Leon Hirszman is best remembered for the realistic manner of dealing with social and political themes in his works, from documentaries to feature films. His career started with a segment filmed for Cinco vezes Favela and The Deceased marked as his first feature film...
39. Petr Shelokhonov Petr Shelokhonov Actor, A zori zdes tikhie Petr (Peter) Shelokhonov was born in 1929, in Belarus, then part of the USSR. His ancestors came from Lithuania, from Ukraine and from Poland. Petr was destined to practice medicine, like his father, but his fate was changed by war. He survived the Nazi occupation during WWII. The Nazis arrested Petr and he was severely wounded in his forehead but he escaped and survived...
40. Milton Sills Milton Sills Actor, The Sea Hawk Son of stock broker and mineral dealer William Henry and banking heiress Josephine Antoinette Troost Sills, Milton Sills started out as a philosophy professor before joining Donald Robertson's stock company in 1906. By 1908, he was starring on Broadway. His film career commenced in 1914, and he became a steady box office draw until his sudden death in 1930.
41. Herbert Heywood Herbert Heywood Actor, The Strawberry Blonde
42. June Salter June Salter Actress, Dot and the Kangaroo
43. Gordon Piper Gordon Piper Actor, A Country Practice
44. Mitsugu Ôkura Mitsugu Ôkura Producer, Jigoku
45. Frank Jarvis Frank Jarvis Actor, The Italian Job
46. Åke Grönberg Åke Grönberg Actor, Sawdust and Tinsel
47. Frank Crichlow Frank Crichlow Self, The Mangrove Nine
48. Diana Sinden Diana Sinden Actress, The Harpist
49. Pierre Grasset Pierre Grasset Actor, Rififi
50. Malya Nappi Malya Nappi Actress, One Million Years B.C.
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