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1. Sebastian Cabot Sebastian Cabot Actor, The Jungle Book
2. Colleen Dewhurst Colleen Dewhurst Actress, Annie Hall Tall, luminous and leonine, the legendary Colleen Dewhurst must go down as one of the theater's finest contemporary tragediennes of the late 1900s. With trademark dusky tones and a majestically careworn appearance, she possessed an inimitable down-to-earth fierceness that not only earned her the title...
3. Jeff MacKay Jeff MacKay Actor, All the President's Men
4. Keith Knight Keith Knight Actor, Meatballs
5. Professor Toru Tanaka Professor Toru Tanaka Actor, The Running Man Built like the proverbial Patton tank, Professor Toru Tanaka was arguably the successor to Harold Sakata as the archetypal Asian henchman who possessed incredible strength, and clobbered those foolish enough to tangle with him. Born Charles Kalani, he was a successful wrestler and served for over ten years in the US Armed Forces attaining the rank of sergeant...
6. Nick Ashford Nick Ashford Soundtrack, The 40-Year-Old Virgin
7. Charles Stevens Charles Stevens Actor, The Black Pirate
8. Daniel Petrie Daniel Petrie Director, Cocoon: The Return
9. Glauber Rocha Glauber Rocha Director, Black God, White Devil He studied Law. He also directed theatre pieces, wrote movie criticisms and took part in the creation and development of the 'cinema novo' movement in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, becoming its theoretical leader and first embassador in Europe. After "Barravento (1962)", a trilogy of films and "Antonio das Mortes (1969)" he won various international prizes...
10. John Howard Davies John Howard Davies Producer, Mr. Bean Juvenile actor in British films; later TV director (e.g. "Monty Python's Flying Circus").
11. Jane Burgess Jane Burgess Actress, The Prime Mover
12. Joan Gerber Joan Gerber Actress, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
13. John Rodion John Rodion Actor, Tower of London 'Rodion Rathbone' is the only natural child of Basil Rathbone. He was born in Britain in 1918 or 1919 after his father returned from World War I. He was raised in Britain by his mother after his parents divorced around 1920. He went to Hollywood in the late 1930s to reunite with his father.
14. Vicco von Bülow Vicco von Bülow Writer, Pappa ante Portas Loriot was once best known as a cartoonist, with the distinguishing feature that all his characters had potato-shaped noses. In the 1960s, he presented the TV series "Cartoon" which featured short animated cartoons from all over the world. In between the clips he acted in little funny sketches. These...
15. Romi Koch Romi Koch Actress, Dead Doll
16. Bruce Cowling Bruce Cowling Actor, Battleground
17. Patrick McAlinney Patrick McAlinney Actor, The Omen
18. Jack Briggs Jack Briggs Actor, Joan of Paris
19. Damian Pitt Damian Pitt Actor, Beneath Clouds
20. Jeffrey Stone Jeffrey Stone Actor, The Thing That Couldn't Die Jeffrey Stone spent 14 years in the film industry in Hollywood, Italy and Spain. The start to his career came as the model for "Prince Charming" in Disney's "Cinderella". He went on to play "D'Artagnan" in the TV series, The Three Musketeers (aka The Three Musketeers). He appeared in numerous movies and guest appearances on TV...
21. Muni Muni Actress, Belle de Jour
22. Jerry Leiber Jerry Leiber Soundtrack, Forrest Gump
23. Aleksandr Demyanenko Aleksandr Demyanenko Actor, Operation 'Y' & Other Shurik's Adventures Aleksandr Sergeevich Demyanenko was born on May 30, 1937, in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia. His father, named Sergei Demyanenko, was an actor in Moscow, but moved to live in Sverdlovsk in the 1930's. Young Aleksandr Demyanenko was spending much time with his father at his acting class. From the age of 9 to15 he went to Sverdlovsk Music School and studied singing and piano...
24. John Boxer John Boxer Actor, The Bridge on the River Kwai
25. Vimi Vimi Actress, Aabroo
26. Jeff Moldovan Jeff Moldovan Stunts, The Patriot
27. Henri Génès Henri Génès Actor, The Sucker
28. Perry Ivins Perry Ivins Actor, Son of Frankenstein Perry Ivins got his start on Broadway in the 1920s, appearing in various small parts. With the advent of sound in movies, Ivins made his way to Hollywood. Ivins originally worked as a dialogue director, but eventually got work as a bit player. The articulate Ivins was well suited for white collar roles...
29. Huey P. Newton Huey P. Newton Self, Huey Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and inspirational leader of the Black Panther Party, was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. He was named after governor Huey P. Long. Newton's family moved to Oakland, California early in his childhood. He attended Merritt College, earning an Associate of Arts degree. He also studied law at Oakland City College and at San Francisco Law School...
30. Imperio Argentina Imperio Argentina Actress, Dear Nanny Spanish actress. Parents: Antonio Nile (guitar player) and Rosario del Río. She was born during an artistic tournee of her parents in Argentina. She lived in Málaga till she the age of 12. There she studied dance. When she was 12 years old, she debuted in the comedy theatre of Buenos Aires with the help of Pastora Imperio who calls her Petite Imperio...
31. Richard Wilson Richard Wilson Producer, It's All True
32. Jesper Klein Jesper Klein Actor, The Jungle Creature: Hugo
33. William Scott William Scott Actor, Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley
34. Ted Sears Ted Sears Writer, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs As his writing partner, Winston Hibler, once put it, "Perhaps Ted's greatest talent was his own unique brand of humor. It was warm, gentle humor; there was never a barb in it. And his was the key, to Ted's whole personality. He was the kindest man I ever knew. He lived with laughter and without malice...
35. Diana Vreeland Diana Vreeland Self, The Eighteenth Century Woman
36. Muriel Angelus Muriel Angelus Actress, The Great McGinty The memories are vague when it comes to recalling this London-born leading lady, but Muriel Angelus did have her moments. She managed to appear in a few classic Broadway musical shows and Hollywood films before her early retirement in the mid-1940s. Of Scottish parentage, the former Muriel Findlay developed a sweet-voiced soprano at an early age...
37. B.J. Hopper B.J. Hopper Actor, Because of Winn-Dixie
38. Kate Chopin Kate Chopin Writer, Grand Isle
39. Robert Wilder Robert Wilder Writer, The Big Country
40. Murdock MacQuarrie Murdock MacQuarrie Actor, Modern Times
41. Kamal Al-Shennawi Kamal Al-Shennawi Actor, Al-irhab wal kabab
42. Kishore Sahu Kishore Sahu Actor, Mayurpankh
43. Carol Kaye Carol Kaye Actress, Line Up
44. Jean Hayworth Jean Hayworth Actress, Young Man's Fancy
45. Seyyed Bozorg Mahmoody Seyyed Bozorg Mahmoody Self, Without My Daughter
46. Charley Foy Charley Foy Actor, Swingtime in the Movies
47. Clive Baxter Clive Baxter Actor, The Four Feathers
48. Junie Astor Junie Astor Actress, L'éternel retour
49. Ivan Rogers Ivan Rogers Actor, The Payback Man Ivan Rogers was born on September 20, 1954, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is one of the three sons of Paul B. Rogers, an independent building contractor, and Ola M. Rogers, a professional secretary. He attended Pike High School in Indianapolis, graduating in 1972. Immediately after graduation he attended Ball State University in Muncie...
50. Norman Shelley Norman Shelley Actor, I See a Dark Stranger
1-50 of 263 names.