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1. Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes Soundtrack, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Isaac Hayes was the second-born child of Isaac Sr. and Eula Hayes, but was raised by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wade Sr. The child of a poor family, he grew up picking cotton in Covington, Tennessee. He dropped out of high school, only to be encouraged later by his former high school teachers to get his diploma...
2. Dick Foran Dick Foran Actor, The Petrified Forest American light leading man of musical Westerns and supporting player dramatic films. The son of New Jersey senator Arthur Foran, he attended the Hunn School and Princeton University, where he pursued a degree in geology. He was a splendid athlete and singer and while at Princeton developed an interest in the theatre...
3. Eydie Gormé Eydie Gormé Self, Steve & Eydie Celebrate Irving Berlin Eydie Gorme was born in New York on August 16, 1928 to Sephardic Jewish parents. Her father, Nessim Garmezano, was a tailor, from Sicily, who changed his last name when he arrived in the United States. Gorme began singing straight out of high school, with various big bands. But her big break came after she auditioned for...
4. Rin Tin Tin Rin Tin Tin Actor, Clash of the Wolves The first 'Rin Tin Tin', who along with his heirs starred in numerous films and television series, was discovered during World War I, September 15, 1918, by US Air Corporal Lee Duncan and his battalion in Lorraine, France. At a bombed out dog kennel, Duncan found a mother Shepherd Dog and her scrawny litter of five pups...
5. William Henry William Henry Actor, The Thin Man Debuted in films at the age of 8, and would then enjoy a well-rounded career first as juvenile actor, then B-movie hero and ultimately character player in his later years.
6. Douglas Kennedy Douglas Kennedy Actor, Dark Passage A tall, powerfully built man, Douglas Kennedy entered films after graduating from Amherst. Making his debut in 1940, he appeared in many westerns and detective thrillers, often as a villain. World War II interrupted his career, and he spent the war years as a Signal Corps officer and an operative in the OSS and US Army Intelligence...
7. Terence Rigby Terence Rigby Actor, Tomorrow Never Dies
8. Ann Rowan Ann Rowan Actress, Ulysses
9. Daniel Farías Daniel Farías Director, Episode #1.1
10. Kenny Baker Kenny Baker Actor, Stage Door Canteen
11. Jani Lane Jani Lane Soundtrack, When in Rome
12. Doris Wishman Doris Wishman Director, Nude on the Moon
13. Calvin Culver Calvin Culver Actor, Ginger Calvin Culver, better known by his adult film name Casey Donovan, was born November 2, 1943 in East Bloomfield, New York. He graduated from teachers' college in 1965 and worked as a teacher in Peekskill and New York City. When he was fired from his teaching job after an altercation with a student, he began working as an escort and tried to establish an acting career...
14. Raquel Torres Raquel Torres Actress, Duck Soup Fetching Raquel Torres had a very brief but sexy reign in Hollywood with the advent of sound, but late-night viewers can still get a sampling of this spitfire's charms in one zany piece of slapstick with The Marx Brothers. Born Paula Osterman in Hermosillo, Mexico, on November 11, 1908, she arrived in...
15. Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd Director, Mutiny on the Bounty Frank Lloyd was an unpretentious, technically skilled director, who crafted several enduring Hollywood classics during the 1930's. He started out as a stage actor and singer in early 1900's London and was well-known as an imitator of Harry Lauder. After several years in music hall and with touring repertory companies...
16. Liz Gebhardt Liz Gebhardt Actress, The Naked Civil Servant
17. Jeanne Barr Jeanne Barr Actress, Long Day's Journey Into Night
18. Ray Corrigan Ray Corrigan Actor, Undersea Kingdom Ray Corrigan was a physical culturist and very good athlete. He began working in Hollywood, as a physical fitness trainer for movie stars. Bit parts in 1932 led to action roles in the Undersea Kingdom and The Leathernecks Have Landed, the same year he began his role as Tucson Smith in Republic Pictures' "Three Mesquiteer" series; he did 24 films in that series before leaving in 1939...
19. Joan Marsh Joan Marsh Actress, You're Telling Me! Platinum blonde; a leading lady in US films from the 30's through late 50's who had been a child player in silents ca. 1920.
20. Naura Hayden Naura Hayden Actress, The Angry Red Planet
21. Ivor Dean Ivor Dean Actor, Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde
22. Rana Fisher Rana Fisher Actress, Pomegranate
23. Jennifer Paterson Jennifer Paterson Self, Lock Keepers
24. John Nesbitt John Nesbitt Actor, Our Old Car
25. Vince Barnett Vince Barnett Actor, The Killers Former vaudevillian, who acquired a solid reputation as a practical joker and master of insult, second only to the great Groucho Marx. Celebrity hosts would often hire Vince to perform gags and put-on jokes at their lavish parties, where he would insult the guests and create mayhem in his wake. He often posed as heavily-accented journalists with names like 'Timothy Glutzspiegel'...
26. Guido Mannari Guido Mannari Actor, Caligula
27. Jean-Claude Lauzon Jean-Claude Lauzon Director, Léolo Lauzon came from a humble family and he worked in many different jobs, until he obtained a title in Communications, and went to Los Angeles to study cinema, in the late 70s. He made some shortcuts, the majority of which received awards, and then two films which also won many prizes and established him as one of the most important Canadian directors of the time...
28. Carlo Rambaldi Carlo Rambaldi Special Effects, Alien
29. Constance Chapman Constance Chapman Actress, Clockwise
30. George W. Hill George W. Hill Director, The Big House George W. Hill (1895-1934)--not to be confused with later director George Roy Hill (1921-2002) of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame--was one of the ace filmmakers at mighty MGM, along with King Vidor and Tod Browning, from the mid-'20s until his death in 1934, directing such major stars as Lon Chaney and Wallace Beery...
31. David L. Wolper David L. Wolper Producer, L.A. Confidential
32. James O'Neill James O'Neill Actor, The Count of Monte Cristo
33. Adia Kuznetzoff Adia Kuznetzoff Actor, For Whom the Bell Tolls
34. Danny Mummert Danny Mummert Actor, It's a Wonderful Life
35. Raleigh Bond Raleigh Bond Actor, The Postman Always Rings Twice
36. Adela Rogers St. Johns Adela Rogers St. Johns Writer, A Free Soul Adela Rogers St. Johns was born Nora Adela Rogers on May 20, 1894 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of legendary criminal defense attorney Earl Rogers, a brilliant barrister who drank himself to death at an early age. Lionel Barrymore won a Best Actor Oscar playing a mouthpiece based on her father in A Free Soul...
37. Jessie Robins Jessie Robins Actress, The Fearless Vampire Killers
38. Irene Sharaff Irene Sharaff Costume Designer, West Side Story Nominated for fifteen Academy Awards, charismatic costumer Irene Sharaff once declared "you can acquire chic and elegance, but style itself is a a rare thing" (NY Times, August 17, 1993). During her long and distinguished career, Sharaff became known as much for her meticulous attention to detail and her sense of colour as for her versatility in adapting to many genres and periods...
39. Anthony Radziwill Anthony Radziwill Producer, Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth Son of Lee Radziwill and Prince Stanislav Radizwill, Anthony Radziwill was born into a world of privilege. Related to the world-famous Kennedy family of the United States, Anthony began his career in television production, after graduating from college. One of his first projects was producing NBC's coverage of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul...
40. Jill Monroe Jill Monroe Actress, Tigresses and Other Man-eaters
41. Robin Bach Robin Bach Actor, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
42. Marie-Soleil Tougas Marie-Soleil Tougas Actress, L'homme idéal
43. Richard Fiske Richard Fiske Actor, The Devil Commands
44. Ira Wheeler Ira Wheeler Actor, The Killing Fields
45. Lafe McKee Lafe McKee Actor, Blue Steel Lafe McKee began working in Hollywood around 1913. He usually played the likeable father of the heroine, the distressed businessman, or the ranch owner on the verge of losing his homestead or cattle to the villains. The majority of his films were westerns and he supported such actors as Gary Cooper, John Wayne, Gene Autry, Tim McCoy, Tom Tyler, and others.
46. Tetsu Komai Tetsu Komai Actor, The Letter
47. Vojislav Nanovic Vojislav Nanovic Director, The Magic Sword
48. Inese Jurjane Inese Jurjane Actress, Zitaru dzimta
49. Jean Malin Jean Malin Actor, Dancing Lady
50. Colin Eggleston Colin Eggleston Director, Long Weekend
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