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1. Mary Tamm Mary Tamm Actress, The Odessa File
2. Lupe Ontiveros Lupe Ontiveros Actress, As Good as It Gets
3. Terry Scott Terry Scott Actor, Carry on Camping A brilliant comic actor Terry Scott was one of the most familiar faces on British television in the 1960s and 70s. At the height of his popularity his classic comedy series, Terry and June, (in which he co-starred with June Whitfield) was watched by 15 million viewers weekly. Born Owen John Scott in...
4. Bernie Diamond Bernie Diamond Actor, The Letter Writer
5. Eva Perón Eva Perón Actress, La pródiga Eva María Duarte was born into a small poor village, Los Toldos. When she was still a child she always knew she wanted to break out and get more than the others from her life. She wanted to become an actress. At the age of 15, she seduced the singer Agustín Magaldi to take her with him on his journey to Buenos Aires...
6. Tony Anholt Tony Anholt Actor, Destination Moonbase-Alpha
7. Camilla DeCastro Camilla DeCastro Actress, My Girlfriends Cock 2
8. Ed Gein Ed Gein Miscellaneous Crew, Ed Gein Ed Gein and his elder brother Henry were born into a farming family near Plainfield, WI. George Gein, his father, was a tanner and carpenter and was drunk most of the time. Augusta, Ed's domineering mother, was the real power of the house. She was a religious fanatic who constantly warned her sons about the sins of premarital sex and railed against "evil" women...
9. Justin Tarr Justin Tarr Actor, Bullitt
10. Cedric Gibbons Cedric Gibbons Art Director, The Wizard of Oz After graduating from New York's Art Students League he worked for his architect father, then started film work at Edison Studios in 1915 assisting Hugo Ballin. In 1918 he moved to Goldwyn as art director and, in 1924, began his 32 year stint as supervising art director for some 1500 MGM films, with direct responsibility in well over 150 of those...
11. Raymond Walburn Raymond Walburn Actor, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Stalwart character Raymond Walburn is one of those actors whose name may have slipped through the memory cracks over time, but whose valued contribution to 30s and 40s comedy films certainly warrants a reminder. Somewhat reminiscent of the "Mr. Monopoly" character, Walburn was the archetypal bombastic bumbler or supercilious stuffed shirt with the trademark bulgy eyes...
12. Janet Key Janet Key Actress, 1984
13. Winsor McCay Winsor McCay Writer, Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics Like many pioneers, the work of 'Winsor McCay' has been largely superseded by successors such as Walt Disney and Max Fleischer but he more than earns a place in film history for being the American cinema's first great cartoon animator. He started out as a newspaper cartoonist, achieving a national reputation for his strips 'Little Nemo in Slumberland' and 'Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend'...
14. Andrés Soler Andrés Soler Actor, Tizoc
15. Virginia Brissac Virginia Brissac Actress, Rebel Without a Cause
16. Michael Jeffrey Woods Michael Jeffrey Woods Actor, Another Day in Paradise
17. Werner Hedman Werner Hedman Director, Måske i morgen
18. John Normington John Normington Actor, Atonement
19. Allen 'Farina' Hoskins Allen 'Farina' Hoskins Actor, Pups Is Pups
20. Silvio Narizzano Silvio Narizzano Director, Georgy Girl Of Italian-American ancestry, Narizzano was educated at Bishop's University, Quebec. His first theatrical work was with the Mountain Playhouse in Montreal, before joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as assistant to Norman Jewison, Arthur Hiller, Sidney J. Furie and Ted Kotcheff. From the mid-1950's...
21. Margaret Howell Margaret Howell Actress, Tightrope
22. Edward Ellis Edward Ellis Actor, Fury Character actor in films, often portraying strident types, he is best remembered cast as "The Thin Man" (actually, "Wynant") of the hit 1934 MGM film. He Ellis was active on Broadway as an actor, producer and playwright from 1905-32 (see "Other Works"). He died in Beverly Hills, CA at age 81 in 1952.
23. Leigh Whipper Leigh Whipper Actor, Of Mice and Men Leigh Whipper was an consummate actor who led an impressive life. Born in South Carolina in 1876, at the end of the Reconstruction Era in which his parents had participated, he was educated in Washington, D.C., attending Howard University, before turning permanently to a life in the theater. At a time when work for black actors was limited...
24. William A. Seiter William A. Seiter Director, Sons of the Desert Originally a writer and artist, William A. Seiter entered films with Selig. He worked from 1915 as a stunt double and bit player at Keystone and quickly graduated to directing comedy shorts. He moved up to features in the 1920s. He married actress Laura La Plante, who he directed in several films, such as Skinner's Dress Suit...
25. Cosmo Allegretti Cosmo Allegretti Actor, Prince of the City
26. Claud Allister Claud Allister Actor, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
27. Edwin Phillips Edwin Phillips Actor, Wild Boys of the Road
28. Buddy Baker Buddy Baker Composer, The Fox and the Hound
29. Don Wilbanks Don Wilbanks Actor, The Over-the-Hill Gang
30. Hugh Wheeler Hugh Wheeler Writer, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
31. Kenneth Tynan Kenneth Tynan Writer, Macbeth Kenneth Tynan was one of the most famous theatrical critics of the 20th Century. He earned his own permanent place in the history of the English theater when he became the first dramaturg of Laurence Olivier, when the great actor finally realized his dream and became the director of the new National Theatre...
32. Jane Hoffman Jane Hoffman Actress, Deconstructing Harry
33. Luis Manuel Pelayo Luis Manuel Pelayo Actor, A paso de cojo
34. Ernst Schröder Ernst Schröder Actor, Stresemann
35. Averell Harriman Averell Harriman Self, The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table
36. Mary Wells Mary Wells Soundtrack, The Commitments Detroit-born (in 1943) Mary Wells was one of the first stars of the soon-to-be-legendary Motown Records, and while she became one of the label's superstars, she had very, very difficult early years that many other people would not have been able to overcome. As a child she contracted spinal meningitis...
37. Thierry Redler Thierry Redler Actor, District 13: Ultimatum
38. Mary Blair Mary Blair Animation Department, Cinderella
39. Richard Tatro Richard Tatro Actor, I, Mudd
40. Louise Bennett Louise Bennett Actress, Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
41. Clayton Hill Clayton Hill Actor, Dawn of the Dead Clayton Hill started entertaining at an early age. When he was six years old, he sang in beer gardens with 3 piece combos where they would throw money at him. When he was a teenager, he sang on the radio station, WTAE-Pittsburgh on Saturday mornings in front of crowds of thousands of people. He went into the U.S...
42. Clarke Alexander Clarke Alexander Actor, The Fifth Man
43. Tatsuo Yamada Tatsuo Yamada Actor, Departures
44. Jeane Wood Jeane Wood Actress, The Ten Commandments
45. Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón Actor, Delusions of Grandeur
46. Alexander Golitzen Alexander Golitzen Art Director, Touch of Evil Alexander Golitzen was a legendary art director, a field in which most worker's names remain relatively unknown. His prolific work in hundreds of films, predominantly at Universal, made his name familiar to many film-goers, at least among those who read credits. Possibly only Cedric Gibbons, at MGM...
47. Louise Closser Hale Louise Closser Hale Actress, Shanghai Express Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1872, character actress Louise Closser Hale (nee Louise Closser) began her acting studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and Emerson College of Oratory in Boston. On stage from 1894, her first hit show was in George Bernard Shaw's "Candida" in 1903 on Broadway...
48. Laurindo Almeida Laurindo Almeida Music Department, The Gift
49. Walter Richter Walter Richter Actor, Taxi nach Leipzig
50. Norma McClure Norma McClure Actress, The Mack
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