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1. Peter Sellers Peter Sellers Actor, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Often credited as the greatest comedian of all time, Peter Sellers was born to a well-off English acting family in 1925. His mother and father worked in an acting company run by his grandmother. As a child, Sellers was spoiled, as his parents' first child had died at birth. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force and served during World War II...
2. Constance Bennett Constance Bennett Actress, Topper Often described as the most beautiful of the Bennett sisters with her blonde hair and blue eyes, Constance Bennett was the daughter of actor Richard Bennett and actress Adrienne Morrison. Her sisters were Joan Bennett and Barbara Bennett. She was educated at Miss Shandor's school, Mrs. Merrill's school and Mme...
3. Chad Everett Chad Everett Actor, Mulholland Dr. Both a leading and a supporting actor in movies and on television, name a role - lawyer, airline pilot, rig foreman, doctor, gunslinger, real-life person, good guy, bad guy - and Chad Everett has probably played it. He was born Raymon Lee Cramton on June 11, 1936, in South Bend, Indiana. In high school, he did stage plays and wanted to become an actor...
4. Victor Moore Victor Moore Actor, Swing Time
5. Sherman Hemsley Sherman Hemsley Actor, Alice in Wonderland Sherman Hemsley played characters known to be wise-cracking, "Weezy" loving, "honky" calling, boisterous fools which America and the entire world laughed with kindheartedly. Sherman Alexander Hemsley, Air Force veteran and actor, was born on Feb. 1, 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, William Hemsley...
6. G.D. Spradlin G.D. Spradlin Actor, The Godfather: Part II G.D. Spradlin started his career as a lawyer, then became an Independent Oil producer. He was active in local politics before turning to acting. He joined the Oklahoma Repertory Theatre in 1964.
7. Brian Glover Brian Glover Actor, Alien³ Brian Glover was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire and used to be a professional wrestler going by the name of "Leon Arras the Man From Paris". He also provides one of the voices for the animated "Tetley Tea" TV adverts. His stage work included seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre.
8. Chaney Kley Chaney Kley Actor, Darkness Falls
9. Virginia Christine Virginia Christine Actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Virginia was a concert pianist and a trained lyric soprano. She studied dancing with Maria Bekefi and acting with the renowned professional studio coach, Helena Sorell and Michael Mark. Virginia spoke four languages, English, French, Swedish and German.
10. Barbara Colby Barbara Colby Actress, Murder by the Book Actress Barbara Colby, at age 36, was on the brink of TV character stardom when the native New Yorker was senselessly shot and killed one evening on the streets of Los Angeles. The tall, toothy, husky-voiced, frizzy-haired actress equipped with a keen, Brooklyn-tough sensibility and dead-on comedy instincts had just started to make a name for herself on the West coast when tragedy occurred...
11. Alan Clarke Alan Clarke Director, Scum Liverpool native Alan Clarke got his start in the film business in Canada, where he studied acting and directing. Upon returning to England he got a job at ITV, then moved over to the BBC in 1969. He worked mostly in television, but he made a couple of feature films that got attention for their portrayal of the gritty and occasionally violent life of the British working class...
12. Maurice Denham Maurice Denham Actor, Animal Farm Born in Beckenham, Kent, English character actor Maurice Denham first came to public notice in the 1940s on radio, appearing on many of the most popular comedy series of the day in a variety of characters. His debut in films came in 1947 with The Smugglers. His talents came to the forefront in the animated feature Animal Farm...
13. Vincent Beck Vincent Beck Actor, ...And Justice for All. Tall, deep-voiced character actor who started on screen in the lamentable Santa Claus Conquers the Martians which would have taken him some time to live down. Thereafter, he was most comfortable playing the heavy, and never averse to do so in monster make-up, as in The Time Tunnel episode "Town of Terror." He was also the blue-faced alien hunter Megazor in the third season episode of Lost in Space,"Hunter's Moon"...
14. Uttam Kumar Uttam Kumar Actor, Nayak: The Hero The legendary Bengali Actor of Calcutta. Acted in over 250 films. Got the Indian national award Padmashree for his contribution to Bengali films. He also directed and produced two films. "Banpalashir Padabali" in Bengali and "Chhoti si Mulaquat" in Hindi.
15. Lance Reventlow Lance Reventlow Self, The Sound of Speed
16. Frank Fenton Frank Fenton Actor, A Foreign Affair
17. Archie Duncan Archie Duncan Actor, Ring of Bright Water
18. Sacha Guitry Sacha Guitry Writer, Faisons un rêve... French actor, dramatist and director, Sacha Guitry was born in 1885 in Saint-Petersburg where his father, actor Lucien Guitry, was under contract with the city's French theater. Early on, Sacha knew he was going to be an artist. Therefore, his studies were mediocre. His acting debuts were not too encouraging either...
19. Ernest Morrison Ernest Morrison Actor, Spooks Run Wild "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison was most famous as one of the Dead End Kids/East Side Kids, but he was probably the most experienced actor of that group. Morrison made his film debut while still an infant; his father worked for a wealthy Los Angeles family that had connections in the film industry, and one...
20. G. Wood G. Wood Actor, Harold and Maude
21. Tresa Hughes Tresa Hughes Actress, Another World Born in 1929 in Washington, Tresa Hughes was raised in Baltimore. She attended Maryland Art Institute and Johns Hopkins and George Washington Universities and graduated from Wayne State University. She was in the acting company at Pennsylvania's Hedgerow Theatre, led by Jasper Deeter; and a member of Playwrights Theater Company in Chicago...
22. Harry Towb Harry Towb Actor, Barry Lyndon
23. Hans Albers Hans Albers Actor, The Blue Angel Life companion was the actress Hansi Burg. Their relationship started in 1925. They separated in 1935 due to the pressure of the German Nazi government. In 1938 she went into exile in Switzerland (later London). Shortly after this she married the Norwegian Erich Blydt. Burg returned to Germany and Albers in 1946. They lived together until his death 1960. She died 15 years later.
24. Zeffie Tilbury Zeffie Tilbury Actress, The Grapes of Wrath
25. Bill Shine Bill Shine Actor, The Red Shoes
26. Richard Jury Richard Jury Actor, A House for All Seasons
27. Michael Sellers Michael Sellers Self, I Told You I Was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan
28. Al Eben Al Eben Actor, Corky Romano
29. James Kiernan James Kiernan Actor, With Friends Like These
30. Michael Sundin Michael Sundin Actor, Return to Oz
31. Eddie Parks Eddie Parks Actor, In God We Tru$t
32. Jean Girault Jean Girault Writer, The Troops of St. Tropez
33. Jane White Jane White Actress, Klute
34. Kendrick Huxham Kendrick Huxham Actor, Judgment Night
35. Harry Hayden Harry Hayden Actor, Till the Clouds Roll By Bespectacled, thick-set US light player often cast as officious or snooping types like hotel managers and bankers.
36. Chae-yeong Yu Chae-yeong Yu Actress, Sex Is Zero
37. José Bódalo José Bódalo Actor, Django
38. Siegfried Grönig Siegfried Grönig Actor, Freitag, der 13.
39. 'Little Billy' Rhodes 'Little Billy' Rhodes Actor, The Terror of Tiny Town
40. Walt Martin Walt Martin Sound Department, Million Dollar Baby
41. Michael O'Sullivan Michael O'Sullivan Actor, Hang 'Em High
42. Henri Attal Henri Attal Actor, Vivre Sa Vie
43. Luana Alcañiz Luana Alcañiz Actress, La barraca
44. Andrew Cunanan Andrew Cunanan Uncategorised Andrew Cunanan was the youngest of four children in a prosperous but unhappy family in the San Diego area. His status-conscious father was a former Naval officer and stockbroker and his naive, religious mother was a homemaker. His parents marriage was showing strains when Cunanan was born, with his father repeatedly accusing his mother of infidelity...
45. Rene Requiestas Rene Requiestas Actor, Alyas Batman en Robin
46. László Görög László Görög Writer, The Affairs of Susan
47. Wim Verstappen Wim Verstappen Director, De Minder gelukkige terugkeer van Joszef Katus naar het land van Rembrandt
48. Donald Symington Donald Symington Actor, Annie Hall
49. Davis Grubb Davis Grubb Writer, The Night of the Hunter Novelist and short-story writer Davis Grubb was a descendant of one of the oldest, most prominent families in the Moundsville, West Virginia, area. He mined the area's history for some of his works, including his award-winning first novel "The Night of the Hunter", based on a thief who romanced, then killed...
50. Michael Holden Michael Holden Producer, Tom Jones
1-50 of 303 names.