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1. Meredith MacRae Meredith MacRae Actress, Petticoat Junction Meredith Lynn MacRae was born on May 30, 1944, in Houston, Texas. She was born on a military base where her father was stationed. Meredith was bitten by the show business bug at an early age. Her father, Gordon MacRae was a singer and movie idol of the 1950s (Roger & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! and Carousel)...
2. Dennis Burkley Dennis Burkley Actor, The Doors
3. Lisa Gaye Lisa Gaye Actress, Night of Evil
4. Dal McKennon Dal McKennon Actor, Daniel Boone
5. Preston Foster Preston Foster Actor, Waterfront Actor, composer, songwriter, guitarist and author. He moved from Broadway acting (1928-1932) into films, touring America with his wife and daughter, and did some recordings. He was the executive producer at the El Camino Playhouse in California. Joining ASCAP in 1953, his chief musical collaborator was Perry Botkin...
6. Cosmo Sardo Cosmo Sardo Actor, Same Time, Next Year
7. Eric Linden Eric Linden Actor, Gone with the Wind Fair-haired, youthfully handsome Swedish-American actor Eric Linden, who enjoyed pre-Code, Depression-era Hollywood stardom in boyish leads, was discovered for films by director Wesley Ruggles when Ruggles cast the New York-based actor in a lead role in the film Are These Our Children. Born in New York City...
8. Carrie Nye Carrie Nye Actress, Creepshow Born to play Tennessee Williams, her harsh beauty, caustic humor and throaty tones were unmistakable and reminiscent of a bygone era that once idolized Tallulah Bankhead and Marlene Dietrich. Her old-fashioned stylings were perhaps too theatrical or indulgent to make a noticeable dent on film or TV (such...
9. Hugh Lloyd Hugh Lloyd Actor, Hugh and I
10. Jack Woolgar Jack Woolgar Actor, Crossroads
11. Olaf Pooley Olaf Pooley Actor, Wallenberg: A Hero's Story He was born in Parkstone, Dorset, England. His father was English and his mother was Danish. Olaf was a student of architecture at the Architectural Association, London, and of painting at the Chelsea School of Art. In Paris, he studied under the tutelage of Marcel Grommaire, at the Acedemie Colorossi...
12. Philip Leacock Philip Leacock Director, The Waltons Philip Leacock was brought up in the Canary Islands and educated at the English boarding school Bedales. He began in the film industry as a camera assistant in 1935. After serving with the Army Kinematograph Service during World War II, he joined the Crown Film Unit in 1948, making his directing debut with Life in Her Hands...
13. Zbigniew Zapasiewicz Zbigniew Zapasiewicz Actor, Krótki film o zabijaniu
14. Hal John Norman Hal John Norman Actor, Island of the Blue Dolphins
15. Kenny Delmar Kenny Delmar Actor, Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales
16. Scott Doebler Scott Doebler Actor, Ordinary People
17. True Ellison True Ellison Actress, The Adventures of Superboy
18. Luis Mariano Luis Mariano Actor, The Adventurer of Seville Mariano Eusebio González García, a.k.a Luis Mariano, was a famous tenor of Spanish-Basque origin who is remembered, especially in France, as "the king of the operetta." Born in Irún, he showed from an early age the signs of a multi-talented personality. By the time he was 12 years old, he could sing...
19. Adlai Stevenson Adlai Stevenson Self, Gala Adlai on Broadway Grandson and namesake of Grover Cleveland's second Vice President, Adlai Ewing Stevenson was born in Los Angeles and raised in Bloomington, Illinois. Following a childhood marred by his accidental fatal shooting of an acquaintance in 1912, he attended the Choate School, served briefly as an apprentice seaman in the U.S...
20. Ernest Tidyman Ernest Tidyman Writer, The French Connection
21. Asmahan Asmahan Actress, Gharam wa intiqam A very talented singer with a beautiful voice. She starred in two films, the first, Victory of Youth, was with her older brother 'Farid Al Atrach' and the second Passion and Revenge. Asmahane died in a car accident while filming 'Gharam wa intiqam', it is rumoured, through the war between the secret services in Cairo during World War II.
22. Carlos López Moctezuma Carlos López Moctezuma Actor, Hidden River
23. Jacques Marbeuf Jacques Marbeuf Actor, Army of Shadows
24. Gil Donaldson Gil Donaldson Actor, Dallas
25. Arthur Cave Arthur Cave Self, 20,000 Days on Earth
26. Michael Klenfner Michael Klenfner Actor, The Blues Brothers
27. Suresh Suresh Actor, Yasmin
28. Richard McDonald Richard McDonald Self, Biography
29. Brian O'Shaughnessy Brian O'Shaughnessy Actor, The Gods Must Be Crazy
30. Al Hill Al Hill Actor, The Bank Dick
31. Wolf Gremm Wolf Gremm Director, Kamikaze 89
32. Leela Chitnis Leela Chitnis Actress, Guide
33. Grock Grock Actor, Grock Karl Adrien Wettach, one of the most famous clowns of the first half of the 20th century, was born on Jan 10, 1880 in Reconvilier in the Swiss Canton of Bern. His watchmaker father was an amateur musician and acrobat, and he taught the young Karl the basics of music and tumbling. Karl became hooked on performing...
34. Richard Leiterman Richard Leiterman Cinematographer, It
35. Henki Kolstad Henki Kolstad Actor, Hunger
36. Don Brinkley Don Brinkley Writer, Trapper John, M.D.
37. Michael Turner Michael Turner Actor, Othello
38. Geary Steffin Geary Steffin Self, Sonja Henie: Queen of the Ice
39. Alberto Lionello Alberto Lionello Actor, The Birds, the Bees and the Italians
40. Tom Rolf Tom Rolf Editor, Taxi Driver
41. Breno Mello Breno Mello Actor, Black Orpheus
42. Rita Daniel Rita Daniel Actress, Candida
43. David Somerville David Somerville Music Department, The Fall Guy
44. Jack Healy Jack Healy Actor, The Phil Silvers Show
45. Janet Whiteside Janet Whiteside Actress, Pride & Prejudice Janet was born in Birmingham on October 10 1931 and trained as an actress at Birmingham Repertory School, subsequently performing in repertory groups around the British Isles. In 1968 she made her Royal Shakespeare Company debut, remaining with them until 1976, then returning for a 7 year stint in 1995...
46. Paul Krüger Paul Krüger Self, Oom Paul Stephanus Johannes Paulus Krüger, the president of the 19th century Transvaal Republic in what is now South Africa, was born on October 10, 1825 into a family of Prussian descent at Bulhoek in the Steynsburg district of what is now South Africa, at his grandfather's farm. Krüger, who was affectionately called "Oom Paul" (Afrikaans for "Uncle Paul") by his people...
47. Joseph Harnell Joseph Harnell Music Department, Santa Barbara Composer/songwriter who wrote the United Artists logo music for film/TV. Educated at the University of Miami and Trinity College, he studied with Aaron Copland, Darius Milhaud, Ernst Toch, and Leonard Bernstein, played piano in dance bands, and was music director for Harry Richman, Jane Froman, Peggy Lee...
48. Walter Sedlmayr Walter Sedlmayr Actor, Polizeiinspektion 1 Walter Sedlmayr was loved by his audience very much, but nobody knew the real Sedlmayr. He always kept his privat life very private, and it was revealed after his death that he was homosexual. He couldn't come out as a homosexual for different reasons, but the main reason was surely his reputation as a typical bavarian man...
49. Eric Bergren Eric Bergren Writer, The Elephant Man
50. Andrew Stroud Andrew Stroud Soundtrack, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1-50 of 342 names.