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1. Cory Monteith Cory Monteith Actor, Monte Carlo Cory Monteith was born on May 11, 1982 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Cory Allan Michael Monteith. He was an actor, known for playing the singing jock Finn on the American TV show Glee and films such as Monte Carlo, and Final Destination 3. He died on July 13, 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
2. Sage Stallone Sage Stallone Actor, Rocky V
3. Red Buttons Red Buttons Actor, The Poseidon Adventure Composer, actor, comedian and author, he joined ASCAP in 1963 and wrote several popular songs (which he often personally performed), including "Strange Things Are Happening" and "The Ho-Ho Song".
4. Richard D. Zanuck Richard D. Zanuck Producer, Jaws
5. Roy Palmer Roy Palmer Actor, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin Present High Hopes
6. George Hayes George Hayes Actor, Great Expectations
7. Eleanor Summerfield Eleanor Summerfield Actress, A Christmas Carol Known for her small yet earthy Brit portrayals on film, Eleanor Summerfield was born in London on March 7, 1921, initially trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (1937). The hard-looking, blue-eyed blonde began in films in 1947 but created some waves first on stage opposite Cicely Courtneidge in "Her Excellency" at the London Hippodrome in 1949...
8. Alla Nazimova Alla Nazimova Actress, Salome The grand, highly flamboyant Russian star Alla Nazimova of Hollywood silent films lived an equally grand, flamboyant life off-camera, though her legendary status has not held up as firmly as that of a Rudolph Valentino today. Born in Yalta, Crimea, in 1879, Mariam Edez Adelaida Leventon was the third child in an abusive...
9. Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Uncategorised Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico, the seventh daughter of a successful German photographer who emigrated to Mexico, and a Mexican-Indian mother. Her father encouraged her interest in art, photography and archaeology; her mother was not so well educated, and also very religious...
10. Gilly Coman Gilly Coman Actress, Priest
11. John Alexander John Alexander Actor, Arsenic and Old Lace Making his stage debut at age 16, John Alexander joined a Shakespearean repertory company and in 1917 appeared on Broadway in "The Merchant of Venice." Although he played many parts on both stage and in films, his best known role was that of the crazed Teddy Brewster--the son who thinks he's Theodore Roosevelt - in Arsenic and Old Lace, a part he played both on stage and in the movie.
12. Ginny Tyler Ginny Tyler Actress, The Sword in the Stone
13. Alan Marshal Alan Marshal Actor, House on Haunted Hill
14. Irving Pichel Irving Pichel Director, The Most Dangerous Game
15. Corinne Griffith Corinne Griffith Actress, The Divine Lady Corinne Griffith became a popular star of the silent movies. Corinne started her film career at Vitagraph in 1916. She later moved to First National where she became one of their biggest stars. At the height of her popularity, she was known as the "Orchid Lady of the Screen." 'Black Oxen (1924)' was one of her most popular films...
16. Michael Reardon Michael Reardon Actor, The Punisher Starting as a child actor in the 70s, Michael graduated to become a musician with a handful of albums in the glam-rock 80s. During this time he directed several music videos and commercials and sold a handful of scripts that later became feature films. Michael briefly disappeared from entertainment...
17. John Bryant John Bryant Actor, The Bat
18. Heinz Reincke Heinz Reincke Actor, The Bridge at Remagen
19. Matti Pellonpää Matti Pellonpää Actor, La Vie de Bohème
20. Les Crane Les Crane Self, Love It or Leave It
21. Patience Collier Patience Collier Actress, Fiddler on the Roof
22. Willy Fritsch Willy Fritsch Actor, Woman in the Moon
23. Roger Edens Roger Edens Soundtrack, Funny Face
24. Alan Hume Alan Hume Cinematographer, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
25. Philip Kieffer Philip Kieffer Actor, Fort Apache
26. José Chávez José Chávez Actor, Romancing the Stone
27. Lois Moran Lois Moran Actress, Alice in the Cities Her soft Irish beauty highlighted many films in the late 1920s and 1930s, but film actress Lois Moran's major claim to fame was as F. Scott Fitzgerald's inspiration for the character of "Rosemary" in his classic novel Tender Is the Night. Lois trained in dance while young and moved to Paris with her mother at the age of 10 to study seriously...
28. Jerry Wald Jerry Wald Writer, The Roaring Twenties The son of a dry goods salesman, Jerry Wald was the go-getting Hollywood writer-producer of popular imagination: charismatic, ambitious, shrewd, frequently brilliant, and filled with a nervous energy driving him from one project to another. An avid reader, with an innate sense of literary judgement...
29. Pandro S. Berman Pandro S. Berman Producer, Top Hat Pandro S. Berman was born into the film industry. His father, Harry, was distributor and exhibitor of films. Pandro also had a number of relatives in the film industry. When he started working in the 1920's he started as a script clerk and then rose to film editor. By 1931, the 26 year old Berman was an assistant director at RKO when Selznick took over the floundering studio...
30. Dragomir Felba Dragomir Felba Actor, Kapò
31. Scott Winters Scott Winters Actor, Mystic River
32. Nilu Phule Nilu Phule Actor, Woh 7 Din Nilu was born in the Marathi-speaking Phule family during the year 1930. Starting his career in a Marathi folk play 'Katha Aklechya Kandyachi', he went on to act in numerous Marathi movies, beginning with 'Ek Gaav Baara Bhanagadi' during 1956, and in most he portrayed a cunning and villainous village-based character with a 'Gandhi' look...
33. Neil Munro Neil Munro Actor, Beethoven Lives Upstairs
34. Bess Meredyth Bess Meredyth Writer, The Mark of Zorro
35. Jerry Wills Jerry Wills Stunts, The Thing
36. Compay Segundo Compay Segundo Self, Buena Vista Social Club
37. Arthur C. Miller Arthur C. Miller Cinematographer, How Green Was My Valley Arthur was known as one of Hollywood's most accomplished lighting cameramen, a master at black and white cinematography. Miller began his career at 13, serving as an assistant to cinematographer Fred J. Balshofer. (They co-authored a book entitled "Two Reels and a Crank" in 1967.) Miller photographed the serial "The Perils of Pauline" in 1914...
38. Emmett Dalton Emmett Dalton Writer, When the Daltons Rode Emmett Dalton was the youngest of the three Dalton brothers, part of a bandit gang notorious for robbing trains and banks in the Midwest during the late 1890s (interestingly, the brothers started their life of crime with a failed attempt at breaking into the safe on a Southern Pacific Railroad train in 1891 near San Luis Obispo...
39. Tom Mahoney Tom Mahoney Actor, Cannery Row
40. Arnold Schönberg Arnold Schönberg Soundtrack, Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene Arnold Schonberg was born in the Jewish ghetto of Vienna, in 1874. His parents were Ashkenazim, his mother, Pauline was from Prague, and his father, Samuel, was from Bratislava. His mother was a piano teacher, but he had little interest in early childhood. He took violin lessons when he was eight and began composing at the same time...
41. George M. Steinbrenner III George M. Steinbrenner III Self, The Scout George Michael Steinbrenner III, one of the most successful sports franchise owners of the modern era, was born in Rocky River, Ohio on the Fourth of July, 1930, which is fitting for the owner of the New York Yankees, the premier baseball club in what is dubbed "America's Pasttime". (To fans of the Yankees' archrival, the Boston Red Sox, he is considered the Head of the "Evil Empire")...
42. Thomas Berger Thomas Berger Writer, Little Big Man
43. Gert Voss Gert Voss Actor, Der Kopf des Mohren
44. Marc Rioufol Marc Rioufol Actor, The Special Relationship
45. Vince Powell Vince Powell Writer, Mind Your Language
46. Jean Parédès Jean Parédès Actor, What's New Pussycat
47. Al Debbo Al Debbo Actor, Die Wonderwêreld van Kammie Kamfer
48. Frank Robert Frank Robert Actor, Herman
49. Pepito Pérez Pepito Pérez Actor, Army Girl
50. Beverly Roberts Beverly Roberts Actress, Buried Alive Spotted singing in a New York City nightclub by a Warner Brothers talent scout, Beverly Roberts' first role was in The Singing Kid with Al Jolson. A young Humphrey Bogart was her co-star in Two Against the World. China Clipper, a foreshadowing of the founding of Pan American Airways, teamed her with Pat O'Brien...
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