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1. Buddy Hackett Buddy Hackett Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Brooklyn-born Buddy Hackett was known mainly as a nightclub comic, especially in Las Vegas, where he first performed in 1952 and wound up being one of the biggest headliners in that city's history. Hackett always referred to himself as a "saloon comic" and preferred the intimacy of his stage act--where he would often bring members of the audience up on stage with him--to films and television...
2. Harve Presnell Harve Presnell Actor, Fargo By the time handsome, brawny baritone Harve Presnell arrived on the film scene, the "Golden Age" of musicals had long dissipated. Born in Modesto, California in 1933 and spending part of his youth on a family ranch near Yosemite Valley where he labored in the fields, it was discovered he had quite a voice at such a young age (7) and he became a soloist at his local church...
3. Gale Gordon Gale Gordon Actor, Here's Lucy
4. George 'Spanky' McFarland George 'Spanky' McFarland Actor, General Spanky
5. Bob Hastings Bob Hastings Actor, McHale's Navy Bob Hastings got his show business start in radio after WWII as the voice of "Archie Andrews" in the show of the same name (a spin-off of the Archie Comics series) on the Mutual Broadcasting System. The good-looking Hastings made the transition to television smoothly in 1949 in early galactic-action series like Captain Video and His Video Rangers and Atom Squad...
6. Paul Mazursky Paul Mazursky Actor, Down and Out in Beverly Hills
7. King Donovan King Donovan Actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers The name might not be familiar-but the face would be. A thinking man's Don Knotts or his smarter brother - well - that would be over-simplifying King Donovan. He was born to vaudevillian parents who traveled the whole country. He was of medium height, slender build, and narrow-faced (like Knotts)...
8. Thomas Browne Henry Thomas Browne Henry Actor, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers If you've ever seen a war picture, sci-fi epic or western from the 1940s or 1950s, then you've seen Thomas Browne Henry, and more than once. Along with Morris Ankrum, Henry is probably the army officer most responsible for helping Earth drive off hordes of invading outer-space monsters, aliens and other unwelcome intruders...
9. Chris Alcaide Chris Alcaide Actor, The Big Heat An arch-villain--the ultimate henchman!--Chris Alcaide has appeared in scores of film-noirs (mainly vintage Columbia B detective movies) and westerns. His steely look and his deep voice threatened for decades TV and movie stars, such as Glenn Ford, Tyrone Power, Lorne Greene, Richard Boone...
10. Mary Livingstone Mary Livingstone Actress, The Jack Benny Program Grew up in Vancouver, B.C., where she graduated from King George High School. Claims to have first seen future husband and comedy partner Jack Benny perform at the city's famed Orpheum Theatre during the Vaudeville days. Benny toured extensively and played the Orpheum often before hitting it big in radio.
11. Constance Smith Constance Smith Actress, Man in the Attic Strikingly attractive, but troubled Irish leading lady of the 1950's, born to a struggling family in Limerick. Constance's is, perhaps, one of the more lurid and tragic tales of a promising career ending up on the skids. It began with her winning a 1946 look-alike competition in a Dublin movie magazine...
12. Lillian Hellman Lillian Hellman Writer, The Children's Hour During the 1930s, it was fashionable to be a part of the radical political movement in Hollywood. Lillian Hellman devoted herself to the cause along with other writers and actors in their zeal to reform. Her independence set her apart from all but a few women of the day, and gave her writing an edge that broke the rules...
13. Dean Fredericks Dean Fredericks Actor, Steve Canyon
14. Phyllis Hyman Phyllis Hyman Actress, The Kill Reflex Deep-voiced and statuesque, Phyllis Hyman sang with a life-affirming energy and emotional intensity found in few other female vocalists. Born in Philadelphia in 1949 (and raised in Pittsburgh), her professional career began in New York City where, during an engagement, she was spotted by producer Norman Connors and contemporaries Jean Carne and Roberta Flack...
15. Robert L. Manahan Robert L. Manahan Sound Department, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
16. Joe Powell Joe Powell Stunts, Top Secret!
17. Vsevolod Pudovkin Vsevolod Pudovkin Director, Mother
18. Fred Asparagus Fred Asparagus Actor, ¡Three Amigos!
19. Ann Morriss Ann Morriss Actress, The Women
20. Pina Bausch Pina Bausch Miscellaneous Crew, Talk to Her
21. Lory Walsh Lory Walsh Actress, Stickin' Together
22. Margalo Gillmore Margalo Gillmore Actress, High Society Gillmore was better known for decades as a Broadway star. Among her most ardent admirers was Jacqueline Susann. According to Susann's biography, Susann had an unrequited but passionate crush on Margalo.
23. Chet Atkins Chet Atkins Soundtrack, Michael Chet Atkins was an A&R (artist and repertoire) executive for RCA Victor Records from 1958 until 1974, producing recordings for such artists as Elvis Presley, Bobby Bare, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Waylon Jennings, Duane Eddy, The Browns, Charley Pride, Hank Snow and The Everly Brothers...
24. Alex Scott Alex Scott Actor, Romper Stomper
25. Herbert J. Biberman Herbert J. Biberman Writer, The Master Race Herbert J. Biberman, the progressive producer, director and screenwriter now best known as one of the Hollywood Ten who were blacklisted by the American Film Industry for refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), was born on March 4, 1900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...
26. Jan Molander Jan Molander Director, Kvinna i leopard
27. Edward Burnham Edward Burnham Actor, To Sir, with Love
28. Virginia Brown Faire Virginia Brown Faire Actress, West of the Divide
29. Fred Shields Fred Shields Actor, Saludos Amigos In Kansas City, Shields owned a theatre group, The Playmakers, and performed in stage plays. He also worked as a newscaster for WDAF radio. In 1929, he announced the plane flight of Germany's Graf Zeppelin over the U.S. In 1930, he came to Hollywood, CA, with Ger, his wife, Karena, and daughter, Evelyn...
30. Myrtle Reed Myrtle Reed Actress, The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella
31. Paul Hartmann Paul Hartmann Actor, The Longest Day
32. Ivor Barnard Ivor Barnard Actor, Great Expectations
33. Leonard Willey Leonard Willey Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood
34. Dave Wilson Dave Wilson Director, Saturday Night Live A Television Director who spent most of his career working in the unique area of Live Television. His most memorable run was with Saturday Night Live from the beginning until his retirement just a couple of years before his death. His son Tommy Wilson went to work in the family trade for SNL. Dave Wilson received an Emmy Award for an Episode of SNL in its second season which featured singer/songwriter...
35. Olin Francis Olin Francis Actor, The Kid Brother
36. Elliott Kastner Elliott Kastner Producer, Angel Heart A former talent agent, Elliott Kastner began producing films in the mid-1960s. Although not often meeting with much critical approval, his films have done extremely well financially, especially in Europe; he was one of the first American producers to permanently switch his base of operations to Europe and make his films there, achieving much success, particularly with Where Eagles Dare.
37. Christopher Fry Christopher Fry Writer, The Bible: In the Beginning... Christopher Fry was one of the most celebrated playwrights of the 20th century whose dazzling verbal invention led many to regard him as the Shakespeare of his time for his poetry and wit. Plays such as "The Lady's Not For Burning", "Venus Observed" and "The Dark Is Light Enough" have deservedly become modern classics...
38. Joë Hamman Joë Hamman Actor, Le desperado
39. Suzanne Durrenberger Suzanne Durrenberger Miscellaneous Crew, The Last Emperor
40. Charles Ferguson Charles Ferguson Actor, The Quiet Man
41. Lynne Carol Lynne Carol Actress, Coronation Street
42. Arthur Lewis Arthur Lewis Producer, The Killer Elite
43. Michael Martin Harvey Michael Martin Harvey Actor, The Case of Charles Peace Michael Martin-Harvey was the only son of the celebrated Edwardian actor-manager Sir John Martin Harvey. Highly artistic his interests extended to dance, the stage, poetry, painting and pottery. Not blessed with the conventional good looks of his famous father, he merely paddled in the shallows of film...
44. Henry Roquemore Henry Roquemore Actor, Texas Terror
45. William Dudley Pelley William Dudley Pelley Writer, The Shock
46. David Harris David Harris Self, The Thin Blue Line
47. Erika Wackernagel Erika Wackernagel Actress, National Lampoon's European Vacation
48. William F. Haddock William F. Haddock Director, The Immortal Alamo
49. Tom Kruse Tom Kruse Self, The Back of Beyond
50. Mickey Hays Mickey Hays Actor, The Aurora Encounter
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