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1. Ron Lester Ron Lester Actor, Varsity Blues Ron Lester gained celebrity status at an early stage in his career, but his draw in Hollywood seemed to be based on one physical characteristic: his weight. Obese since 5 years old, by the time he was 30 years old, Ron weighed 508 pounds. Hollywood hired him as the lovable fat kid but his health was in serious danger...
2. John Matuszak John Matuszak Actor, The Goonies John Daniel Tooz Matuszak was an American football defensive lineman in the National Football League and also an actor. Matuszak was born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Tampa and played for their football team. Matuszak also played for the Houston Oilers of the NFL and joined the Houston Texans of the World Football League...
3. Cyd Charisse Cyd Charisse Actress, Singin' in the Rain Cyd Charisse was born Tula Ellice Finklea on March 8, 1921 in Amarillo, Texas. Born to be a dancer, she spent her early childhood taking ballet lessons and joined the Ballet Russe at age 13. In 1939, she married Nico Charisse, her former dance teacher. In 1943, she appeared in her first film, Something to Shout About...
4. Jeff Chandler Jeff Chandler Actor, Broken Arrow Jeff was born in Brooklyn and attended Erasmus High School. After high school, he took a drama course and worked in stock companies for two years. His next role would be that of an officer in World War II. After he was discharged from the service, he became busy acting in radio drama's and comedies until he was signed by Universal...
5. Pamela Britton Pamela Britton Actress, My Favorite Martian Pamela Britton was born Armilda Jane Owen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was Ethel Owen, a prominent stage, radio and early television actress. Pam first used Gloria Jane Owen as her stage name, but not wanting to trade on her mother's reputation, chose Pamela from a British book, and then Britton to emphasize its source...
6. Henry Beckman Henry Beckman Actor, The Brood
7. Diana Bellamy Diana Bellamy Actress, Air Force One Plump and personable character actress Diana Alice Bellamy was born on September 19, 1943 in Los Angeles, California. Bellamy graduated with a master's degree in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University in 1970. She began her acting career in puppet theater in her native Los Angeles. Diana had memorable...
8. Patsy Byrne Patsy Byrne Actress, Les Misérables
9. Rodney King Rodney King Self, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
10. Lou Frizzell Lou Frizzell Actor, Duel
11. Rubén Aguirre Rubén Aguirre Actor, El Chapulín Colorado
12. Larry Simms Larry Simms Actor, It's a Wonderful Life Child actor in US films of the mid-30's to early 40's.
13. Henry B. Walthall Henry B. Walthall Actor, The Birth of a Nation Henry B. Walthall was a respected stage actor who became a favorite of pioneering film director D.W. Griffith. Born in 1878 in Alabama, Walthall embarked on a law career but quit law school in 1898 to enlist in the US Army in order to fight in the Spanish-American War. Returning from the war he decided to take up an acting career instead of the law...
14. Robert Williams Robert Williams Actor, The Killing
15. Beatrice Pons Beatrice Pons Actress, Car 54, Where Are You?
16. Luis Van Rooten Luis Van Rooten Actor, Cinderella Ethnic bald-domed character actor Luis Van Rooten was born November 29, 1906, in Mexico City, but raised in the United States and would become known in post-war Hollywood as a specialist in multiple dialects. Studying at the University of Pennsylvania, he received his B.A. and set up a sturdy practice as an architect before making a dramatic transition into acting sometime during WWII...
17. Donald MacDonald Donald MacDonald Actor, The Kentuckian
18. Kate Smith Kate Smith Self, The Kate Smith Evening Hour She was dubbed "The Songbird of the South" and would be forever etched in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans as a true American symbol of World War II, especially after giving voice to Irving Berlin's classic song "God Bless America." Her inspiring rendition went on to sell millions of war bonds and even helped a hockey team in the 1970s win the Stanley Cup...
19. Frances Foster Frances Foster Actress, All My Children
20. Esme Percy Esme Percy Actor, Murder! Esmé Saville Percy was a distinguished thespian of the English stage, born in London of French ancestry. He studied acting under Sarah Bernhardt and at the Brussels Conservatoire, making his theatrical debut in 1904. As a young man, he was noted for his good looks. As Percy advanced to star status, he gained a singular reputation as a leading interpreter of roles in plays by George Bernard Shaw...
21. Harry Ford Harry Ford Camera and Electrical Department, Carlito's Way
22. Danny Borzage Danny Borzage Actor, Mister Roberts American small-part player, a member of John Ford's stock company. The younger brother of director Frank Borzage and the older brother of assistant director Lew Borzage, he became a beloved figure on film sets, not so much for his acting as for his personality and his musicianship. An accomplished accordionist...
23. Brian Hibbard Brian Hibbard Actor, Revolver
24. John Boulting John Boulting Producer, Heavens Above!
25. Horace James Horace James Actor, Guns at Batasi
26. Paul Giovanni Paul Giovanni Actor, The Wicker Man
27. Jim Goddard Jim Goddard Director, Shanghai Surprise
28. Jeffry Wickham Jeffry Wickham Actor, The Remains of the Day
29. Seymour Robbie Seymour Robbie Director, Murder, She Wrote
30. Nobuo Nakagawa Nobuo Nakagawa Director, Jigoku
31. Elzbieta Czyzewska Elzbieta Czyzewska Actress, Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie
32. Federico Curiel Federico Curiel Director, El andariego
33. Hal Riddle Hal Riddle Actor, Days of Our Lives Riddle decided he wanted to be an actor after he wrote to silent screen star Billie Dove and she responded with an autographed picture. In addition to becoming an actor, Riddle started a collection of movie memorabilia. It eventually grew to more than 1,700 items that he donated to his alma mater, Murray State University in Kentucky...
34. George Benson George Benson Actor, Horror of Dracula
35. Ted Harris Ted Harris Actor, Blacula
36. Roald Pay Roald Pay Camera and Electrical Department, Babette's Feast
37. Hy Gardner Hy Gardner Self, To Tell the Truth
38. John Henry Redwood John Henry Redwood Actor, Porky's
39. Jean Brochard Jean Brochard Actor, Diabolique
40. Darrell 'Shifty' Powers Darrell 'Shifty' Powers Self, We Stand Alone Together
41. Prince B. Prince B. Soundtrack, The World's End
42. George Leech George Leech Stunts, On Her Majesty's Secret Service
43. Gale Henry Gale Henry Actress, The Detectress Eccentric, big-nosed, lugubrious-faced purveyor of silent screen slapstick, at one time billed as 'the elongated comedienne'. She was even suggested to have served as the model for 'Olive Oyl' of Popeye comic strip fame. An actual cartoon version of her was in fact featured in the British publication Film Fun...
44. Sol Frieder Sol Frieder Actor, Crimes and Misdemeanors
45. Mary Zimbalist Mary Zimbalist Actress, Lady of the Tropics
46. Pauline Carton Pauline Carton Actress, The Longest Day
47. Alejandro Doria Alejandro Doria Director, Alta comedia
48. Earl Carroll Earl Carroll Writer, Murder at the Vanities Producer, director, composer, songwriter and composer; Earl Carroll was part Billy Rose, a little Busby Berkeley and part Michael Todd. He was a staff writer for a New York publishing company between 1912 and 1917, then served in the US Army Air Force during World War I. He produced and directed the Broadway musicals "Earl Carroll Vanities" (11 editions)...
49. Susanna Javicoli Susanna Javicoli Actress, Suspiria
50. Arthur Rosson Arthur Rosson Director, Red River The brother of cinematographer Harold Rosson, director Richard Rosson and actress Helene Rosson, Arthur Rosson started in films as a stuntman and joined Vitagraph in 1909, later working as an associate director with Cecil B. DeMille for 16 years. By the 1920s he was a full-time director, and from 1929-38 he directed mainly westerns...
1-50 of 359 names.