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1. Jean Stapleton Jean Stapleton Actress, Meet the Bunkers Cousin of Betty Jane Watson. Other relatives in show business were her uncle Joseph E. Deming, a vaudevillian; and her brother Jack Stapleton, a stage actor. Her parents were Joseph E. Murray (a billboard advertising salesman) and Marie Stapleton Murray (a singer). Graduated from Wadleigh High School...
2. Arlene Francis Arlene Francis Self, Episode dated 15 September 1963 Actress, TV/radio hostess, panelist, and early-TV celebrity. Her parents discouraged her from pursuing a stage career, sending her instead to an exclusive New York finishing school. She dropped her surname, altered the spelling of her first name, and went to Hollywood to seek a career in films. After her first film...
3. Walter Sparrow Walter Sparrow Actor, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
4. William Castle William Castle Director, House on Haunted Hill
5. Crissy Moon Crissy Moon Actress, The Gauntlet 3
6. Jack Dempsey Jack Dempsey Self, Requiem for a Heavyweight Jack Dempsey's life story could have been a Hollywood script. Born to a dirt-poor farming family, young Dempsey took up boxing with his older brother. Turning professional under the name Kid Blackie, Dempsey fought in saloons, coal-mining towns, back allies, lumberjack camps, and numerous hick and tank towns around the United States...
7. Davor Dujmovic Davor Dujmovic Actor, Time of the Gypsies
8. William A. Fraker William A. Fraker Cinematographer, Rosemary's Baby
9. Timothy Leary Timothy Leary Self, Walden His mother was a teacher and his father a dentist. He attended West Point, joined the Army, and earned an undergraduate psychology degree at the University of Alabama while in service. Next he earned a master's degree from Washington State University and a doctorate in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley...
10. Joe Strauch Jr. Joe Strauch Jr. Actor, Under Fiesta Stars
11. Jennifer Worth Jennifer Worth Writer, Christmas Special
12. Albert Reed Albert Reed Actor, Airport
13. Joseph Haydn Joseph Haydn Soundtrack, Catch Me If You Can Haydn had a hard childhood: at six years old he had to work as a boy singer in a choir and after his voice broke he had to earn his money by playing dance music and serving as a butler. Becoming famous for his compositions Haydn was employed as "Kapellmeister" by Fuerst Esterhazy in Eisenstadt in 1761...
14. Art Lund Art Lund Actor, Black Caesar
15. Charles Pierce Charles Pierce Actor, Torch Song Trilogy Female impersonator renowned for his characterizations of such glamorous Hollywood legends as Bette Davis, Mae West, Tallulah Bankhead, Gloria Swanson and Joan Crawford.
16. Harry Bernsen Harry Bernsen Producer, Take a Hard Ride
17. Mary Welch Mary Welch Actress, Park Row
18. Windlind Smith Windlind Smith Actress, The Chase Windland "Wendy" Smith Rice was the first child of the founder of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith. Her father named FedEx's first plane "Wendy" after her in 1973. She became an accomplished photographer of nature and animals. The movie, "P.S. I love you," was produced by her sister, Molly, in her honor. Windland attended St...
19. Dorothy Patrick Dorothy Patrick Actress, Come to the Stable
20. Herbert Heyes Herbert Heyes Actor, A Place in the Sun
21. Adrienne Ames Adrienne Ames Actress, The Death Kiss Born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1907, Adrienne Ames hit Hollywood in the late 1920s. Although her career only lasted about 10 years, she crammed a lot of living into it, with high-profile marriages (and divorces) and her reputation as a clothes horse and glamor queen par excellance far outshone her reputation as an actress...
22. Robert A. Burns Robert A. Burns Art Director, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Burns was a lifelong Texan (except for a couple of odd years in L.A.) and held a BFA from UT Austin. Before his film work, he had careers in commercial art, advertising and journalism. He was also a noted genealogist mostly due to his video "Out of Your Tree! Crazy About Genealogy." In May 2004, Bob was diagnosed with terminal cancer...
23. Pepsi Paloma Pepsi Paloma Actress, Snake Sisters
24. Lew Cody Lew Cody Actor, Don't Change Your Husband This dark-haired, suave American-born matinée idol of French ancestry abandoned a medical career after receiving favorable reviews for his performance in a school play at McGill Medical College in Montreal. He went on to study drama at the Stanhope Wheatcroft School of Acting in New York, then toured...
25. Millvina Dean Millvina Dean Self, Titanic: Death of a Dream
26. Richard Rosson Richard Rosson Director, Scarface Richard Rosson, the movie actor and director, was born on April 4, 1893, in New York, New York. His siblings would excel in the new movie industry: his older brother was director Arthur Rosson, his younger sister Helene Rosson became a movie actress, and his younger brother Harold Rosson became a noted director of photography who won the first Academy Award for color cinematography...
27. Andrew Faulds Andrew Faulds Actor, Cleopatra Faulds was born in Africa into a missionary family. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1948, but it was as a radio actor that he first became widely known, playing Jet Morgan in Charles Chilton's "Journey into Space" on the BBC. In 1959, he and his wife were among those providing hospitality for the black-listed Paul Robeson during the latter's season at Stratford...
28. Sylvia Coleridge Sylvia Coleridge Actress, Tess
29. Sidney Gilliat Sidney Gilliat Writer, Jamaica Inn Sidney Gilliat, the English director, screenwriter, and producer, was born on February 15, 1908 in Edgely, Cheshire, England. He began his screen-writing career in the silent movie era, writing inter-titles, going uncredited for his contributions to Honeymoon Abroad, Champagne, and Week-End Wives...
30. Adolf Eichmann Adolf Eichmann Self, Eichmann und das Dritte Reich Born in Solingen, Germany, in 1906, Adolf Eichmann was the son of a moderately successful Austrian businessman and industrialist. In 1914 his family moved to Linz, Austria. During World War I Eichmann's father was a soldier, and returned to the family business in Linz at the war's conclusion in 1918...
31. Pat Collins Pat Collins Self, Divorce American Style Known as the "hip hypnotist", Pat Collins ran a nightclub on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. She was a pioneer in hypnotism as entertainment, one of the first to be honest as to what hypnotism could do, as opposed to hypnotists that would claim having the ability to control people beyond their will...
32. George Magrill George Magrill Actor, The Lone Prairie
33. Lillian Powell Lillian Powell Actress, The Bank Examiner Swindle
34. C.L.R. James C.L.R. James Self, C. L. R. James Talking to Stuart Hall
35. Christopher Challis Christopher Challis Cinematographer, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
36. Danny La Rue Danny La Rue Self, The Merry Mishaps of Mr. Bean
37. Tim Samaras Tim Samaras Self, Dedication
38. Frank Burt Frank Burt Writer, The Man from Laramie A favorite of both James Stewart and Jack Webb, Frank Burt was a prolific writer of film, radio and television stories during the 1940s and 1950s. In radio, his series writing credits include "The Whistler," "Hallmark Hall of Fame," and "The Unexpected." Burt created the well- regarded radio series "The Six Shooter" for Stewart and wrote all but one of its episodes...
39. Carl Young Carl Young Self, Dedication
40. Joan Crosby Joan Crosby Actress, White Palace
41. Hal Gerard Hal Gerard Actor, Bailat-Fiaschetti
42. Aline Goodwin Aline Goodwin Actress, Firebrand Jordan
43. Regis Parton Regis Parton Stunts, The Monster Squad
44. Auguste Le Breton Auguste Le Breton Writer, Rififi
45. Johnnie Taylor Johnnie Taylor Soundtrack, Bedazzled
46. Archil Gomiashvili Archil Gomiashvili Actor, Twelve Chairs
47. May Clark May Clark Actress, Alice in Wonderland
48. Norman Ornellas Norman Ornellas Actor, Serpico
49. Marta Romero Marta Romero Actress, El señor doctor
50. Gil Delamare Gil Delamare Actor, Fan-Fan the Tulip
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