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1. Matthew Cowles Matthew Cowles Actor, Shutter Island
2. John Derek John Derek Actor, The Ten Commandments
3. John Marley John Marley Actor, The Godfather Veteran character actor John Marley was one of those familiar but nameless faces that television and filmgoers did not take a shine to until the late 1960s, when he had hit middle age. Distinctive for his craggy face, dark bushy brows and upswept silvery hair, his life (born in 1907) started out amid tough surroundings in Harlem...
4. Whitman Mayo Whitman Mayo Actor, Boyz n the Hood Noted for portraying characters older than his actual age, Whitman Mayo was in his early 40s in the early 1970s when he first played the sexagenarian "Grady" on "Sandford & Son" -- a role that popularized the expression "Good Goobily Goop!" Nearly thirty years later his "Grady" role had just about caught up with him in terms of age and...
5. Margaret Rutherford Margaret Rutherford Actress, Murder at the Gallop One is always at pains to locate a reference to Margaret Rutherford which does not characterize her as either jut-chinned, eccentric or both. But such, taken together, made for the charm of the woman. The combination of those most mundane of attributes has led some to suggest that she was made for the role of Agatha Christie's indomitable sleuth...
6. Richard Biggs Richard Biggs Actor, Guiding Light Richard Biggs had a somewhat unsettled childhood as he travelled between Air Force bases where his father was stationed. Because of his itinerant lifestyle he made few friends and changed schools often. When he was seventeen, and living at a missile base in North Dakota, he decided to change his plans for a medical career after playing the lead in a local theatrical production of 'The Wiz'...
7. Thurl Ravenscroft Thurl Ravenscroft Actor, The AristoCats Born in 1914, raised in Norfolk, Nebraska, Thurl Ravenscroft served as a navigator in the US Army Air Transport Command in World War II before settling in Hollywood. An accomplished singer, he performed with The Sportsmen Quartet, The Mellomen, The Johnny Mann Singers, and many major stars, including Jim Nabors and Elvis Presley...
8. Janet Carroll Janet Carroll Actress, Risky Business Janet began her stage career, right out of high school, at the legendary Kansas City Starlight Theatre, appearing in many many musicals including: "Hello Dolly", "Guys and Dolls"," Mame", "Gypsy", "South Pacific", "Pajama Game", "Carousel" and many others. Janet continued her stage work in California for many years...
9. Wolfgang Reitherman Wolfgang Reitherman Director, The Jungle Book
10. Jane Dulo Jane Dulo Actress, Soylent Green Jane Dulo was born October 13, 1912 in Baltimore, MD. She was a comedy character actress, playing housewives, spinsters and tourists in numerous television series ranging from Sgt. Bilko to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. She was 99's mother in the fourth series of Get Smart (1965-1970), but is best remembered for her role in McHale's Navy (1962-1966) as the man-hungry Navy Nurse Molly Turner...
11. Boris Sagal Boris Sagal Director, The Omega Man
12. Joan Davis Joan Davis Actress, Hold That Ghost Widely popular comedienne appeared in some movies and on radio in the 40s and on early television. She starred in the popular television series, I Married Joan, with Jim Backus as her husband and her real-life daughter, Beverly Wills as her sister. Joan died of a sudden heart attack in 1961. Two years later, a fire tragically claimed the lives of her mother, daughter and two grandsons.
13. Martin Gabel Martin Gabel Self, The James Dean Story
14. Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Writer, Les Misérables Victor-Marie Hugo was born on February 26, 1802, in Besançon, France. His father, Joseph-Leopold Hugo, was a general in Napoleon's army who served as Military Governor in Italy and Spain. His mother, Sophie Trebuchet, had an affair with his father's commander, who was shot in 1812 for plotting against Napoleon...
15. Connie Marshall Connie Marshall Actress, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Connie Marshall entered our hearts in the picture, Sunday Dinner for a Soldier, as "Mary Osborne". Her first words spoken were "Tessa, here come the bombers", to her sister, played by Anne Baxter. One would have thought this little 11-year-old girl had been acting all her short life. After her previous years appearing in newspapers and magazine as a model...
16. Jack Watling Jack Watling Actor, Sink the Bismarck!
17. Donald Curtis Donald Curtis Actor, Spellbound
18. Captain Kidd Brewer Jr. Captain Kidd Brewer Jr. Actor, The Abyss
19. Joseph Brooks Joseph Brooks Soundtrack, Transformers: Dark of the Moon
20. Richard Thorp Richard Thorp Actor, The Dam Busters
21. Nicholas Blake Nicholas Blake Writer, This Man Must Die
22. Gerd Oswald Gerd Oswald Director, The Conscience of the King
23. Robert Flemyng Robert Flemyng Actor, Funny Face
24. Bobby Watson Bobby Watson Actor, The Paleface Bobby Watson's acting career began in the late 19th Century, in Springfield, Illinois. At age 10 he had the peanut concession on Saturday afternoons at Springfield's only dance hall, the Olympic Theatre. By age 12 he graduated to the evening concession, and joyously studied the travelling variety acts that came through the town...
25. Georgie Nokes Georgie Nokes Actor, It's a Wonderful Life
26. Langston Hughes Langston Hughes Writer, Black Nativity The son of teacher Carrie Langston and James Nathaniel Hughes, James Mercer "Langston" Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri. His father abandoned the family and left for Cuba, then Mexico, due to enduring racism in the United States. Young Langston was left to be raised by his grandmother in Lawrence...
27. Lino Brocka Lino Brocka Director, Insiang Lino Brocka is a Philippine director who gained attention in the international film community for his films about the Marcos dictatorship. He's is most famous for the film Insiang which was well received in Cannes.
28. Rocky Graziano Rocky Graziano Actor, Teenage Millionaire
29. Suzanne Mizzi Suzanne Mizzi Actress, Whoops Apocalypse
30. Renzo Montagnani Renzo Montagnani Actor, The Mad Adventures of 'Rabbi' Jacob
31. Lilia Prado Lilia Prado Actress, Mexican Bus Ride
32. Max Wall Max Wall Actor, Little Dorrit
33. Sergio Bustamante Sergio Bustamante Actor, Santa Sangre
34. Janet Lees-Price Janet Lees-Price Actress, Not Peace, But a Sword
35. Edward F. Cline Edward F. Cline Director, Cops Edward 'Eddie' Cline reputedly began his career in the film business as a Keystone Kop. The former vaudevillian continued to appear sporadically as an actor until 1922, but soon became increasingly active behind the camera as a gag and scenario writer for Mack Sennett. From 1916, he was extremely prolific...
36. Torben Meyer Torben Meyer Actor, Judgment at Nuremberg
37. Stephen L. Price Stephen L. Price Visual Effects, Jumanji
38. Balduin Baas Balduin Baas Actor, Orchestra Rehearsal
39. Velia Martinez Velia Martinez Actress, Here Comes the Bride
40. Art Stevens Art Stevens Animation Department, 101 Dalmatians
41. Joe Sorbello Joe Sorbello Actor, Rocky
42. Bruno Rey Bruno Rey Actor, ¿Nos traicionará el presidente?
43. Rogelio A. González Rogelio A. González Director, Un rincón cerca del cielo
44. Kathleen Arc Kathleen Arc Actress, Employee of the Month
45. Thornton Freeland Thornton Freeland Director, Flying Down to Rio On the stage since childhood, Thornton Freeland went to work for Vitagraph in 1918, rising in the ranks from assistant cameraman to director, and made his directorial debut, Three Live Ghosts, just at the dawn of the sound era. A specialist in light romantic comedies and musicals, Freeland alternated between making films in the US and England in the 1930s and 1940s...
46. John Barrett John Barrett Actor, The French Lieutenant's Woman
47. Lee Pulford Lee Pulford Stunts, The Blues Brothers
48. Åke Söderblom Åke Söderblom Actor, Springpojkar är vi allihopa!
49. Alexander Grill Alexander Grill Actor, Wenn Mädchen zum Manöver blasen
50. Salvatore Billa Salvatore Billa Actor, Ginger & Fred
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