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1. Royal Dano Royal Dano Actor, The Outlaw Josey Wales Royal Dano was undoubtedly one of the best, most quirky and striking character actors to ever grace the big and small screen alike in a lengthy and impressive career which spanned 42 years. Dano was born on November 16th, 1922 in New York. He ran away from home at age 12 and lived in such states as Texas...
2. Ronald Lacey Ronald Lacey Actor, Raiders of the Lost Ark Ronald Lacey was born on June 18, 1935 in the suburbs of London. He began his career in 1961 after a brief stint in the Royal service. He attended The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. His first notable performance was delivered at The Royal Court in 1962's "Chips With Everything". Lacey had...
3. Barbara Stuart Barbara Stuart Actress, Bachelor Party
4. Gilbert Roland Gilbert Roland Actor, The Bad and the Beautiful Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso, later known as Gilbert Roland, was born in 1905 in Mexico. Following his parents to the USA, he did not become the bullfighter he had dreamed of being but became an actor instead. His Mexican roots, his half macho half romantic ways, his handsome virile figure helped him land roles in movies from the early twenties to 1982...
5. June Carter Cash June Carter Cash Soundtrack, Walk the Line
6. Nigel Green Nigel Green Actor, The Ipcress File The character actor Nigel Green, born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1924, was educated in England and studied chemical engineering before winning a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. By age 24, he was appearing on stage at both the Old Vic and Stratford-on-Avon, and in the early 1950s...
7. Andrew Duggan Andrew Duggan Actor, Seven Days in May Actor. Born in Franklin, Indiana on December 28, 1923, he was raised in Texas and went to college at Indiana University. There, on a speech and drama scholarship, he began to act and perform however this was interrupted by being called into the service. In World War II where he saw action overseas, he was befriended by actor Melvyn Douglas who led his division...
8. John Stephenson John Stephenson Actor, The Hobbit
9. Eric Porter Eric Porter Actor, The Day of the Jackal A highly respected Shakespearean for five decades until his death of colon cancer in 1995, classical actor Eric Porter's claim to international fame would, ironically, be outside of that realm, with one superb portrayal in one superb miniseries, The Forsyte Saga, in which he won the BAFTA award. The son of Richard John Porter and Phoebe Elizabeth Spall...
10. Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Actor, Breaker Morant
11. Linden Chiles Linden Chiles Actor, Santa Barbara
12. Barton Heyman Barton Heyman Actor, The Exorcist Barton Heyman was a "working actor", a character actor whose career spanned 30 years. He appeared on the stage in several New York Shakespeare Festival productions, including "A Doll's House", "Henry V", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "A Private View." He appeared in numerous feature films, made-for-TV movies and guest star TV roles.
13. Bryan Pringle Bryan Pringle Actor, Brazil
14. Dick Geary Dick Geary Actor, Whom Gods Destroy
15. Milton Parsons Milton Parsons Actor, The Haunted Palace
16. Sam Buffington Sam Buffington Actor, They Came to Cordura
17. Colette Jackson Colette Jackson Actress, Teenage Doll
18. John Arledge John Arledge Actor, The Grapes of Wrath Hollywood supporting player in dozens of 30's and 40's films.
19. Jackie Curtis Jackie Curtis Self, WR: Mysteries of the Organism Jackie's friendship and professional association with Andy Warhol began in the mid-1960s. He appeared in director Paul Morrissey's Women in Revolt with Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn and Flesh with Joe Dallesandro and Candy Darling, presented by Andy Warhol. For these unique films...
20. Albert Bassermann Albert Bassermann Actor, Foreign Correspondent Classically-trained actor, former chemist, whose formative years on the stage were spent in Bern (Switzerland) and, from 1909, the Deutsches Theater Berlin under Max Reinhardt's direction. Specialised in Shakespearean roles ('Richard III', 'Hamlet') and was a famous interpreter of the plays of Henrik Ibsen...
21. Wynne Gibson Wynne Gibson Actress, The Captain Hates the Sea
22. Johnny Green Johnny Green Music Department, Oliver! Joining ASCAP in 1931, his chief musical collaborators included Gus Kahn, 'E.Y. Harburg' ("Yip"), Billy Rose, Johnny Mercer, Edward Heyman, Paul Francis Webster, and Mack David. His popular-song compositions include "Body and Soul," "Coquette," "I'm Yours," "Oceans of Time," "Out of Nowhere," "Weep No More My Baby," "I Cover the Waterfront," "An Hour Ago This Minute," "Rain...
23. Narciso Ibáñez Menta Narciso Ibáñez Menta Actor, Almafuerte Narciso Ibáñez Menta, was born in Sama de Langreo, Asturias, Spain. Member of an important family of theatrical artists, Narciso started working with your family -artists too- going out of tour along North America and making début in the cinema in 1929. In Argentina, he made debut in the film "A Light In The Window" (Una luz en la ventana), directed by Manuel Romero in 1941...
24. Tatsuya Mihashi Tatsuya Mihashi Actor, Tora! Tora! Tora!
25. Alexander Courage Alexander Courage Music Department, Star Trek
26. Ernest Torrence Ernest Torrence Actor, Steamboat Bill, Jr. He was the man you loved to hiss. This towering (6' 4"), highly imposing character star with cold, hollow, beady eyes and a huge, protruding snout would go on to become one of the silent screen's finest arch villains. Born Ernest Thayson Torrence-Thompson on June 26, 1878, in Edinburgh, Scotland, he was...
27. Yolanda King Yolanda King Actress, Ghosts of Mississippi
28. Greta Nissen Greta Nissen Actress, The Lucky Lady Greta Ruzt-Nissen was born in Oslo, Norway, on January 30, 1905. As a young girl she studied dance and had intended to make a career out of it. For a while she did, but when she was 19 she appeared in her first big-screen production, The Wanderer. Afterwards she made several more films, but she was one of those who lost much work due to the advent of sound films...
29. Mel Bryant Mel Bryant Actor, Shoe Shine Boy
30. Noribumi Suzuki Noribumi Suzuki Director, Sex and Fury
31. Hanna Landy Hanna Landy Actress, Rosemary's Baby
32. Herbert Wilcox Herbert Wilcox Producer, Odette
33. Darwood Kaye Darwood Kaye Actor, The Big Premiere Darwood retired from acting in his teens. He became a Seventh-day Adventist minister. As such he spent 17 years in Thailand. At the time of his death he was part time pastor at La Sierra University Seventh-day Adventist Church in Riverside.
34. Michael Campus Michael Campus Director, Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage
35. Lela Bliss Lela Bliss Actress, Time Enough at Last
36. Donald Wrye Donald Wrye Director, Ice Castles
37. Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson Writer, Beauty Crowds Me Emily Dickinson, a shy, unassuming, educated woman, was a poet of extraordinary talent. During her lifetime, only seven of her poems were published, although upon her death, she had written an amazing 2,000 poems. Many of these were not finished. Her grandfather, Samuel Fowler Dickinson, was one of the founders of Amherst College...
38. Robert Sully Robert Sully Actor, Meet Me in St. Louis The New York City-born, Pittsburgh-raised Robert Joseph Sully showed brief leading man potential in the early WWII years but alas came up short in the end. Born on November 20, 1928 to Reginald Sully of Union Carbide Corp., Robert started at the bottom rung to learn his father's business. Accepted to Duquesne University...
39. Bartlett Mullins Bartlett Mullins Actor, Sex and the Other Woman
40. Gösta Prüzelius Gösta Prüzelius Actor, Fanny and Alexander
41. Jerry Falwell Jerry Falwell Self, Why Won't They Listen?: The Power of Creation Evangelism
42. Eugenia Clinchard Eugenia Clinchard Actress, Broncho Billy, the Vagabond
43. Ihsan Yüce Ihsan Yüce Actor, The King of the Street Cleaners
44. Don Washbrook Don Washbrook Actor, Lonelyhearts
45. Mahipal Mahipal Actor, Navrang
46. Tyrone Guthrie Tyrone Guthrie Director, Oedipus Rex
47. Natalya Gundareva Natalya Gundareva Actress, Autumn Marathon
48. Sacha Vierny Sacha Vierny Cinematographer, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
49. Alice Eisner Alice Eisner Actress, Zack and Miri Make a Porno
50. Len Lye Len Lye Director, Free Radicals
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