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1. Charles 'Buddy' Rogers Charles 'Buddy' Rogers Actor, Wings Born to Maude and Bert Henry Rogers. Attended Olathe high school and Univ. of Kansas. He trained at the Paramount Picture School.
2. Nina Simone Nina Simone Soundtrack, The Big Lebowski
3. Walter Slezak Walter Slezak Actor, One Life to Live Tall, portly Viennese character actor Walter Slezak simultaneously pursued two different careers after his arrival in America in 1930: one, as a star of musical comedy on the stage, and another, as a portrayer of villains, impish rogues or pompous buffoons on screen. Born of a musical family in May 1902...
4. Mark Twain Mark Twain Writer, Tom and Huck Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Missouri in 1835, grew up in Hannibal. He was a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River. Throughout his career, Twain served as a writer, lecturer, reporter, editor, printer, and prospector. Twain took his pen name from an alert cry used on his steamboat - "by the mark, twain".
5. Luigi Pistilli Luigi Pistilli Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Luisi Pistilli's most notable stage successes were roles in "The Threepenny Opera", "St. Joan of the Stockyards" and a 1972 production, "Lulu". In 1991 he reprised his role in "Lulu" in the first professional collaboration with actress-singer Milva, his partner in previous plays as well as in a four-year offstage relationship...
6. Doreen Lang Doreen Lang Actress, The Birds
7. John Welsh John Welsh Actor, Krull
8. Joe Sawyer Joe Sawyer Actor, The Killing Joe Sawyer's familiar mug appeared everywhere during the 1930s and 1940s, particularly as a stock player for Warner Bros. in its more standard college musicals, comedies and crime yarns. He could play both sides of the fence, street cops and mob gunmen, with equal ease. He was born Joseph Sauers in Guelph...
9. Leslie Banks Leslie Banks Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much
10. I.A.L. Diamond I.A.L. Diamond Writer, Some Like It Hot
11. Irene Vernon Irene Vernon Actress, The Sound of Fury
12. Jack Haley Jr. Jack Haley Jr. Producer, That's Entertainment!
13. Edmund Lowe Edmund Lowe Actor, Dillinger Tall, athletic leading man, the son of a judge. Lowe was initially slated for the priesthood but switched career paths on several occasions, at one time studying law, then teaching English and elocution. The latter led to his involvement in the acting profession. After briefly appearing in vaudeville...
14. Craig Hill Craig Hill Actor, All About Eve
15. Merian C. Cooper Merian C. Cooper Thanks, King Kong In 1920, Merian C. Cooper was a member of volunteer of the American Kosciuszko Squadron that supported the Polish army in the war with Soviet Russia, where he met best friend and producing partner Ernest B. Schoedsack. On 26 July 1920, his plane was shot down, and he spent nearly nine months in the Soviet prisoner-of-war camp...
16. Vivian Maier Vivian Maier Thanks, Finding Vivian Maier
17. Peter Lind Hayes Peter Lind Hayes Actor, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. Actor, entertainer, songwriter and author, educated in high school and a vaudeville trouper with his mother, Grace Hayes. During World War II, he served with valor in the United States Army Air Corps. With his wife Mary Healy he appeared in films, night clubs, theaters, and on radio and television. Joining ASCAP in 1951...
18. Gummo Marx Gummo Marx Self, America After Dark
19. Marjorie Eaton Marjorie Eaton Actress, Mary Poppins
20. Tessie O'Shea Tessie O'Shea Actress, Bedknobs and Broomsticks She was aptly and affectionately dubbed "Two Ton Tessie" not only for her plentiful girth but for the tons of talent she possessed as one of the British Isle's most beloved, unabashed music hall entertainers. Welsh star Tessie O'Shea was born Teresa O'Shea and was already showing off as a youngster capturing prizes for the talent contests she entered with her singing and dancing...
21. Bob Jellison Bob Jellison Actor, Hollywood at Last
22. Mary Selway Mary Selway Casting Director, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
23. Patty Ann Gerrity Patty Ann Gerrity Actress, The Trouble with Angels
24. Charles MacArthur Charles MacArthur Writer, His Girl Friday "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers out there are starving!" When Patrick Dennis's fictional Auntie Mame uttered this pithy observation, she could have been speaking of Charles MacArthur. Charlie never shied away from the feast, and he certainly never went hungry. Arriving in November 1895 in Scranton...
25. Skye Bassett Skye Bassett Actress, Sister Act
26. Ursula Jeans Ursula Jeans Actress, The Dam Busters Fair-haired, blue-eyed British actress with a long career on the London stage. She was born Ursula Jean McMinn in India, schooled in London and trained for acting at RADA. Ursula made her theatrical debut at the Criterion Theatre in 1922. From the 1930's, she specialised in classical plays by Shakespeare and Shaw...
27. Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder Self, Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder
28. Christina Amphlett Christina Amphlett Soundtrack, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
29. Arlene McQuade Arlene McQuade Actress, Fight for the Title
30. Lydia Brazzi Lydia Brazzi Actress, The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
31. Giovanna Galletti Giovanna Galletti Actress, Last Tango in Paris
32. James Kirkwood Jr. James Kirkwood Jr. Writer, A Chorus Line
33. Boscoe Holder Boscoe Holder Actor, The Intruder
34. Anna Mae Bilson Anna Mae Bilson Actress, Our Gang
35. Jimmy Thompson Jimmy Thompson Actor, Carry on Cruising
36. Vittorio De Sisti Vittorio De Sisti Director, The Private Lesson
37. Rudi Gernreich Rudi Gernreich Costume and Wardrobe Department, Exodus
38. Eleonora Duse Eleonora Duse Actress, Cenere
39. Tony Johnson Tony Johnson Actress, The Screaming Skull
40. Terry Walsh Terry Walsh Stunts, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
41. Del Armstrong Del Armstrong Make-Up Department, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
42. Leo C. Richmond Leo C. Richmond Actor, The Pit of Silence
43. Manfred von Richthofen Manfred von Richthofen Uncategorised Born in 1892 in Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland) Richthofen was the son of a hereditary baron. A daredevil for life, he was an avid hunter and mountain climber. With Germany's entrance into WW1 in 1914, Richthofen mobilized in a Silesian cavalry unit, and survived the first battle of Verdun in 1915...
44. Sandy Denny Sandy Denny Soundtrack, Crush
45. Sepp Dietrich Sepp Dietrich Self, Triumph of the Will Born in 1892 in Bavaria, Joseph "Sepp" Dietrich came of age during Imperial Germany's height of power in the early 20th century. After leaving primary school, he became an apprentice butcher. In 1911 he joined a Bavarian artillery regiment, but left the army some months later when he was invalided out due to injuries received in a fall from a horse...
46. George Khoury George Khoury Actor, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
47. Léonide Moguy Léonide Moguy Director, Tomorrow Is Too Late
48. Valeriano Andrés Valeriano Andrés Actor, Story of a Kiss
49. Ashley Nwosu Ashley Nwosu Actor, Keeping Close
50. Alva Garbo Alva Garbo Actress, En lyckoriddare
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