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1. Dick Clark Dick Clark Self, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Dick Clark was born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York on November 30, 1929 to Julia Fuller and Richard Augustus Clark. He had one older brother, Bradley, who was killed in World War II. At the age of 16, Clark got his first job in the mailroom of WRUN, a radio station in Utica, New York, which was owned by his uncle and managed by his father...
2. Joy Page Joy Page Actress, Casablanca Actress Joy Page (nee Joy C. Paige) received her exotic good looks from her father, actor Don Alvarado (real name Jose Paige), who played dashing Latin-lover types in silent films. Her mother was actress Ann Boyar (1908 - 1990). Following her parents' divorce, Joy's mother married Warner Bros. studio chief Jack L. Warner and it was this association that jump-started her acting career...
3. Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Self, World Leaders on Peace and Democracy Son of Hermann and Pauline Einstein. His father was a featherbed salesman. Albert began reading and studying science at a young age, and he graduated from a Swiss high school when he was 17. He then attended a Swiss Polytechnic, where he met his first wife. He graduated in 1900, and became a Swiss citizen in 1901...
4. Ben Hecht Ben Hecht Writer, Notorious Ben Hecht, one of Hollywood & Broadway's greatest writers, won an Oscar for best original story for Underworld at the first Academy Awards in 1929 and had a hand in the writing of many classic films. He was nominated five more times for the best writing Oscar, winning (along with writing partner and friend Charles MacArthur...
5. Francis De Wolff Francis De Wolff Actor, From Russia with Love
6. Will Hay Will Hay Actor, Oh, Mr. Porter! William Thompson Hay was probably one of the most versatile of entertainers. He was not only a character comedian of the first rank, but was also an astronomer of high repute - he discovered the spot on the planet Saturn in 1933 - and a fully qualified air pilot; he was once an engineer. Born at Stockton on Tees in 1888...
7. Betty Compson Betty Compson Actress, The Docks of New York Betty Compson was born Eleanor Luicime Compson on March 19, 1897, in Beaver, Utah. After her father's death she dropped out of school to help her family. She began her show business career as a violinist and toured with her mother in vaudeville. Betty was offered a contract with Al Christie in 1915...
8. David Clarke David Clarke Actor, The Narrow Margin Classic film-noir character actor best known for his roles in The Set-Up, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery and The Narrow Margin, David Clarke made his Broadway debut in "Journeyman" in 1938, and subsequently appeared in "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" with Raymond Massey. He also played at the Biltmore Theatre in Los Angeles...
9. Marcel Pagnol Marcel Pagnol Writer, Jean de Florette
10. Peter Dennis Peter Dennis Actor, Shrek
11. Vytautas Sapranauskas Vytautas Sapranauskas Actor, Redirected Vytautas Sapranauskas was a comedian and actor from Lithuania. He was really popular in Lithuania for his jokes, black humor, great TV show presenting, for acting famous theatre roles and being a judge on X Factor. Before his death, he started skipping his job as host on the popular TV show 'Wars of Chores'. Then, unfortunately, in 2013, his son found him dead.
12. Thor Heyerdahl Thor Heyerdahl Self, Kon-Tiki
13. Frances Rafferty Frances Rafferty Actress, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood Her two children are Briget and Kevin and she also has a grandson, Michael. She lived in Paso Robles in the 1960s and was instrumental in forming a local acting group "Pioneer Players" which she directed for many years. She later moved back to Los Angeles and then to Colorado before returning to Paso Robles. She received two Emmy nominations during her career.
14. Jullan Kindahl Jullan Kindahl Actress, Wild Strawberries
15. Georgia Schmidt Georgia Schmidt Actress, Goin' South
16. Alexi Carrington Alexi Carrington Actress, I Just Fucked Your Mother
17. Ivica Vidovic Ivica Vidovic Actor, WR: Mysteries of the Organism
18. Michael Adams Michael Adams Stunts, Catch Me If You Can
19. Ernie Pyle Ernie Pyle Writer, Story of G.I. Joe The two greatest American war correspondents of World War II were Edward R. Murrow on radio and Ernie Pyle in print. Murrow is more famous today because he survived the war to do some of the best television journalism in the early days of that medium. However, during the war, Pyle was more popular, especially among the GIs at the front...
20. Allen Swift Allen Swift Actor, Mad Monster Party?
21. Werner Pochath Werner Pochath Actor, Flatfoot in Africa
22. John Patton Jr. John Patton Jr. Actor, The Color Purple
23. Tony Frank Tony Frank Actor, Lone Star
24. Werner Schumacher Werner Schumacher Actor, Stuttgarter Blüten
25. Toni Hagen Toni Hagen Cinematographer, Mönche, Tänzer und Soldaten
26. William H. O'Brien William H. O'Brien Actor, Let Us Be Gay
27. Alfonso Sánchez Tello Alfonso Sánchez Tello Production Manager, Two Mules for Sister Sara
28. Pat Kennedy Pat Kennedy Self, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
29. Frédéric Rossif Frédéric Rossif Director, Mourir à Madrid Fled Yugoslavia during World War II. Moved to France and started his career in the French Film Industry.
30. Glenn Tryon Glenn Tryon Actor, Lonesome
31. Kay Linaker Kay Linaker Actress, Drums Along the Mohawk Kay Linaker was educated at a private school in Connecticut and later attended New York University. While living in New York, she became interested in the stage and began attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her work in several small Broadway roles brought her to the attention of screen scouts and she was signed for movie work...
32. Eduardo Alcaraz Eduardo Alcaraz Actor, Zorro: The Gay Blade
33. Isoroku Yamamoto Isoroku Yamamoto Self, Price for Peace Isoroku Yamamoto was born on April 4, 1884, in Nagoka, Japan, the last of seven children. His first name "Isoroku" translates into the number "56", which was his father's age when he was born. He lived near Nagaoka, entered the Imperial Naval School at age 16 and was an ensign on a cruiser during the Battle of Tshushima on May 27...
34. Stephanie Parker Stephanie Parker Actress, Movement
35. Irving Cummings Irving Cummings Director, Curly Top New York-born Irving Cummings began his career as an actor on the Broadway stage in his late teens, and appeared with the legendary Lillian Russell's company. He entered films in 1909 as an actor, and became a very popular leading man in the early 1920s. He began directing at around that time, turning out mostly action films and an occasional comedy...
36. Mario DaRe Mario DaRe Self, Episode #5.35
37. John Lee Mahin John Lee Mahin Writer, Scarface
38. Emil Loteanu Emil Loteanu Director, Queen of the Gypsies
39. Victoria O'Keefe Victoria O'Keefe Actress, Episode #1.6 Victoria O'Keefe was born on March 27, 1969 in England. Victoria attended St. Joseph's RC School, St. John Fisher RC High School, and Dewsbury College in Dewsbury, England. She joined the Dewsbury Arts Group at age eleven. O'Keefe played the title character in the children's TV mini-series "Letty" and...
40. Joey Yale Joey Yale Actor, The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes
41. Robert D. Webb Robert D. Webb Director, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
42. Alain Saury Alain Saury Actor, Carve Her Name with Pride
43. Bernard Edwards Bernard Edwards Soundtrack, Toy Story 3
44. Robert Heasley Robert Heasley Actor, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.
45. Dick Vosburgh Dick Vosburgh Writer, The Rory Bremner Show
46. Noah Young Noah Young Actor, Safety Last!
47. Storm Thorgerson Storm Thorgerson Director, Now Voyager
48. Ann Morrison Ann Morrison Actress, General Hospital
49. John Parrish John Parrish Actor, The Ten Commandments
50. Frederick Vogeding Frederick Vogeding Actor, Ulbo Garvema First a cabaret artist in his native country (Holland), Frederick Vogeling made a few silent films in Germany first, then back in Holland before moving to the USA in 1920. In the States he made few films during the silent era but was active in the theater, including on Broadway. His real breakthrough in Hollywood was "Below the Sea" (1933)...
1-50 of 283 names.